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ROTC Patreon: June 29th, 2022 - More Like Radio

More Like Radio - June 29, 2022 22:17 ★★★★★ - 22 ratings
Patreon Episode 61: Carry List – VP Kamala Harris sits down with CNN for her first interview after Roe overturn – Joe Biden announces $200Billion infrastructure investment at G7 – “It’s No Longer Majority Rule” – Wanda Sykes Reacts To The SCOTUS Ruling

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #543

Real Punk Radio Podcast Network - June 29, 2022 18:09 ★★★★★ - 28 ratings
June 22nd 2022. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #543 – New tunes from Los Infernales, Lorne Berhman, The Backstabbers, Stormtroopers of Love, and more!! Turn it up! We’re LIVE, Wednesday nights, 10:00pm ET/7:00pm... Real Punk Radio podcast Network brings you the best in Punk, Rock, Underground Music around! F...

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Gaining Business Savvy: Answer Vs Solution

Arise 2 Live Podcast - June 29, 2022 13:43 - 20 minutes ★★★★★ - 6 ratings
Do you know the difference between an answer and the solution? Savvy business owners do and that’s how they make better decisions. So can you. The episode is part 1 of a 3-part series to help business owners improving their business acumen, a key part of running a successful company and an ele...

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The Power of Perhaps Makes Possibilities Possible with April Dawn Scheffler

Improviding Life - June 29, 2022 12:00 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 4 ratings
April Dawn Scheffler is the subtly of service play pal that dreams are made of! This week we go deep and wide and wild and personal and everything in between as we play with Improviding Tool #5 - Build vs Invent. From body image to brownie points, we explore the power of 'perhaps' and how the l...

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Ledge Or Wedge EP4 - Anthony Hay

Ball And Banter - June 29, 2022 09:00 - 37 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
In this episode of Ledge Or Wedge, Ball And Banter member MJ is joined by deputy news editor at The Athletic Anthony Hay! As usual in Ledge Or Wedge MJ has a list of club legends from Anthony's supported team, and Anthony will have to choose between them! Support the show

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LIVE at EAMC 2022: Kosha Irby

Adventures In Venueland - June 29, 2022 09:00 - 51 minutes ★★★★★ - 9 ratings
Plunge into the Land of 1,000 Lakes with our very first LIVE episode of Adventures In Venueland, recorded in front of a live audience in the Twin Cities at the Event & Arena Marketing Conference. We chat with Kosha Irby, Chief Marketing Officer at Professional Bull Riding, and 2022 EAMC Hall of ...

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Kylie Frey

JaMHappyHour - June 29, 2022 09:00 - 59 minutes ★★★★★ - 7 ratings
Today going back to December 29, 2021 to our show with country singer, Kylie Frey. In between her twang-ful tunes, we chatted with Kylie about her songwriting style and inspiration, her background in rodeo, and playing Stagecoach Music Festival!     During this episode, we were sipping back with...

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Risks involved while taking a joint home loan with your spouse

Why Not Mint Money - June 29, 2022 08:30 - 13 minutes
In this episode, Mint's Navneet Dubey gets in conversation with Atul Monga who is the Founder of BASIC Home Loan. It is a fintech startup, developing an automated platform for home lending in India.

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Skyjacks: Episode 149

Campaign: Skyjacks - June 29, 2022 07:13 - 53 minutes ★★★★★ - 1K ratings
Someone from Jonnit's past arrives to pick him up and take him home while a calamitous racket unfolds within the ship. Travis races to exit The Uhuru before growing to a form too large to comfortably fit through the doors. The others try to mitigate the chaos in order to keep up appearances and ...

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Bonus Episode: Give Yourself A Break

Unlimited - June 29, 2022 07:00 - 21 minutes ★★★★★ - 9 ratings
Give yourself a break, you are not a machine. Hustle culture tells us that we should have everything planned, systematized, and organized. It says that, if you do this well enough, then you will be successful, happy, and stress-free. But failure is part of growth. Unhappiness, discomfort, anger,...

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EP131: "Prison Break Moussa Sissoko"

We'll Talk About That Later - June 29, 2022 07:00 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
Episode 131! On this special edition of the podcast we welcome guest Dom a Crystal Palace fan to talk about the  south London side in detail. He talks about his origins as a Palace fan, his favourite players, his thoughts on the past season and his hopes for the upcoming season.  Dom also spar...

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Episode 128, 06/29/22

This Week in Seattle Rock - June 29, 2022 07:00 - 40 minutes ★★★★★ - 5 ratings
Hello & Welcome to Episode 128! It's time for SHEDFEST! Today on Episode 128 of This Week in Seattle Rock, we are going to introduce you to the 18 bands playing at SHEDFEST FOUR! The fourth annual SHEDFEST music festival is back July 8th and 9th at Slimedog Speedway in Stanwood WA! A music festi...

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Redox #315 – Wear Me Out Loud

Real Punk Radio Podcast Network - June 29, 2022 06:03 ★★★★★ - 28 ratings
Originally published 7/3/16Got a ton of new stuff for you - the Best of 2016 so far from me and you, the kind listenersWear Me Out Loud I Don't Cares Wild Stab You Say You Bob Mould Patch The Sky ... Real Punk Radio podcast Network brings you the best in Punk, Rock, Underground Music around! Fro...

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All you need to know about TDS provisions for crypto assets

Why Not Mint Money - June 29, 2022 05:22 - 23 minutes
Mint’s Abhinav Kaul and Naveen Wadhwa, deputy general manager at Taxmann, discuss TDS provisions for crypto assets and what investors should keep in mind.

