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Rachel Brathen, known as Yoga Girl, is an international yoga teacher and speaker, bestselling author and serial entrepreneur who inspires millions every day. Now – Rachel offers an even more intimate look into her life and the inspiring journey. Weekly episodes of storytelling and talks from Rachel (sometimes alongside special guests!) dive into topics such as love, trust, finding balance, overcoming adversity and of course, yoga and well-being. The light you are seeking is within your own heart. Join Rachel as she helps you uncover it, from her heart to yours.

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Learn to Hold All Parts Of Yourself

March 05, 2021 08:01

What does self-love mean to you? We spend so much of our day-to-day lives rejecting our whole selves. When we feel bad, we usually try to make ourselves feel better rather than sitting with what is true for us in that moment. But how could this denial ever be considered self-love? As Rachel continues to battle pneumonia, she reflects on the mental stress of not feeling her best. Diving deeper, she uncovers a cyclical pattern rooted in deep childhood trauma as her daughter approaches the same ...

A Permission Slip To Let Go

February 26, 2021 08:01

What should you do when you want to let go, but can’t? In today’s episode Rachel is not only battling pneumonia, she is battling her own mind as well. In order to heal, we need to rest. But what if resting just gives rise to anxious thoughts, limiting beliefs and the added pressure of feeling like a failure? The truth is, life will always throw us curveballs that remind us we are not in control. The only thing we can do from there is to pray, to ask for help, and to sit with it. Tune in as Ra...

If It Serves You, It’s Sacred (A Pneumonia Story)

February 19, 2021 08:01

In the yoga community, we are conditioned to opt for holistic methods of healing before we turn to Western Medicine, something that has served Rachel and her family well for years. Suddenly sick with pneumonia, Rachel opens up about her current condition in today’s episode. On antibiotics and using a machine to help her breathe, Rachel experienced resistance, shame, and the same fear she felt at 5 years old when battling severe asthma. It all changed the moment she placed her antibiotics on h...

Marriage Talk with Dennis Schoneveld

February 12, 2021 08:01

This week, in celebration of Valentine's Day, Rachel has everybody’s favorite guest on the show, her husband Dennis Schoneveld! Tune in as Rachel and Dennis discuss all things on love, intimacy, balance and communication. In his humble and hilarious way, Dennis shares openly and candidly about his relationship with Rachel, commitment, communication, goals, travel plans, and the untapped parts of his personality. Is he considering a career in politics or photography? Does Dennis want to move t...

How To Start (and keep!) a Running Practice

February 05, 2021 08:01

Have you ever wanted to be a person who runs, but when you try it’s the absolute worst? After suffering from asthma, pretending she ran when she didn’t, and always giving up after a few minutes, Rachel now finally calls herself a runner. In today’s episode, she shares the 5 simple steps that brought her from hating every second of a run to running 10K in complete bliss.  Running doesn’t have to be hard. It's all about getting out there, moving the body, dropping in and communing with nature. ...

The Art of Listening with Julia Cameron

January 29, 2021 08:01

Are you yearning to connect with your higher self and unlock your creative potential? This week’s episode will help you do just that. It all starts by learning the art of listening. On today’s episode, Rachel is joined by the legendary Julia Cameron, author of ‘The Listening Path’ and teacher to amazing creatives like Elizabeth Gilbert, Alicia Keys and many more. Together Rachel and Julia discuss nourishing our creativity, channeling our inner artist and the importance of listening; to our hi...

BONUS EPISODE: Your Sign’s 2021 Astrology Forecast with Debra Silverman

January 25, 2021 08:01

In today’s bonus episode, Debra shares the forecast for each sun sign in 2021. Whether you are a Taurus, Libra, Virgo, Aries or any other sign, you are sure to be in for an interesting year! Tune in to find out what is in store for you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

2021 Astrology Forecast with Debra Silverman

January 22, 2021 08:01

Did the stars predict what happened in 2020? What’s the forecast for 2021? This week Yoga Girl®️’s resident astrologer, Debra Silverman, joins the podcast to talk about these immense questions and how you can use astrology and your own natal chart as a roadmap through life. Learning about your astrological configuration can help you to unlock the secrets of your life path. When you study astrology you see into other worlds, and your discernment becomes very sensitized. The world changes when...

