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339 episodes - Latest episode: 1 day ago - ★★★★★ - 471 ratings
A podcast about web design and development.
Simple Programmer Podcast artwork

Simple Programmer Podcast

1,158 episodes - Latest episode: 6 months ago - ★★★ - 44 ratings
John Sonmez wants to help you become more successful, make more money, deal with difficult coworkers and be so productive everyone thinks you must be abusing a prescription for Ritalin. Listen in ...
Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast artwork

Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast

317 episodes - Latest episode: 7 days ago - ★★★★★ - 26 ratings
Jeremy Thake and guests talk Microsoft 365 development with fellow industry experts.
Software Developers Journey artwork

Software Developers Journey

303 episodes - Latest episode: 2 months ago - ★★★★★ - 20 ratings
Becoming a software developer is a journey. The Software Developers Journey show is an inspirational podcast for software developers. Every week, a successful software engineer shares their journe...
Chats with Kent C. Dodds artwork

Chats with Kent C. Dodds

104 episodes - Latest episode: 2 months ago - ★★★★★ - 16 ratings
Kent C. Dodds chats with developers.
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Techie Personal Finance Bootcamp

88 episodes - Latest episode: 6 months ago - ★★★★★ - 7 ratings
I help tech employees use their finances to create the life of their dreams by helping you take your financial confidence to the next level!Are you a tech employee who wants to learn how to better ...
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Adventures in .NET

313 episodes - Latest episode: 7 days ago - ★★★★★ - 6 ratings
Level up your .NET skills with our weekly discussion of C# and other Microsoft technologies for developers. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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This Dev Life

89 episodes - Latest episode: about 1 month ago
This Dev Life is a podcast that looks into the daily life of software developer and understand how we live and work from day to day.  On this podcast, we have discussions around the lives of softwa...