Susan Diaz is the founder and chief content strategist at c + p digital; a digital marketing agency focused on simplification. Susan works with notable names in health, finance, and technology as well as smaller companies that are looking for a unique approach to digital marketing. She has worked in senior positions for companies such as Jafza, Brandcom Middle East, and Fortune Promoseven. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Journalism from the University of Madras and a Digital Strategy and Communications Management Certificate from the University of Toronto.


Susan joins me today to share her experience of moving to a new country, navigating life, and finding financial fitness. She describes the challenges of immigrating and the importance of traits such as resilience and adventurism. Susan also shares how to build a strategic life plan, how to price your talent appropriately, and the importance of not being afraid of asking for help and support.

“Trust in your adventuring spirit. Find the people who will work with you and recognize that value.” - Susan Diaz

This Week on Young Money:


Finding success by focusing on cash flow and agility. What digital marketing encompasses. The challenges of the immigration journey. Why you should be open to trying anything, be resilient, and use your highest talent. Building a strategic plan for your life. Why you should trust in your adventuring spirit. Why you shouldn't be afraid of asking for support and advice. Why self-employed people should price themselves with respect.

Key takeaways:


Think about your mindset. Trust your adventuring spirit. Be open to learning and give yourself time. Be ready and ask for help if you need it.

Resources Mentioned:


EP036 Kelley Keehn with 5 Ways We Sabotage Our Finances

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