You know that scene in Toy Story, where Woody has an identity crisis because Buzz Lightyear arrives on the scene and steals the title of "Andy's favorite toy"? I feel for Woody! I mean, it wasn't very cool of him to plot Buzz's death of course, but it's hard when you feel insecure, jealous, or afraid that you don't matter. In the Bible, I'm reminded of Cain, who jealously killed his brother Abel, or Joseph's brothers, who sold him into slavery because he was their father's favorite kid, or some of the early Jesus-followers, who were jealous of each other's talents and gifts. But here's what Scripture tells us is true: we don't need to be jealous of each other, because we were all carefully and intentionally designed by a good Creator who designed each of us on purpose. So if you've ever felt jealous, insecure, or unimportant, remember this: because of who God is, we can trust how God has made us.


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