From Routine To Ritual - How To Make Your Whole Life Sacred

January 15, 2021 08:01

If you are struggling with your day to day routine, starting to put yourself last, or slipping on the self-care, then grab a cup of tea, light a candle, and settle into this episode with your journal and a pen. As human beings, we are both divine and ordinary. We have the ability to blossom and bloom, but we can also turn inward when we need to protect ourselves. If you find yourself in a monotonous cycle or being pulled in too many different directions, a simple solution may be found throug...

The Period Podcast! with Cycle Expert Nicole Jardim

January 08, 2021 08:01

Welcome to the much anticipated episode on all things PERIOD! What was your first period experience like? Have you ever secretly slid a tampon to your best friend? Are you wondering what the pill is doing to your body after years of use? Did your period change during the pandemic? Are you having painful or inconsistent periods and not sure what’s up? This episode is for you and people who have periods everywhere! Rachel is joined by health coach and period expert Nicole Jardim who authored th...

Put Your Intentions Into Action - Daily Rituals For The First Week Of The Year

January 01, 2021 08:01

Happy New Year! As we say goodbye to 2020 and step into 2021 committed to our goals, dreams and visions for the year, how can we actually put our plans into action? Join Rachel as she leads you through daily rituals for the first week of 2021 - the most important week of the year! This is a critical transition that you can use to your benefit. You will learn how to structure your days with sacred rituals and action items to bring your dreams into reality by revisiting your word, intention, an...

New Year’s Intention Setting Ceremony 2021

December 25, 2020 08:01

It’s time for the most important podcast of the year - the New Year’s Intention Setting Ceremony! This is one of the most precious yearly practices that we do in the Yoga Girl community. Join in to let go of all of the ups and downs of 2020 and step into the New Year a focused, clear, determined and hopeful version of yourself!  First things first, give yourself alone time for this podcast (it really is more of a practice, and it is important work!). You will dance, journal, meditate, dream a...

Processing 2020: Letting Go, Finding Gratitude and Making Space

December 18, 2020 08:01

We’re almost done with 2020! But, in order to move into 2021 with clarity, it is so important to process everything that happened this year; the lessons, the hardships, the practices, the blessings, the relationships, and the gratitude. In this week’s episode, Rachel will guide you through a practice to summarize 2020. Give yourself the space to journal, feel, cry, yell, contemplate, and come home to yourself so that you can set your New Years intentions from a clear, peaceful, conscious plac...

Put Your Phone Down - How To Minimize Your Screen Time and Make Your Devices Sacred

December 11, 2020 08:01

Are you struggling to find boundaries with your phone, your apps, or your devices? Are you constantly scrolling with no actual purpose? Your phone should be a tool to connect, find inspiration and communicate with loved ones. If it is controlling your life or stealing your energy, you may need to change things up! On this week’s episode, Rachel shares tips and tricks to help disconnect from our phones and the apps we use most, and reconnect to a more present place in our lives. Our phones hav...

Uncomfortable Conversations with Emmanuel Acho

December 04, 2020 08:01

Today’s episode may be uncomfortable, but it is a conversation we need to have again and again. Joining us on the show is Emmanuel Acho, former NFL linebacker, Fox Sports analyst, and New York Times bestselling author. After the death of George Floyd, Emmanuel found himself mourning, unsure what to do with his grief. After sitting down for some hard conversations with his white friends, he was inspired to launch a video series: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. Seen by millions of...

Trauma Healing Meditation + Understanding The Signs Your Body Is Trying To Show You

November 27, 2020 08:01

Do you remember what it felt like to be a child before the world got to you? There was a time in your life when you were totally present, moving with the rhythms of your natural essence, allowing your being to be exactly as it was. When did that stop? Somewhere along the way, we start to become separate from our bodies. Maybe for you, this shift happened slowly, or maybe something unbearable came your way that forced you to grow up too fast. Did you feel unsafe in your body? Were you convince...

