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Presidential Debate Special #2

October 23, 2020 04:02 - 1 hour - 211 MB

The final Presidential Debate of election 2020.

Podcast#222: France Jihad beheading, Social media censorship, Dude jacks it in LSU parking lot

October 17, 2020 21:40 - 2 hours - 271 MB

This week started with the news of a Chechen jihadist beheading a French teacher who dared show caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed, and then I got into the New Zealand election. Also 2 USAF Pararescuemen awarded Bronze Stars with Valor, Twitter and Facebook clamp down on news they don't like, the stupid media gets caught in lies again, and a guy accused of masturbating in an LSU parking lot claims he was ackshully only playing the "air drums." Music: Prodigy/"Breath"

Podcast#221: Kyrgyzstan election chaos, Michigan militia, Man tries to rent horse for threesome

October 10, 2020 22:20 - 2 hours - 272 MB

Got this week going with the ongoing election chaos in Kyrgyzstan, and then went to the hostage release in Mali. Plus troops withdrawals in Afghanistan, Priest bangs two dominatrixes on church alter, Kenya mall attack trial verdicts, and a dude tried to rent a horse on facebook so he and his wife could jack it off. Music: Van Halen/"Girl Gone Bad"

2020 Vice Presidential Debate Special

October 08, 2020 03:35 - 1 hour - 208 MB

2020 Vice Presidential Debate Special by BK

Podcast#220: Trump gets the Rona, Azerbaijan vs Armenia, Haitian diplomat pleasures self on camera

October 03, 2020 22:14 - 2 hours - 263 MB

Started with the huge news of Trump and some Senators getting coronavirus and the ramifications for campaign 2020. Then we got into that flash war in Azerbaijan and Armenia, Tokyo stock exchange glitch, Chinese teacher poisons students, and a Haitian diplomat is fired after filming himself pleasuring himself. Music: Saweetie/"Icy Grl"

2020 Presidential Debate Special

September 30, 2020 03:22 - 1 hour - 206 MB

2020 Presidential Debate special #1

Podcast#219: Tasmania whale rescue, SCOTUS nominee, NYC pastor sends nudes; requests oral sex

September 26, 2020 22:36 - 2 hours - 267 MB

Got going this week with a few animal stories... first the Tasmanian beached whale rescue, followed by the mysterious mass deaths of elephants in Botswana. Then it was on to Trump's SCOTUS pick to replace RBG, Ukrainian military plane disaster, Sleepy Joe Biden calling soldiers "stupid bastards," and a pastor in NYC sent dick pics and tried to solicit oral sex from another pastor who worked for him. Music: DeadMau5/"Ghosts N Stuff"

Podcast#218: Ruth Bader Ginsburg death, Middle East peace deal, Nigerian porn star arrested

September 19, 2020 22:40 - 2 hours - 273 MB

Began this week with domestic politics and the passing of US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Then it was the historic Middle East peace deal between Israel and the UAE, Cyber attacks in Germany, Rwandan hero kidnapped and jailed, Peru presidential impeachment, Russian dissident poisoning, attempted police assassination in Los Angeles, Infamous semen trial begins in Orange County, and a Nigerian porn star is accused of defiling a sacred forest when he filmed a scene there. Music: Fi...

Podcast#217: Congo mine disaster, CA fires, Chick acting like a puppy makes 10K/month on OnlyFans

September 12, 2020 22:07 - 2 hours - 271 MB

Started with a quick story about mines collapsing in Congo, killing dozens... then got into Russian hackers meddling again in our election. Plus the fires burning up the west coast of the US, Iraq troop withdrawal. Afghanistan peace talks, chick saws off on hand in insurance scam, NFL player arrested by Feds, and a Chinese guy had to have surgery to remove a beer glass from his rectum. Music: DJ Shadow/"The Number Song"

Podcast#216: Bangladesh mosque explosion, Trump US troop controversy, Zoom teacher pedophile

September 05, 2020 22:20 - 2 hours - 269 MB

Started with the disaster of an explosion in Bangladesh, and the New Zealand cattle cargo ship sinking. Then I got into Trump's alleged US war death comments blowup, the Russian poisoning story updates, the African-American studies professor who pretended to be black, an all-time mask meltdown in an Alaskan Walmart, and the singer Aaron Carter is starting to do porn. Music: Duke Deuce/"Crunk Ain't Dead"

Podcast#215: USASOC helo accident, Wisconsin vigilante shooting, Incest mom & son face prison

August 29, 2020 22:10 - 2 hours - 269 MB

Started this week with the still-unfolding news of an "aircraft mishap" in SoCal that killed two soldiers, and then spoke about the 2 SF soldiers and PJ awarded Silver Stars for close combat with the Taliban. Then it was on the Jerry Falwell scandal, the timeline of the Kenosha shooting which killed two protestors, more protests in DC, RIP "Black Panther" actor Chadwick Boseman, China and the South China sea, and a chick walks in on her husband banging his mom. Music: Zimmz/"Fracture"

