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Is the book always better than the film? Surely this can't always be the case? We look at a range of popular fiction and compete over plot, characters, fun facts and the best bits then score them to find out the true winner...the book or the film?

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18.5 - Write Film - Lockdown Relief

April 30, 2020 17:23 - 22 minutes - 23.1 MB

How are you coping with all this spare time? Maybe we can point you in a few directions in episode 18.5 where we share with you, what we have been watching and reading.    

18 - Write Film - Mortal Engines

April 18, 2020 10:41 - 48 minutes - 48.4 MB

Finally, it is back to business as usual as our intrepid duo dive back into the world book to movie adaptions.   This week, they look to a futuristic dystopia where cities have been given wheels and naturally 'eat' smaller towns. A world driven by Municipal Darwinism and the past is conveniently forgotten.   Yes, this week, we look at Philip Reeve's 2001 novel Mortal Engines and Christian Rivers (yes we know its really Peter Jacksons) oh so disappointing 2018 big screen adaptation.   B...

17.75 - Write Film - We are back! Stay Safe!

April 15, 2020 16:37 - 57 minutes - 58.9 MB

Our duo have returned! Sorry we have been gone for a while. One of us (Me, Lee) has been facing some issues which sadly mean this has had to take a back seat for a few months.  I am happy to say, these things seem to be in check now and I am happy to back! Thank you for holding on in there. This is a welcome back episode to catch up with all of you and to see how you are all doing in this very strange time! Enjoy the show and stay safe.  We have missed talking to you and look forward to...

17.5 - Write Film - The Irishman, The Movies That Made Us, Top 3 deserved remakes

December 29, 2019 20:05 - 32 minutes - 32.5 MB

This week on our .5/quick half, we discuss Martin Scorsese's new masterpiece 'The Irishman'. Is it still cinema if you never go to the cinema? Netflix great new show, 'The Movies That Made Us' and we chat about our top 3 movies that we feel deserve a remake. Naturally, Baby Yoda is discussed, because you know, why wouldn't he be talked about?

17 - Write Film - The Boys

December 20, 2019 23:37 - 57 minutes - 56.4 MB

Grab your capes and get ready to fight, f**k and generally be as funny as our boys review...well maybe as funny as The Boys. This week, to finish off out comic book hatrick, our duo look at Garth Ennis' hilariously rude and violent comic series and compare it to the smash hit Amazon Prime series of the same name. But which is better; the book or the film?

16.75 - Write Film - Star Wars Ranking Special Part 1

December 19, 2019 14:41 - 29 minutes - 30.3 MB

Dum dum dum de de dum de de dum Who are you calling dumb repeatedly it a classic tune? It was always going to happen. Our Sci-Fi loving geeky combo are ready to tackle a ranking of a certain series of movies set in a galaxy far, far away. in this 2 park 'ranking' special we are steering away from adaptations for a little bit and talking all things Star Wars. ALL things, the good the bad and the ugly. Join us, wont you?  

16.5 - Write Film - Watchmen TV Series, favourite childhood cartoons

December 13, 2019 21:02 - 29 minutes - 30.3 MB

In this weeks .5/quick half Lee and Steve take a quick look at the Watchmen tv show before discussing the cartoons of their childhood and which topped the charts for them. We do say that the next episode is Ready Player One . This is just wrong! The next show after this is going to be 'The Boys' sorry about that, we got mixed up. Enjoy

16 - Write Film - The Watchmen

December 06, 2019 22:09 - 1 hour - 65 MB

Who watches The Watchmen? Well in this case it is those who cast the pod! Why it's the intrepid Writefilm duo discussing the 1986 Watchmen comic and the 2009 Zack Snyder adaptation. But which is mightier, the pen or the Snyder Cut? Tune in to find out! Going on holiday? say, perhaps to the moon to contemplate existence? There are cheaper methods to have a midlife crisis, but fear not! You can download this and take it with you, to help..... I don't know, cheer you up! I am sorry for the s...