Robin Sharma on Why You Should Rest More Than You Hustle

November 20, 2020 08:01

When life brings you difficulty, what can you do? If you feel held back, sluggish, or stuck in a rut, where can you turn? First, you can be kind to yourself. Second, you can make actionable changes in your daily routine and watch your world transform! In today’s episode, Rachel is joined by Robin Sharma. A world leader in personal mastery, best-selling author, and the genius behind The 5am Club, Robin has inspired millions, including Rachel, to rise at 5am and experience the magic hour. This ...

Bonus Episode! Continuing with Susanna Barkataki on Cultural Appropriation, Discrimination and Equity in Yoga

November 16, 2020 08:01

Join us today for a special bonus episode as we continue the conversation on cultural appropriation with Susanna Barkataki. This conversation began 2 years ago when Rachel and Susanna were first introduced - after Rachel was accused of cultural appropriation herself. Rachel has come a long way since then, and she shares the realizations and changes she has made in her business and in life. But - there is always more work to be done!  Continue this important conversation with us today. You wil...

Why I Stopped Saying Namaste with Susanna Barkataki

November 13, 2020 08:01

What is cultural appropriation, and how does it relate to yoga? Is yoga political? Should you say Namaste at the end of a yoga class?  In today’s episode, Rachel is joined by yoga diversity advocate Susanna Barkataki to deepen our knowledge and understanding of how to properly honor yoga’s roots. There is a misconception in the Western world as to what yoga is. Yoga is not only a physical practice that happens on our mats but an ancient system of ethics and philosophy - a system that has beco...

Couples Therapy with Dennis Schoneveld

November 06, 2020 08:01

Couples who do therapy together, stay together! What do Rachel and Dennis do to deepen their relationship? How does Dennis feel about the practice of sharing? Why does Ironman make Dennis emotional? All of these questions and more answered in this week’s episode of the Yoga Girl Podcast as Rachel is again joined by our favorite guest, her husband Dennis. Rachel and Dennis are in the midst of a 9-week couple’s course and Dennis is currently in the US, so they share everything from intimate com...

Check In (Don’t Check Out)

October 30, 2020 07:01

How are you doing? It’s a question we get asked all the time, but when was the last time you answered that question from a place of raw, honest truth? Let’s check in. In this moment, how are you doing – REALLY? Instead of answering on autopilot, drop deeply into your body. Close your eyes. Place to hands to your heart. Breathe deeply. Feel. What is it like for me to be here, as I am, in this moment? Checking in - becoming fully present in your own body - is a practice that will completely tra...

The Yoga Episode: Answering All Your Yoga Questions!

October 23, 2020 07:01

Welcome to the much-anticipated YOGA episode of the Yoga Girl Podcast! Tune in today as Rachel takes questions from the Yoga Girl Community about the practice of yoga, how to start your practice, finding a teacher that resonates, honoring the roots of yoga, common misalignments and more! Wherever you are at with your practice, if you’ve never stepped onto a yoga mat or if you are an advanced practitioner, this heartfelt episode from Rachel is a step-by-step guide not only into the practice of...

The Yoga Girl Morning Ritual (Step by Step!)

October 16, 2020 07:01

The best way to have a great day is to start your day off GREAT! On this week’s episode, Rachel shares her sacred morning routine in 10 steps, why you absolutely should cultivate a morning ritual and how carving out time for self-care first thing in the AM can (and will!) profoundly change your life. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Many of us reach for our phones or hit the snooze button. A great day begins from the inside out, so before you dive headfirst into what the day ha...

5 Simple Steps to Process Your Emotions

October 09, 2020 07:01

Today’s episode has the power to propel your healing process to an entirely new level as Rachel shares five simple – yet radical – steps to alchemize and process your emotions.  The first years that we spend on this earth are crucial when it comes to our development and the ways that we relate to the world around us. Were your feelings validated as a child? For many of us growing up, we were shamed or punished for being angry, sad, frustrated, or any feelings that as a society we have labelle...