Podcast#214: Green Beret Russian spy, SEAL banned from airline, Samurai sword genital torture

August 22, 2020 22:04 - 2 hours - 268 MB

Started with a deep dive into this crazy Green Beret officer turned Russian spy, and then moved on to the former CIA employee turned Chinese spy. Plus the Navy SEAL banned from Delta airlines after mask incident, Mexican cartels forcing members to eat human hearts to prove loyalty, Dude tortures his wife's new lover to death with a samurai sword, and a Florida guy pleasured himself in front of a neighborhood kid "several hundred times." Music: Run DMC/"Jam-Master Jay"

Podcast#213: Afghanistan corpse mutilation, Nepal landslides, FB live genital shooting

August 15, 2020 22:08 - 2 hours - 276 MB

Back at it after a much-needed week off... Got started with video circulating on social media of Afghanistan army members mutilating Taliban bodies, and how it may affect the peace deal. Plus Belarus in chaos, Lebanon government quits, US post office frenzy, FBI lawyer charged for falsifying documents in Russia probe, Nike employee films dozens of men in company bathroom, and a member of a FB group devoted to showing guys pointing guns at their genitals... shoots himself in the genitals. Musi...

Podcast#212: USMC amphib disaster, Big Tech earnings blowout, Priest swaps nudes with teen on Grindr

August 01, 2020 21:07 - 2 hours - 260 MB

Started this week by getting you up to date on the Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicle disaster, and the ongoing search for the 8 still-missing personnel. Then it was on to an American getting shot to death in a Pakistani court for blasphemy, the infamous hydroxychloroquine debate, Afghanistan anti-tank missiles, Ghislaine Maxwell docs unsealed, Malaysian PM convicted of fraud, and a catholic priest was arrested after exchanging nude photos with a 15 year old boy on Grindr. Music: The Roo...

Podcast#211: China vs US consulate war, Nigerian execution, Craigslist ad seeks dog threesome

July 25, 2020 22:13 - 2 hours - 273 MB

Podcast#211: China vs US consulate war, Nigerian execution, Craigslist ad seeks dog threesome by BK

Podcast#210: Poland election, Tech CEO found dismembered, Chinese kid gets dart stuck in colon

July 18, 2020 21:54 - 2 hours - 259 MB

Started this week with a few elections, namely Poland and Suriname. Then it was on to the crazy story of the tech CEO found dismembered in his NYC apartment, Sudan relaxes Islamic law, World populations to peak and then rapidly decline, Feds battle Portland rioters, Trouble in Afghanistan's drone program, and a kid in China decided to stick a 6 inch dart up his back side where it had to be surgically removed. Music: Furia/"Butterfly"

Podcast#209: S. Africa church attack, Seoul Mayor suicide, Sheriff caught masturbating in Gold's Gym

July 11, 2020 21:07 - 2 hours - 267 MB

Podcast#209: S. Africa church attack, Seoul Mayor suicide, Sheriff caught masturbating in Gold's Gym by BK

Podcast#208: Russia/Taliban bounty details, Epstein pimp arrested, Ohio chick has dog threesome

July 04, 2020 20:52 - 2 hours - 259 MB

Started the Independence day podcast with a little fourth of July history, and then went into more detail on that crazy Russian-Taliban bounty story. Then it was on to Chinese flooding, Ghislaine Maxwell arrested and charged, Colombia car bombing terrorists arrested, Mexico drug rehab slaughter, and a woman in Ohio filmed herself having a threesome with two Shih Tzus puppies.

Podcast#207: Russia paying Taliban bounties, 1st female Green Beret, Guy jams 15 inch eel up rectum

June 27, 2020 22:07 - 2 hours - 267 MB

Started this week with the intelligence reports saying that Russian spies are paying the Taliban bounties for killing US troops, and then go into the alarming rise of coronavirus cases throughout the United States. Plus a mysterious Iran weapons depot explosion, tons of Pakistani pilots don't have licenses to fly, Stonehenge discoveries, Saharan dust cloud, and a Chinese guy inserted a 15 inch live eel into his rectum to cure his chronic constipation. Music: Peacemaker & First/"Isolation"

Podcast#206: India-China border war, Atlanta police shooting, Killer alcoholic monkey rampage

June 20, 2020 21:36 - 2 hours - 266 MB

Started this week with a look at that crazy hand to hand combat that took place on the India/China border, and took a deep dive into the history of border tensions between the world's two biggest countries. Then it was on to free speech in France, Afghanistan troop drawdown, dude caught jacking it in Walmart, the Atlanta police shooting insanity, and an alcoholic monkey in India went on a rampage when it couldn't get any more booze, killing one guy and injuring others who required plastic sur...