15.5 - Write Film - Disney top 3 and Disney Plus

November 29, 2019 23:09 - 33 minutes - 34.4 MB

This week in our .5/quick half we discuss the frustrations of living in the UK as Disney plus launches seemingly everywhere else except the UK (I know that is not true). We also chat about our top 3 Disney movies and why they top the pops! As its out .5, there is no adaptation chat, enjoy :)

15 - Write Film - Joker / The Killing Joke

November 22, 2019 23:21 - 1 hour - 67.9 MB

What these scars? I got them recording our Joker episode whilst dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight. Where Steve and Lee discuss the billion dollar smash that is Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix's 2019 'Joker' and compare it to the so serious 1988 Alan Moore classic 'The Killing Joke'. But which is better; the book or the film? Also please excuse our counting failure (again), we call this episode 14, when it is in fact 15. yes, we are stupid!

14.5 - Write Film - A Quick Half - Bond, His Dark Materials

November 16, 2019 09:19 - 22 minutes - 23 MB

Join us this week as we wax lyrical on the things in the media that have caught our eye. This is our .5 episode, so no adaptation this week. This week we talk His Dark Materials briefly before talking about every bodies favourite secret agent,007 himself, James Bond.  dum dum de dum

14 - Write Film - Dracula

November 09, 2019 09:56 - 1 hour - 69 MB

Listen to them...the Podcasters of the night! Our terrible twosome sink their fangs into Bram Stoker's 1897 masterpiece and pair it with the Gothic 1992 classic by Francis Ford Coppola, but which one sucks most; the book or the film?

13.5 - Write Film - A Quick Half - Joker, Star Wars

November 03, 2019 03:02 - 30 minutes - 31.2 MB

We are back with a quick half. no scoring (other than a top 3) this week we look at our favourite 'Jokers' and discuss the last ever 'Skywalker Saga Trailer' sad and exciting. Join us for a chat and let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover. 

13 - Write Film - Twilight (honest!)

October 27, 2019 21:27 - 52 minutes - 53.7 MB

What's that sparkling in the sunlight up ahead? A shiny sixpence, a vampyre, or Write Film's long awaited return with Twilight?! This week our duo delve into the murky world of teen romances, MTV and emo in Stephanie Meyer's vampire love triangle Twilight and its 2008 blockbuster counterpart, but which got our dead hearts beating; the book or the film?

12.75 - Write Film - Sorry

October 27, 2019 18:14 - 2 minutes - 2.57 MB

we're very sorry, we broke and were not intelligent enough to quick fix things     Now we are back!!!

12.5 - Write Film - Star Wars vs Marvel, top 3 school movies

September 28, 2019 07:20 - 27 minutes - 28.9 MB

Join us this week for our new .5 show, where we fill the gap between our bi weekly show. No adaptations discussed, however we will often look back at podpasts and discuss anything we may have missed. We also talk many things TV, Movie and book related. This week we discuss: Star Wars vs Marvel, which universe will Steve defend? Steve asks me what my top 3 school based movies are and tells us his. Amongst other chat over a refreshing beverage. 

12 - Write Film - IT Chapter 2, IT Special Part 2 of 2 (Spoilers!)

September 21, 2019 10:28 - 1 hour - 72.7 MB

Time fly's when you bury a crazed murderous alien clown in your subconscious.  27 years have passed and our intrepid duo are heading back to Derry and hooking up with 'The Losers Club' again following a really pretty vague call From Mike Hanlon. Join them as they dive into the sewers again and chase the absolutely terrifying Pennywise the Dancing Clown with the now adult members of the losers. Its part 2 of our 2 part IT special, we look at IT Chapter 2 and compare it with Stephen Kings f...

11 - Write Film - IT Special Part 1 of 2 (Spoilers)

September 14, 2019 16:18 - 1 hour - 70.1 MB

This week our intrepid due dive into the murky underworld of Derry's sewer system to hunt Parkes's true fear.  For in the darkness Pennywise the Dancing clown attempts to devour the newest members of the losers club. Join them on a truly spoilerific (you have been warned) episode which focuses mainly on the first IT movie. Part 2 will jump into its sequel next week. (YEAH! No 2 week break)   Stephen King really does rock!!!! 

