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Based in San Francisco, Dasarte Yarnway is the Founder and Managing Director of Berknell Financial Group. His podcasts explore personal finance topics, capital markets and all things motivational.

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EP 22: Things to Consider When Over-concentrating in Company Stock with Mike Kelly

March 21, 2022 18:15 - 28 minutes - 51.3 MB

In this episode, Mike Kelly joins me and shares his thoughts on how to look at large positions of company stock. Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

EP 21: Being Intentional with Your Overflow with Vance Roush

March 21, 2022 18:14 - 33 minutes - 62.2 MB

Have you ever tried to gift stock? The process is arduous. In this episode, CEO of Overflow, Vance Roush chats with us on what made him build to make it easier for all investors to be more generous. Don't miss this start up story! #PayMeInEquity

EP 20: Best Tips on Building Brand Equity with Shabana Siyed

March 21, 2022 18:14 - 46 minutes - 85.6 MB

In this episode, my friend Shabana Siyed joins me to talk about the do's and don't or creators as they build their brands. Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

EP 19: Aligning Your Money, Values, And Volume With Rick Hoskins

March 07, 2022 23:48 - 35 minutes - 65.8 MB

In this episode,Financial Advisor Rick Hoskins joins me to discuss how we can all better align our dollars with our values and volume. He's brilliant. Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

EP 18: Breaking Into FinTech & Self Learning Crypto Assets with Caitlin Cook

March 02, 2022 12:39 - 30 minutes - 56.1 MB

In this episode, Caitlin Cook also known as #DeadCaitBounce, joins me to discuss how she broke into FinTech, the fast moving start-up life and her growing twitter fame. Don't miss it! #PayMeInEquity

EP 17: Building Brand Equity With Justin Castelli

March 02, 2022 12:39 - 28 minutes - 51.3 MB

In this episode, Justin Castelli shares his tips and tricks on building a powerful brand. You don't want to miss it! #PayMeInEquity

EP 16: Estate Planning & Equity with Jason Prunty

March 02, 2022 12:35 - 30 minutes - 55.5 MB

In this episode, Chief Experience Officer of Trucendent Jason Prunty joins me to discuss the importance of estate planning and the shift in art in this digital age. Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

Ep 14: Hustle, Venture Capital, & Building Equity with Samuel Deane

February 15, 2022 15:38 - 40 minutes - 74.7 MB

Samuel Deane is one of the most intentional businessmen I know. In this episode, we touch on his new venture capital firm, WealthTech Ventures, and how he's growing equity for his clients through private investments. Don't sleep on this one! #PayMeInEquity

EP 15: Playing The Long Game with Travis Gatzemeier, CFP

February 15, 2022 08:00 - 37 minutes - 67.8 MB

Investors have a tendency to make decisions based on the events of the short term. In this episode, Travis Gatzemeier chats with us about the importance of staying invested over the long term and some of his hunting tales in the great state of Texas. Don't miss it! #PayMeInEquity

EP 13: Intentional Business Building Anna Njie-Konte

February 08, 2022 17:17 - 31 minutes - 57.2 MB

If you're not intentional, you could be moving in the wrong direction, fast. In this episode, Anna Niie-Konte and I talk about all of the lessons we've learned from running our businesses and how building intentionally can make a huge difference. #PayMeInEquity

EP 12: Perspectives on Equity Compensation and Your Portfolio Construction with Simon Tryzna, CFA

February 01, 2022 16:26 - 34 minutes - 63.6 MB

In this episode, my good friend Simon Tryzna joins me to chat about what you should do if most of your wealth is concentrated in your company stock. You'll find that in our conversation, we talk about experiences that we've had with clients and some of the complexities of giving good advice in this environment. Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

EP 11: Betting on Yourself Builds Equity with Rafael DeLeon

January 25, 2022 17:08 - 36 minutes - 67.2 MB

You may have seen Rafael DeLeon on Spike Lee's, She's Gotta Have It. Yet, what I'm most proud of is the man that he's becoming off the big screen. In our episode, we talk about how betting on yourself is the ultimate equity growth. Listen to how this self-taught investor changed his life with one critical decision at a time. Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

