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#7 "Cheating Hunger" feat. Srishti Jain

Time Out With Enactus SBSC - March 05, 2021 07:25 - 33 minutes
In this Episode, we chat with Srishti Jain, Co-Founder and Director, Zomato Feeding India. Feeding India is one the largest not for profit working towards zero hunger. Tune in as Srishti talks about her journey as a hunger hero as well as others aspects that helped her choose this path of life.

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Sticks and Stones

The Morning Curve - March 05, 2021 04:09 - 1 minute ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
Words have the power to make you feel rejected, disrespect, not good enough for years. Stay tuned for more! Thank you :) --- Send in a voice message:

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DTV #248 Liks - La escuela de [email protected] [email protected]

Disruptivo - Emprendimiento Social, Innovación y Startups - March 05, 2021 02:45 ★★★★★ - 15 ratings
En este episodio Juan habló con Adolfo Ferrer fundador de Liks, la escuela de [email protected] [email protected] la cual tiene como objetivo principal empoderar a los niñ@s y jóvenes del mundo a pensar fuera de la caja, a ser más curiosos y a encontrar su pasión de vida. La platica con Adolfo fue muy interesante, ...

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Timothy Smeeding on Proposals for a Refundable Monthly Child Tax Credit

Poverty Research & Policy - March 05, 2021 00:02 - 23 minutes ★★★★★ - 11 ratings
In this episode, Timothy Smeeding talks about proposals from Senator Mitt Romney and from Democratic leadership for a fully refundable monthly child tax credit or child allowance and how these types of policies could reduce child poverty and help working parents in the pandemic and beyond. Sme...

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Brian Cuban, The Addicted Lawyer, Ep. 27 on White Collar Week

White Collar Week with Jeff Grant - March 04, 2021 21:18 - 1 hour
White Collar Week with Jeff Grant, Podcast Ep. 27, Guest: Brian Cuban, Author of the Book, "The Addicted Lawyer: Tales of the Bar, Booze, Blow and Redemption" Link to article on, watch on YouTube, listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & SoundCloud:

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The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes: Tribalization and the Coalition of the Decent

The Truth of the Matter - March 04, 2021 20:26 ★★★★ - 138 ratings
Charlie Sykes, Founder and Editor-at-large of The Bulwark and host of The Bulwark podcast joins the show to discuss the campaign to minimalize the events of January 6, tribalism in the Republican Party, and the prospects for bipartisanship in our fractured politics.

What If? artwork

Nayi Disha: An inclusive marriage of community and technology

What If? - March 04, 2021 20:00 - 27 minutes
A road less taken does not need to be travelled alone. Caregivers taking care of humans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) can emerge as champions when equipped with the right kind of knowledge, resources and a strong sense of solidarity. Not just once, but every single day a...

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ACB Next Gen Turns 1!

ACB Advocacy Update - March 04, 2021 18:37 - 50 minutes ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
Episode Description On this week’s episode of the ACB Advocacy Update, ACB’s Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs, Clark Rachfal, celebrates the one year anniversary of our ACB Next Generation affiliate. Clark is joined by President Amanda Selm, Second Vice President Steven Salas, and ...

TheSugarScience Podcast- curating the scientific conversation in type 1 diabetes artwork

Episode 62: Wendy Wolf, PhD, VP of Registry and Research at T1D Exchange

TheSugarScience Podcast- curating the scientific conversation in type 1 diabetes - March 04, 2021 17:00 - 11 minutes
In this episode, Wendy Wolf joins us to talk about T1D Exchange and the work they are doing to improve T1D research. T1D Exchange strives to improve outcomes for the T1D population by driving real-world evidence and collaborative change. Their Registry is a long-term research study where individ...

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E15: Our Community Partner: Encourage Me I’m Young

Real Talk About Children's Mental Health - March 04, 2021 15:29 - 45 minutes ★★★★★ - 3 ratings
Listen in as our host @TCC_Laura talks with our community partner, Calvin Mann, Founder & President of EMIY — Encourage Me I’m Young — talk about about their life-changing work with our young boys and fathers in the community. To more about the amazing work Calvin and his organization are doing,...

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Tangled Up in Blue: Policing the American City, with Rosa Brooks

Carnegie Council Video Podcast - March 04, 2021 14:13 - 18 minutes - Video ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
In 2015, Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown University, applied to become a sworn, armed reserve police officer with the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department. In this talk with Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal, Brooks gives an inside look at policing in a big city from...

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PWC Connections: The Podcast (24th episode) - Conversation About Texas Winter Storm Issues

PWC Connections: The Podcast - March 04, 2021 14:06 - 18 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
The 2021 Texas power crisis is an ongoing crisis involving massive power outages, water and food shortages, and dangerous weather conditions. The crisis has been the result of two severe winter storms sweeping across the United States in mid-February. Reportedly, more than 4.5 million homes and ...

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Be Mindful of Your Influence

Life Memos with Pastor Ericka - March 04, 2021 13:29 - 7 minutes ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
You may not be the one that changes the world but surely you’re the one that will impact the one that will for good or for bad.

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Chattin'with CHAP episode 115: Wielding Wise Words

Chattin' With CHAP - March 04, 2021 12:31 - 15 minutes
Chattin' with CHAP is a series of informational podcasts designed to equip and encourage families on their homeschooling journeys. CHAP is the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania and has provided year-round support to homeschoolers since 1994.   "Check out www.homeschoolpennsylvani...

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Episode 8: Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold (WoC)

Java With JV - March 04, 2021 12:00 - 42 minutes
Our guest on this episode of Java with JV is Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, Associate Director for Domestic Disaster Response for Week of Compassion. Week of Compassion is the relief, refugee, and development mission fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In today’s episode, we’ll n...