What If You Are Feeling Lost For a Reason?

October 02, 2020 07:01

Are you wondering what exactly you are here to do and what the actual F is going on in the world? Congratulations! You are not alone; we are in this together. We are ALL feeling lost and wondering the same things as the global pandemic plays on. What we can do is anchor into our day to day rituals and practices that make us feel good. Instead of overthinking the past or feeling anxious about the unknown future, we can spend our energy and our time doing something that makes us feel really GOO...

You Deserve To FEEL GOOD! How To Step Out of A Negative Cycle

September 25, 2020 07:01

Have you been having a hard time implementing day to day habits that lead to you feeling really good, throughout the day and throughout your being? We are all struggling somewhere, and there are little changes in our self-care we can make that can help to get us out of a rut and into a more centered, clear, connected place.  On this week’s episode, Rachel shares the 3 changes she has made in her life that finally got her out of a rut and back into a lightness of being. As good as it feels to ...

God Circled This Spot on a Map For You

September 18, 2020 07:01

Are we all going to be ok? This is one of the most heartfelt questions that Rachel answers on this week’s episode. It has been a while since she sat down to take questions from our listeners – and ultimately, we are all wondering about the same things. As we navigate this new world, we are not feeling grounded, centered, safe or secure. We are swinging from high to low, trying to find some type of normalcy and balance during a global pandemic – and we are starting to develop a new reality of ...

Hurt People Hurt People - Love Them Anyway

September 11, 2020 07:01

Tune in to this episode and take a deep exhale as Rachel begins with a grounding meditation before diving into the topic of today: our relationships. Connecting with others lies at the root of this human experience. Our relationships with our loved ones can lift us up and carry us through incredibly difficult times. But, what can relationships with those who challenge us teach us? 2020 is bringing out the worst in a lot of people. Staying steady throughout everything that continues to come ou...

Jay Shetty on How To Find Your Life Purpose (really!)

September 04, 2020 07:01

Are you struggling with finding your purpose in life, staying positive, or looking for changes to make in order to improve your spiritual health? You are not alone! This week Rachel is joined by former monk, meditation teacher, motivational speaker and author Jay Shetty. Jay offers valuable spiritual insight into the mindset of a monk, how to infuse your life with purpose, passion, compassion, and service, as well as how to set boundaries and discover triggers (before you become triggered)!  ...

How To Make It Through 2020

August 28, 2020 07:01

Today’s episode begins with a heart-centred meditation on acknowledging the feelings you are experiencing in this moment. Human beings are complex emotional creatures with the ability to feel many things at once, but sometimes it is hard to distinguish between them all - unless we really sit with our emotions and bring them to surface. This meditation is much needed by Rachel as she dives into today’s topic while doing her best to speak from the heart after feeling like she’s lost her voice. ...

Cancel Culture and the Seven Stages of Grief

August 21, 2020 07:01

Rachel’s life has been turned upside down lately in a way she cannot fully describe. In today’s episode, she recounts the story that unfolded in the past week after she was ‘cancelled’ online. Although she feels as if she is going through a process of mourning, she is having difficulty pinpointing exactly what it is she is mourning, and the purpose behind it.  Her family is safe. The Yoga Girl community is strong and connected. Island Yoga is still thriving. So, what exactly is she mourning? ...

Cancel Yoga Girl 

August 14, 2020 07:01

Following the recent Aruban backlash from a social media post of Rachel’s, Rachel and Dennis are facing a situation they have never experienced before: feeling unwelcome and unsafe in their own home. In today’s episode, Dennis interviews Rachel to discuss the entire series of events that have unfolded. After living in Aruba for 10 years, having residency, being married to an Aruban, promoting the island endlessly and working hard to raise money and awareness for the abuse of women, children a...

The New Normal: Love (and Masks?) In A Time of Corona with Dennis Schoneveld

August 07, 2020 07:01

Are you feeling like you are perpetually living in a state of not knowing? You are not alone! As the world struggles through this pandemic, nothing is certain, and no one really has any answers. The best we can do is take good care of ourselves, hold each other up, and listen to Rachel and Dennis try to work through it on the Yoga Girl podcast.  This week’s episode features Rachel’s husband, the man that holds her up, Yoga Girl’s very own producer, tech guy, camera man, the hilarious, disting...

