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You Elevated with Ethan Bearman artwork

Episode 2 with Crosby Tailor

You Elevated with Ethan Bearman - August 07, 2018 14:45 - 44 minutes
This week my guest is Crosby Tailor. He is a represented fashion/fitness model, biohacker, sugar-free dessert chef, and health guru. Crosby is a founding member of The Wildfire Initiative, star of Crosby Tailor - 30 Day Transformation, and ambassador for trussi H2: Molecular Hydrogen. He shares...

LadyGang artwork

Crosby Tailor

LadyGang - September 19, 2017 00:01 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 10.7K ratings
Walking up to the plate for LadyGang your life is healthy eating guru Crosby Tailor, here help you get your diet and eating habits together with the proper tips, tricks, and oils! Also--GUILT/SUGAR FREE CUPCAKES!

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Hacking Your Sweet Tooth with Crosby Tailor

The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey - October 21, 2016 19:30 - 50 minutes ★★★★★ - 6.2K ratings
Crosby Tailor is an author, model, chef, and was Bulletproof's first ever ambassador! With a Bulletproof mentality and a massive sweet tooth, Crosby started creating sugar, gluten and grain free paleo type desserts from ice creams, baked goods, chocolates, and frostings, and "Eat Dessert...