EP 10: Fine Wine as an Investment with Anthony Zhang

January 18, 2022 08:00 - 22 minutes - 40.6 MB

Anthony is a trailblazer. VinoVest is his third company, and to me it feels like he's still just getting started. At 25 years old, he's been able to build a company that gives investors access to some of the finest wines in the world. In this episode, we discuss his start ups story, wine as an investment and the process of building VinoVest. Don't miss it! #PayMeInEquity

EP 9: Gratitude, Family and Equity with Yohance Harrison

January 11, 2022 08:00 - 42 minutes - 78.1 MB

Yohance and I just cut oil the microphone on this one. In this one, we talk about our families, blessings from over the pandemic and how most decisions connect to your relationship with money. Listen in! #PayMeInEquity

BONUS: Thoughts on Betting on Yourself with Jason Wenk

January 05, 2022 08:00 - 32 minutes - 59.2 MB

I couldn't hold this episode. Jason Wenk is a master mind and in this conversation, he outlines what it means to bet on yourself and how he's doing just that with his venture-backed start up, Altruist.

EP 8: Lessons Learned from 2021 with Downtown Josh Brown

January 04, 2022 08:00 - 39 minutes - 72.1 MB

As seen on CNBC's Fast Money & The Compound Show, Josh Brown is a living legend. He's been an advocate and mentor to me for right around two years, and every time he speaks it's real, raw and impactful. In this conversation, we chat about the lessons we learned (or should've learned) in 2021. Let's start this year off right! Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

EP 7: A Macro Introduction to the Different Types of Equity Compensation with Meg Bartelt

September 09, 2021 04:00 - 28 minutes - 51.6 MB

In this episode, the talented Meg Bartelt joins me to discuss the basics of 4 types of equity compensation in an informative way that will not bore you I promise. Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

EP 6: What Does Equity Mean with Dr. David Rhoiney

August 30, 2021 04:00 - 36 minutes - 67.6 MB

In this episode, my friend Dr. David Rhoiney details his road from homelessness to surgeon and how that's shaped his perspective on equity. You don't want to miss riveting story of growth. Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

EP 5: Simple Ways for Millennials to Build Equity with Thomas Kopelman

August 23, 2021 14:49 - 22 minutes - 41.2 MB

In this episode, Thomas Kopelman offers simple ways for you to build equity as a young professional. Tune in! #PayMeInEquity

EP 4: What Does Equity Mean to You with Nyle Bayer

August 09, 2021 14:58 - 21 minutes - 39 MB

In this episode, my good friend Nyle Bayer explains how equity is more than just material wealth. Find out what he thinks and more in this discussion #PayMeInEquity

EP 3: How To Prepare For A Liquidity Event with Samuel Deane & Simon Tryzna

August 04, 2021 04:00 - 39 minutes - 72.3 MB

Is your company destined to IPO? Get acquired? Well what happens if that is a possibility? In this episode, two of my favorite advisors, Samuel Deane & Simon Tryzna chat with me on how to prepare for a liquidity event. Tune in to listen to all of the gems! #PayMeInEquity

EP 2: How This Entrepreneur Builds Equity Through Business Ownership with Emily Binder

July 26, 2021 15:30 - 18 minutes - 33.9 MB

Emily Binder, CEO of Wealth Voice, is a force to be reckoned with. Since meeting her in 2019, she's done nothing but excel at whatever she's put her hands on. In this episode, she talks about how she invested in herself, and how the "risk" is paying dividends through her new business. Don't miss it! #PayMeInEquity

EP 1: Introducing The New Pay Me In Equity Podcast

July 14, 2021 08:31 - 6 minutes - 11.6 MB

It's been awhile! In this episode, I introduce the new Pay Me In Equity show. Tune In! #PayMeInEquity

EP 98: Tips for Navigating the Drop Zone (BONUS)

February 02, 2021 05:00 - 17 minutes - 15.7 MB

In this episode, I address the whispers of a market bubble and what you should do about it. Tune in! #YouAreYoungMoney

Ep 97: Lessons From 2020 with Brandon Mackie

February 02, 2021 05:00 - 37 minutes - 67.8 MB

I intentionally put this episode in the month of February, because so often we can forget our own New Years resolutions. In this episode, financial advisor Brandon Mackie joins me to share his biggest takeaways from a tumultuous 2020. Press play! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 98: Finance Through The Lens of the First Generation Immigrant