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212 - New Clinician Spotlight: Amy Vincent, ARNP

LiveWell Talk On... - June 29, 2022 05:00 - 10 minutes ★★★★★ - 10 ratings
Amy Vincent, MSN, ARNP, a new clinician at St. Luke's Heart Care Clinic, joins Dr. Arnold to talk about her background, clinical interests, personal interests, what led her to UnityPoint Health and much more. To schedule an appointment with Amy, call St. Luke's Heart Care Clinic at (319) 364-71...


Tues 6.28 @ 7-9pm EST

OMEGAMAN RADIO - June 28, 2022 23:00 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 119 ratings
Tues 6.28 @ 7-9pm EST

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Post-Roe America, Antitrust Summer Arrives At Schumer's, Football Prayer Ruling

GetYourNewsOnWithRon - June 28, 2022 22:33 - 51 minutes ★★★★★ - 51 ratings
Sean O'Brien of Panquake joins to talk the importance of the Antitrust Bills to Internet startups as AntitrustSummer continues! Ron talks the Supreme Court on Roe V Wade and the football coach prayer ruling. Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced.

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Daywave: June 28th, 2022 - More Like Radio

More Like Radio - June 28, 2022 22:32 ★★★★★ - 22 ratings
Episode 857: Sorry

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Revenge of the Cis: June 28th, 2022 - More Like Radio

More Like Radio - June 28, 2022 22:31 ★★★★★ - 22 ratings
Episode 1021: Hack 2024 – Howard Stern wants to run for president to ‘overturn all this bulls–t’ – We interview Sara Gonzalez from Blaze Tv

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A reshaped Michigan basketball roster

Wolverine Confidential - June 28, 2022 16:06 ★★★★★ - 45 ratings
Juwan Howard has a new-look roster to manage, including Lebanon's Youseff Khayat. We discuss his latest addition, the challenge this offseason, and update Michigan football's recruiting efforts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


#DAMORNINGSHOW, Dad's is it our responsibility to feed ur child siblings 2 ??

UNSIGNED HYPE RADIO SHOW - June 28, 2022 16:00 - 1 hour ★★★ - 1 rating
join us today on DA WAKE YO ASS UP MORNING SHOW is it a man responsibility to feed his kids siblings too when he comes to drop off food . clothes ect !!! when the mother has kids from diffrnt fathers is it up to u to be nice an feed there kid/ siblings also ....WE WANNA HEAR FROM THE LADIES AN ME...

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Our Favorite Win Cons

MTGGoldfish Commander Clash Podcast - June 28, 2022 15:00 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 71 ratings
The crew shares their favorite win conditions in Commander.

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The Prayer Tent at Concord Market Days

Kingdom Come - June 28, 2022 15:00 - 1 hour
For just over 6 years now the New England Healing & Freedom Center has been doing prayer tents all over New England.  Specifically on today's show we are highlighting testimonies from the street of what occurred in the tent.  This year we partnered with Kingdom Awakening Ministries who are out o...

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Chesterton, Motherhood and Babies, with Susan Sucher

Uncommon Sense - June 28, 2022 14:00 - 36 minutes ★★★★★ - 78 ratings
On this episode of Uncommon Sense, Susan Sucher joins the show to highlight her talk from the upcoming 41st Annual Chesterton Conference titled, The Emancipation of Domesticity: G.K. Chesterton and Motherhood. Susan talks with Grettelyn and Albert about how Chesterton has played a role in shaping...

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No release yet for Brittney Griner | No increase in cannabis-impaired driving stats | European CBD ruling not surprising, but unusual

Cannabis Daily: News - Insights and Updates from Business of Cannabis - June 28, 2022 14:00 - 4 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Phonenix Mercury star Brittney Griner - more time in detention Welcome to another episode of "Cannabis Daily"!  Here are today's stories: Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner appeared in court on Friday - it's not great news - AP Cannabis-impaired driving hasn't actually risen at all. Quite ...

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LeadershipLIVE™ - June 10, 2022

LeadershipNOW® - June 28, 2022 13:00 - 41 minutes ★★★★★ - 99 ratings
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A Father's Point of View

FBCG Live with Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. - June 28, 2022 13:00 - 32 minutes ★★★★★ - 123 ratings
Pastor Jenkins discusses fatherhood with his sons. Learn more about Pastor Jenkins' point of view on fatherhood.  Support the show

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Street Clutter

Lunchtime Live Highlights - June 28, 2022 12:44 - 11 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Andrea was joined by listeners to discuss if our streets become too cluttered with street signs. Between signs giving directions, poles, bollards on cycle lanes, they discussed if our footpaths become more difficult to navigate.

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'I Am Someone' by Aisling Creegan

Lunchtime Live Highlights - June 28, 2022 12:31 - 16 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Aisling Creegan’s start to life was dominated by alcohol and abuse as the daughter of alcoholic parents. She says that her mission as a child was to get to the next day, alive and safe. She joined Andrea to discuss her memoirs in a bid to help others that might be struggling.

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‘Jug Jug Jeeyo’ opens in cinemas

Business of Entertainment - June 28, 2022 12:03 - 3 minutes
The big Hindi release in cinemas this week is comedy drama Jug Jug Jeeyo starring Anil Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani. In the latest episode of its show, 'Business of Entertainment', Mint's Lata Jha goes through the financial performance of what’s buzzing in the world of ente...