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Episode Guide:

Beers of the Week:

Shiner Oktoberfest by Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner, Texas) - Rating: 3.75
Caribbean Stout by Sycamore Brewing (Charlotte, NC) - Rating: 4.00
Dr. Dank Jack Frost by Wicked Weed Brewing (Asheville, NC) - Rating: 4.00

Fact of the Week:

The "first Thanksgiving" was in 1621
Thanksgiving becomes a national holiday in 1870
Thanksgiving dinner costs $64.05
The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924 featured animals from the Central Park Zoo. There were live bears, elephants, camels, and monkeys
Thanksgiving leftovers led to the first ever TV dinner
The menu for the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth in 1621 likely included lobster, seal, and swans
Pumpkin pie has been beloved for a long, long time—although, it isn’t America’s favorite pie. Apple is America’s #1 Pie.
Thanksgiving Day football games began in the 1870s
The British don’t officially celebrate Thanksgiving, but they do celebrate "Brits-giving."

This Week in History:

American "DB Cooper" hijacks plane, extorts $200,000 ransom before jumping out of plane over Washington State, never seen again.
Freddie Mercury the frontman for the British rock band Queen, died of complications from Aids.
1st national Thanksgiving in America.
Co-founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell released Pong, the 1st commercially successful video game, in Andy Capp's Tavern in Sunnyvale, California.
One of the world's most popular female rock artist and known as "The Queen of Rock n Roll ", born in Nutbush, Tennessee, currently a stunning 82 years old, Tina Turner was born
World's greatest robbery.

Your Unofficial News:

Thanksgiving leftovers led to the first ever TV dinner.
Texas woman pleads guilty to smuggling spider monkey in 'beer' box.
Lost dog walks into police station.
Homeless woman in wheel chair gets hit by car and walks away.

Unofficial Fanzone:

NFL Standings
Antonio Brown is at it again...
NBA Standings.
NHL Standings.

Unofficial Thoughts:

Turkey or Ham?
Leftover ideas

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