Diversifying The Wellness Industry with Nicole Cardoza

July 31, 2020 07:01

As students and teachers we have a responsibility to look at who is missing in our yoga classes, healing circles and retreats. Healing tools should be available to all! Making a change begins with recognizing just how far we are from equity and diversity in the wellness industry - and taking active steps toward change, every day. This week Rachel is joined by the fantastically fierce Nicole Cardoza (@nicoleacardoza on Instagram). Nicole is a yoga teacher, wellness expert, entrepreneur, invest...

Wherever You Go, There You Are

July 24, 2020 07:01

Life is full of so much doing. We move quickly through our day, from working to planning to organizing to… more doing. Even as this year forced us all to slow down, we didn’t stop ‘doing’. We cooked, baked, organized our homes, or started new projects. But have you ever stopped ‘doing’ for a moment to ask yourself why? What is the real motive behind your inability to be really, truly still? In this episode, Rachel shares the traumas in her life that led her to move through life at a pace so f...

Were You Born This Way, Or Did You Learn It?

July 17, 2020 07:01

We spend so much time in our armor, protecting ourselves with layers and layers of conditioning. If we do not have our needs met as children, if we are not seen, heard, appreciated or loved, we subconsciously begin to develop a resilience, an armor of protection. We seek to have our needs met elsewhere and develop coping mechanisms to be healed later in life. In this episode, Rachel reflects on the internal work she is doing, how it is affecting her, her daughter, her husband, and giving her ...

Healing Hurts - How To Take Your Spiritual Practice To The Next Level

July 10, 2020 07:01

After everything that has occurred in 2020, there is no going back to the way things were. We have to do better and be better to ourselves. The only way through is to listen to our inner truth and show up for ourselves in a radical way. The world has intensified, so make sure your healing practices align along with it! Perhaps the old, comfortable practices you’ve had before no longer serve your deep longing for peace. How do you know when it’s time to take our practice to the next level? How...

Radical Honesty with Jessamyn Stanley

July 03, 2020 07:01

This is a time in history when we finally acknowledge the problems we have as a society. For as long as we live, we will remember 2020 as a year of huge change. But - is it enough? There are no quick fixes for issues that have been hundreds of years in the making. There is a beautiful collective healing that is beginning right now, but ultimately, it all comes from within each of us. We cannot be whole as a society if even one of us is not. How does the healing the world is in need of relate ...

Diversifying the Wellness Industry and Using Joy as an Act of Resistance with Latham Thomas

June 26, 2020 07:01

The past few months have given us a glimpse of what the world has the potential to be – a world where we work and commute less, where we have more time in our day to take care of ourselves, and most importantly: where justice is for all. In a world that rewards you for putting work and the idea of success above all else, the pursuit of joy and the practice of self-care is a radical tool of resistance and liberation.  These are the words from this week’s very special guest, Latham Thomas (foll...

We are Part of the Problem (And How to be Part of the Solution)

June 19, 2020 07:01

How many times have you thought that racism was perpetrated by a select group of ‘bad’ people, that you were completely separate from it, or even that racism didn’t exist at all? The truth is, as white people we have inherent biases and prejudices within us and whether we like it or not, we benefit from that privilege every day. Once our eyes are open to our privilege and to the injustice that comes along with it, we can begin to make real change - but along the way, we are going to make mist...

How Do You Feel When Everything is Still?

June 12, 2020 07:01

With the current climate of the world, many of us may be noticing little things that we have never realized before. Little things that are actually big things, from the voices we elevate in the media to the color of bandaids. In this episode, Rachel starts by touching on the Black Lives Matter movement from the place of a learner, an observer, and a listener - as all white people should be doing right now. We have a responsibly to do daily reality checks with ourselves to uncover our hidden b...