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Ask Ava, Episode 49: Helping a Friend series - "What If I Feel Guilty Because I Missed Warning Signs in My Friend's Relationship?"

Ask Ava - March 04, 2021 11:00 - 4 minutes
Episode 49: Helping a Friend series - "What If I Feel Guilty Because I Missed Warning Signs in My Friend's Relationship?" Support the show (

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Galatians Series // Part 20

Memorial Heights Baptist Church - March 04, 2021 11:00 - 48 minutes ★★★★★ - 3 ratings
This message was originally given by Pastor DJ Ritchey on Sunday, February 28, 2021 during the 7:00pm service. Notes from this week's message can be found on our Facebook by searching for Memorial Heights Baptist Church.

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Power of Care Leadership – Recommended Reading from Aimie Fifarek

Power of Care Leadership - March 04, 2021 08:00 - 1 minute
Aimee Fifarek, Executive Director of the Public Library, recommends "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" by Greg McKeown. McKeown explains that the Way of the Essentialist isn’t about getting more done in less time, but getting only the right things done. The post Power of Care Leade...

River Ramble - Guides Edition artwork

Episode 16 | John Way | Beartrap Canyon Madison River | Montana Headwaters Legacy Act

River Ramble - Guides Edition - March 04, 2021 07:00 - 22 minutes
In today’s episode, we are joined by an industry giant and longtime outfitter, John Way.  John operates Montana’s oldest fly shop, The Tackle Shop, and he is here to represent the famed Beartrap Canyon of the Madison River.  John shares with us his love for this area of the world and why protect...

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89: How to Accelerate Your Nonprofit Leadership (Men Tchaas Ari)

Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership - March 04, 2021 07:00 - 57 minutes ★★★★★ - 56 ratings
89: How to Accelerate Your Nonprofit Leadership (Men Tchaas Ari)   SUMMARY How do you combine a diverse set of skills, talents and experiences to best position yourself for nonprofit leadership? In episode #89 of the Path Podcast, I explored that exact question with Men Tchaas Ari, who success...

Hello Church! artwork

3 Reasons Why Pastors Should Preach Through the Old Testament - with Josh Taylor from Sermonary

Hello Church! - March 04, 2021 07:00 - 12 minutes
When’s the last time you preached on the book of Ezekiel? Maybe never, right? You may have taught from other Old Testament books, but data shows that there’s a “New Testament favoritism” among American churches. We tend to feel like the New Testament is easier to understand and apply than the Ol...

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross artwork

EP 159 Lyn Lindbergh

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross - March 04, 2021 06:00 - 34 minutes ★★★★★ - 159 ratings
EP 159 Lyn Lindbergh    COUCH to ACTIVE   Lyn Lindbergh is the creator of COUCH to ACTIVE. She is an award winning author and host of the podcast, COUCH to ACTIVE. Lyn helps people finally conquer the couch and become the active person they've been lon...

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News Update - March 4, 2021

QATV News Updates - March 04, 2021 05:53 ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Pension changes. Housing vaccines. Culvert repairs. 

(Un)Stop the Story artwork

Developing your Creative Spirit with John F Stevens

(Un)Stop the Story - March 04, 2021 05:01 - 54 minutes
In this week’s episode of (Un)Stop the Story, Unstoppable Tracy is talking to John F Stevens, the owner of Talent Inc Canada. John is a talented performer, coach, director and producer who has had a hand in the careers of talent who have appeared on Harry Potter, Hero’s Wynonna Earp, Home Alone 5...

PA Centered artwork

Episode 21: Workplace Sexual Harassment

PA Centered - March 04, 2021 05:00 - 36 minutes
Do you know what your options are if you’ve been sexually harassed at work? In this episode, we learn from Staff Attorneys Konrad Jarzyna and Lisa Matukaitis about your rights and the steps you can take if you’ve experienced harassment while on the job. For confidential and legal assistance, con...

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Apostle Adelaja - March 04, 2021 04:24 - 8 minutes
Beware of covetousness and use your blessings as a stepping stone for more successes to His glory.

#EQHAS Every Question Has A Story By Quizmaster Manas Nayak artwork

#EQHAS- Every Question Has A Story @ Vishnu Bodhanapu|Episode 4 |

#EQHAS Every Question Has A Story By Quizmaster Manas Nayak - March 04, 2021 03:20 - 34 minutes
Today's guest Vishnu is three times Tata Crucible Campus Business Quiz Champion during his college days at Dehradun.He is the chief content tailor/Co-founder of a knowledge start-up,Tack On. By the way,do you know why crackers have equidistant holes? In 1962, USA announced nav...

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Protecting Your Peace

Tee Talk - March 04, 2021 03:03 - 52 minutes
Tried of being the bigger person and let bitter people disturb my household peace aka my son immature grandmother enough is enough --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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050 | Practical Tools for Hybrid Church from Practical Tools for Hybrid Church from Former North Point Social Media and Online Pastor, Instagrammer and Church Consultant, Dave Adamson

ChurchPulse Weekly - March 04, 2021 03:00 - 48 minutes
Dave Adamson, former North Point Social Media and Online Pastor, Instagrammer and church consultant, joins Carey and Savannah to talk about the future of hybrid ministry (in-person + digital) and shares practical advice on how church leaders can increase their engagement and impact online.

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Ep 74 : In Conversation - Ben Moreau, Former Commonwealth Games British Athlete

BritCham Singapore - March 04, 2021 02:52 - 43 minutes
In this episode, Executive Director DAVID KELLY sits down with Former Commonwealth Games British Athlete, BEN MOREAU, as they discuss his journey through the games including the 2010 & 2014 Commonwealth Games, qualifying for the Olympic Game Trials in 2012 & 2016 and setting his Marathon persona...