January 19, 2021 04:59 - 31 minutes - 57.8 MB

In this episode, my friend Anna Njie-Konte shares her passion on financial planning and the unique challenges for women and first generation immigrants when trying to design their wealth. Don't miss it! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 96: 5 Hacks To Jumpstart Your Financial Future

January 19, 2021 04:59 - 17 minutes - 32.4 MB

In this episode, I reflect and share my 5 hacks to jumpstart your financial future. Listen in and let's win, together. #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 100: Finance Through The Lens of the First Generation Immigrant

January 19, 2021 04:59 - 31 minutes - 57.8 MB

In this episode, my friend Anna Njie-Konte shares her passion on financial planning and the unique challenges for women and first generation immigrants when trying to design their wealth. Don't miss it! #YouAreYoungMoney

95: 5 Hacks To Jumpstart Your Financial Future

January 19, 2021 04:59 - 17 minutes - 32.4 MB

In this episodes, I reflect and share my 5 hacks to jumpstart your financial future. Listen in and let's win, together. #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 95: Bitcoin's Crazy Rise with Anthony Pompliano (BONUS)

January 15, 2021 05:02 - 14 minutes - 12.9 MB

Yesterday, venture capitalist & Bitcoin enthusiast Anthony Pompliano and I talked all things cryptocurrency: what it is, how it works, and why you should have some. He even teases us with a price target at the end. Don't miss this Young Money Exclusive! #YouAreYoungMoney

Ep 94: Making Money Simple with Peter Lazaroff

January 05, 2021 05:00 - 35 minutes - 65.7 MB

A new season is upon us! In this episode, my friend Peter Lazaroff, Chief Investment Officer at Plancorp, joins me to discuss how we all can make money simple in 2021. Let's win! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 93: When Josh Calls, Pick Up (Compound Show Feature)

October 27, 2020 04:00 - 34 minutes - 63.5 MB

I respect Josh Brown and all that the Ritholz team have been able to build. In this episode, I have the honor of speaking with him on The Compound Show about my upbringing, serving clients through COVID and my mission within the financial services industry. Don't miss this! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 92: (Guest Feature) Trailblazing In Financial Services with Anna Njie-Konte

August 31, 2020 04:00 - 32 minutes - 59.9 MB

In this episode, I join Ana Njie-Konte on her First Gen Realness podcast to talk about my upbringing, and how I'm using my platform to help people design their wealth. Make sure to to subscribe to her podcast and listen in! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 91: (Feature) Straight Talk With Emlen Miles-Mattingly

August 24, 2020 04:00 - 36 minutes - 67.5 MB

In this episode, I step on the other side of the microphone for the second straight week. In it, I discuss the happenings in this new world, recents wins, and how we can all be the change that we wish to see. Don't miss it! #YouAreYoungMoney

Ep 90:( Berknell Town Hall Edition)How I Built This With Justin Forsett

August 17, 2020 04:00 - 41 minutes - 75.3 MB

In this episode, Justin Forsett Founder of Hustle Clean joins us to talk how he built his skyrocketing business, and gives words of encouragement to make it to your breakthrough. An instant classic that you don't want to miss! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 88: The First 4 Questions I Ask Clients

August 10, 2020 04:00 - 19 minutes - 35.9 MB

It's just me in this episode, and on it I share an experiment that I've been doing during this pandemic. You don't want to miss this perspective! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 89: (Feature) Take an Inch a Day with The Seven Group

August 10, 2020 04:00 - 35 minutes - 64.7 MB

In this episode, I'm on the other side of the mic. Alex and Alison of the Seven Group talk with me about building a business, my mantra Onward to Greatness and all the ways that I choose to build community. Don't miss it! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 87: The Start Up Grind with Big Later Founder Will Steiner

August 03, 2020 04:00 - 26 minutes - 47.9 MB

In this episode, Big Later Founder Will Steiner talks about his start-up, and how they are changing the personal finance experience for young professionals everywhere.