10.5 - Write Film - The Story So Far, 10th episode catch up

September 08, 2019 10:19 - 30 minutes - 31.7 MB

Time fly's when you're having fun! Join us as we recap our first 10 episodes and discover: That life finds away Society is the real monster Chocolate related businessmen are weird and selfish Polar bears kick ass Da Vinci's code doesn't We get busy living we decide robot play is ok the anti christ Jack Reacher is tall and Tom Cruise really isn't and Harry Potter is just starting Hogwarts. Its a whirlwind catch-up of our first episodes. Many more will follow!!    

10 - Write Film - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone / Sorcerer's Stone

August 31, 2019 23:06 - 1 hour - 71.7 MB

Join our magical duo this September 1st as they jump on the Hogwarts Express for the first time in a 10th episode special. They observe the laying of the foundations of an magical empire and the sowing of the seeds of super stardom just below the the Whomping Willow. But which shall fly away on a broomstick of victory and which shall be blasted in the face by a rouge bludger of defeat? The book or the film?    If you enjoy the show, tell a buddy!!

09 - Write Film - One Shot / Jack Reacher

August 17, 2019 19:50 - 56 minutes - 60.2 MB

In this episode Mort and Steve say nothing... or do they?  The intrepid duo set Jack Reacher and the Lee Child novel 'One Shot' in their sights and compare it to its Tom Cruise starring adaptation of 2012. But which is better; the book or the film?

08 - Write Film - Good Omens (Parke's most beloved book)

August 03, 2019 22:42 - 1 hour - 68.5 MB

Follow us as observe the attempted apocalypse. Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's combined fantastical imaginations whip us on a classic adventure. Join us as we chat with witches, angles, demons, God herself and Satan!... YES! Satan!  and yes, herself! God could be a woman! don't be so sexist!!! Yes I suppose Satan could be a woman too! I mean, its likely that she is anyway rite? This is Steve's favourite ever book, but is it better than the mini series on Amazon? come and find out!!! 

07 - Write Film - 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep/Blade Runner

July 21, 2019 15:00 - 1 hour - 74.1 MB

Join us this time as we head into the futuristic dystopian world of........ erm, 2019! Lets go grab ourselves some rouge androids and collect our bounty as we dive into Philip K Dicks 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' and its adaptation, the cult classic 'Blade Runner' But which is better; the book or the film?  

06 - Write Film - Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption / The Shawshank Redemption

July 07, 2019 08:47 - 1 hour - 79.7 MB

This week our duo are in the slammer, doing hard time in Castle Rocks Shawshank Penitentiary. Join them as they they try to win the good fight, avoid the sisters and learn an interesting new method of stashing some extra cash. We are looking at Stephen King's short story 'Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption' and its almost universally adored big screen adaptation 'The Shawshank Redemption'   But which is better; The book or the movie?

05 - Write Film - The Da Vinci Code

June 23, 2019 06:52 - 1 hour - 64.2 MB

In episode 5 we dive into a labyrinth of murder, mystery and religious overlords hunting the fabled holy grail through the streets of Paris and London. All of this without a coconut or killer white rabbit in sight! Yes, its Dan Brown's pool side phenomenon 'The Da Vinci Code'! But which will ascend to a higher plane; the book or the film? Join us to find out   

04 - Write Film - Northern Lights / The Golden Compass

June 09, 2019 07:47 - 1 hour - 60.2 MB

What's that in the night sky? Why its Write Films review of Phillip Pullman's  classic children's novel 'Northern Lights' and its 2007 adaptation; 'The Golden Compass' starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. On the way our intrepid duo encounter bears, witches and discover their own Daemons. But which is better; The book or the film?

03 - Write Film - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Willy Wonka

May 25, 2019 16:33 - 1 hour - 61.7 MB

Come with us and you'll hear, a podcast of pure imagination! This week we look at the classic children's novel; Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' We compare it to both the 1971 film and the Tim Burton reboot of 2005. Which is best, the book or the films?

02- Frankenstein

May 11, 2019 17:17 - 1 hour - 60.8 MB

This week the intrepid duo delve into the Gothic horror of Frankenstein and explore the classic Mary Shelly novel and the 1991 Kenneth Branagh movie; but which one will be a bloody success?

Write Film 001 Jurassic Park

April 28, 2019 18:53 - 1 hour - 57.1 MB

We compare and contrast the book and film that changed movies forever!