Black Lives Matter

June 05, 2020 07:01

Today’s episode features three guest hosts, Dianne Bondy, Maite Onochie, and Rocky Heron, all guides on the platform and voices from the Black community. Coming from different global perspectives, they share their views on how they see the world right now - and how the world has seen them. Offering up their deep wisdom on everything from white supremacy, complacency and allyship, this episode will help you question your own attachments to race, and align your inner values with yo...

What Helps You Remember that Your Body is Sacred?

May 29, 2020 07:01

In this episode, Rachel finds herself in a place of shame after realizing she has gained weight during quarantine. But here’s the thing - she felt no shame at all, in fact she felt great in her body, until she stepped on a scale. What was it inside of her that caused that shift?  This pandemic has brought with it a lot of change, and many of us are seeing changes in our physical bodies. The minute we feel shame, we have a tendency to try changing ourselves. But no matter how we try to change...

You Have The Power To Change Your Life (and here is how to begin!)

May 22, 2020 07:01

In this episode, Rachel reflects on the patterns and relationships that haven’t been serving her throughout her life. There is one common thread between them all: she played a role in the decision making. The pace of her life, the people she invited into it, and the work she focused on was ultimately decided by her. What if this is true for all of us? Are we are all actively playing a part in the things that don’t serve us in life?  As society slowly starts moving again, there is a lot for us...

Setting Boundaries and Showing Up for Yourself

May 15, 2020 07:01

How often has your intuition warned you that the exchange (physical or energetic!) between you and another individual was unfair, unbalanced or absolutely exhausting? More importantly, how often have you ignored your intuition to benefit that other individual’s needs before your own? In today’s episode, Rachel discusses the importance of setting and keeping boundaries for the sake of your own mental health. It can be so hard to set boundaries and stick to them. As women and mothers especially...

A Garden as a Metaphor for Love, Loss and Life

May 08, 2020 07:01

We are all subjected to one ultimate truth of life: nothing is permanent. Plants, people, jobs, relationships, and homes – everything that surrounds us is fragile and fleeting. In this week’s episode, Rachel has been watching her garden be assaulted by lizards, dogs, white flies, mildew and a multitude of other challenges, and she is suddenly hit with the realization that her garden represents a metaphor for all of life. We may not have control over the eventual outcomes, but we do have a cho...

A Coming Back to Earth: How to Live a Life that Sustains You

May 01, 2020 07:01

We are on the cusp of a major life transition. We can choose to stray away from ourselves, or we can make decisions that put us in alignment with our soul’s true calling. But how can we know what that calling is? In today’s episode, Rachel reflects on the times in her life when she felt actual peace and genuine happiness. She realizes that all of those times have a common thread - they were the times she was able to slow down and come back, again and again, to yoga, to baking, to gardening, t...

The Spiritual Path is the Human Path: Messy, Real and Raw

April 24, 2020 07:01

Being human is messy! We are intricate, deeply emotional beings with the ability to feel so many things - and so many conflicting things - at the same time. We swing on a pendulum between productivity and numbing ourselves, between giving too much and shutting people out, between our ego and our soul taking control in the driver’s seat. But - it is all okay. This is exactly what doing the work looks like! In today’s episode, Rachel reflects on this period of isolation, the ups and downs she’s...

Begin Your Path to Self-Healing Today with Dr. Nicole LePera

April 17, 2020 07:01

Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety or is your nervous system exhausted from being stuck in fight or flight? In this time of quarantine, we may have found ourselves with the opportunity to explore our inner landscape and do some deep self-healing work, and that is exactly what this week’s episode is about! This week’s show is a perceptive and resourceful conversation between Rachel and holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera, founder of the self-healing, inspirational Instagram accoun...

Isolation as a Spiritual Bootcamp

April 10, 2020 07:01

How are you doing in quarantine? Have you asked yourself that question lately, and then allowed yourself to sit with the answer? Are you having a hard time being present with your surroundings?  In this week’s episode, Rachel unpacks the collective quarantine experience of slowing down, removing distractions and doing our inner work. While being faced with that regardless of the social isolation, there is a voice inside her head that still wants to get up and go, do, create, work, bake, keep ...


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