EP 85: Holistic Financial Planning with Luis Rosa, CFP, EA

July 13, 2020 04:00 - 23 minutes - 43.9 MB

In this episode, Luis Rosa, CFP, EA joins us to discuss how you can take a holistic approach to your financial plan. This practical and timely advice is a must listen! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 84: Berknell Townhall - Funded Contentment in the Age of COVID with Brian Portnoy

July 06, 2020 04:00 - 41 minutes - 38.1 MB

Our first guest in the Berknell Townhall Series, Brian Portnoy, Ph.d, CFA, is an expert at simplifying the complex world of money. He is an investor, educator, writer, and entrepreneur. As the Founder of Shaping Wealth, Brian speaks on and coaches financial wellness throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. In his two books, The Investors Paradox and The Geometry of Wealth, he tackles the challenges of not only making better investment decisions but also how money figures into a joyful life. Brian...

EP 83: Investment News 40 Under 40

June 29, 2020 13:43 - 5 minutes - 4.9 MB

In this episode, I share the news with the Master Builders on my Investment News 40 Under 40 award. I also share the release of The Onward Store. Press Play! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 82: Grow Brought to You by Altruist (Feature)

June 22, 2020 04:00 - 9 minutes - 8.64 MB

In this episode, Tyrone Ross, Director of Community at Altruist interviews me on my move to the East Coast and how I use authenticity to grow my business. Press Play. #YouAreYoungMoney

How I Built This with Carlypso Founders Nicky Hinrichsen And Chris Coleman

June 15, 2020 04:00 - 43 minutes - 39.5 MB

In this episode, Nicholas Hinrichsen & Chris Coleman tell the story of scaling and selling their business to Carvana after graduating from Stanford Business School. They also share insight on their newest venture,, a fully digital platform that lets car owners like you source auto loans from the comfort of their own home. You don't want to miss this! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 81: An Introduction to Private Equity with Lyall Davenport

June 08, 2020 04:00 - 35 minutes - 65.9 MB

In this episode, investor and fellow Cal Bear Lyall Davenport joins me all the way from London to give us a high level introduction to private equity. In our talk, we discuss his approach to finding profitable companies, and offers tips on how to be successful in business. Enjoy! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 80: Meeting Clients Where They Are with 4x Olympian Lauryn Williams

June 01, 2020 11:20 - 36 minutes - 66.8 MB

In this episode, 4x Olympian Lauryn Williams shares with us how she came to find her vocation through bad experiences with financial advisors, and how she's on a mission to change the stigma of our industry through her firm, Worth Winning. Tune in! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 79: Entrepreneurship, Diversity & COVID19 with Danielle DeRuiter-Williams

May 25, 2020 04:00 - 42 minutes - 39.3 MB

In this episode, entrepreneur Danielle Deruiter-Williams of The Justice Collective shares her riveting story about how COVID19 has effected businesses across the country, and what we can do to prevent this from happening again. Tune in! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 78: Quarantining with The Chalekians

May 18, 2020 04:00 - 37 minutes - 34.7 MB

In this episode, Alex and Rosa Chalekian join me to discuss how they're coping with lockdown, working from home and share tips on how other couples and families can get through it, together. Press play! #YouAreYoungMoney

BONUS: Onward To Greatness

May 11, 2020 04:00 - 8 minutes - 7.64 MB

In this bonus episode, I explain my daily war chant, "Onward to Greatness" and share lessons that I've learned in my journey thus far. Don't miss it! #YouAreYoungMoney

EP 77: Millennials & Money II with Rick Hoskins

May 11, 2020 04:00 - 34 minutes - 31.7 MB

In this episode, my good friend Rick Hoskins joins me to discuss the impacts of COVID19 on millennials, and things that they can do to control their finances moving forward. This is an instant classic! #YouAreYoungMoney Side note: I used to couch surf on Rick's couch in Washington, DC. We are closer to brothers than friends, you'll see as you listen.

EP 76: Minority Money 2: In The Age of COVID19 with Emlen Miles-Mattingly

May 04, 2020 04:00 - 48 minutes - 89 MB

In this episode, Emlen Miles-Mattingly joins us again to speak on the realities of underserved communities in the midst of this pandemic and what we can do about it. Click play to hear his perspective! #YouAreYoungMoney


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