Podcast#205: Seattle Autonomous Zone, North Korea cuts comms, Chinese guy jams dead fish up rectum

June 13, 2020 21:38 - 2 hours - 270 MB

Started this week with a little protest roundup, and then got into police violence statistics, and why it's so difficult to measure them. Then it was on to the goofballs in the Seattle autonomous zone, coronavirus updates, Swedish 34-year old assassination mystery solved, North Korea cuts off comms to South Korea, Chinese fuel explosion, Russian diesel spill, crazy financial markets, and a Chinese guy had to have a dead fish surgically removed from his rectum after claiming it "accidentally" ...

Podcast#204: US police protests spread, China mass stabbing, Porn star hallucinogen manslaughter

June 06, 2020 22:32 - 2 hours - 261 MB

Started this week with a round up of the continuing police protests and where it will all end. Then it was on to coronavirus updates, Russian environmental disaster, a mass stabbing in China, an Afghanistan green on blue attacker who murdered two US servicemen freed from prison, and a Spanish male porn star was arrested for manslaughter after a toad venom drug ceremony went awry. Music: Method Man/"Straight Gutta"

Podcast#203: US police riots, North Korean money laundering, SC couple commits horse buggery

May 30, 2020 23:26 - 2 hours - 268 MB

Started this week with a long look at the ongoing antipolice riots taking place around the country, and if they will ever end. Then I looked at conflict in Yemen and Afghanistan, A sexual role-playing game gone wrong in Australia, Youth pastor looking for sex on craigslist busted, SpaceX launches, Guys jamming stuff into orifices, and a South Carolina couple accused of horse buggery. Music: Method Man/"Straight Gutta"

Podcast#202: Naval Station terror attack, Burundi elections, Guy bangs corpse at homeless shelter

May 23, 2020 22:30 - 2 hours - 272 MB

Started this week with a quick coronavirus update, as I try to wean myself from talking about it.... then got into the second Navy Base terror attack in six months, the Incel terrorist movement, Burundi election chaos, Indian cyclone deaths, 71 year old man arrested masturbating inside store, and a vagrant was caught having sex with a woman's corpse outside a shelter. Music: Black Breath/"Home of the Grave"

Podcast#201: States begin reopening, Taliban murders babies, Australian revenge bestiality porn

May 16, 2020 22:26 - 2 hours - 266 MB

Began this week with an overview of the US states beginning to reopen, and talk a bit about NY still undercounting nursing home deaths. Plus the Taliban reaches new heights in barbarism in slaying mothers and newborn babies, the absurdity of AFSOC saying they'll move away from physical performance in assessing candidates, NFL players accused of armed robbery, and a guy in Australia is trying to blackmail his ex by posting video of her having sex with his dog. Music: Deadmau5/"Not Exactly"

Podcast#200: Covid nursing home deaths, Venezuelan coup hilarity, Prisoner severs penis with a spoon

May 09, 2020 22:36 - 2 hours - 264 MB

Began big podcast #200 with something that (if you've been listening) we already knew: A huge chunk of Covid-19 deaths came from nursing homes. Then I got more in detail of the laughably botched Venezuelan coup attempt, Gavin Newsom's dopey mask deals, Takashi 69's instagram rant, NFL player caught in orgy with brother, and a prisoner in India severed his own penis with a sharpened spoon after a dream in which the god Shiva commanded him to. Music: Little Richard/"Long Tall Sally."

Podcast#199: CA coronavirus beach war, Sudan bans FGM, Florida guy bestiality blackmail

May 02, 2020 22:18 - 2 hours - 269 MB

Started this week by blasting stupid Gavin Newsom and his silly vendetta against Orange County and their beaches. Then I get into Sudan banning female genital mutilation, Saudi Arabia bans the death penalty for underage offenders, Germany outlaws Hezbollah, and a guy in Florida forced his victim to perform a sex act on a dog, then threatened to blackmail the victim. Music: Onslaught/"Metal Forces"

Podcast#198: CA beaches reopening, Canada mass shooting, Severed penis leads to cannibal discovery

April 25, 2020 22:07 - 2 hours - 266 MB

Starting with the Covid-19 update; the CA beaches are finally starting to open up at long last, along with the rest of our global coronavirus roundup. Then it's on to the worst mass shooter in Canadian history, the Taliban getting wild in Afghanistan, Amazon loses a critical court case in France, and a chance spotting of a severed penis in Russia lead to a serial killer cannibal. Music: Benny Bennasi/"I love my sex"

Podcast#197: States look to reopen, Taliban wants CIA gone, Mom kills 2 kids; gets oral from dog

April 18, 2020 22:07 - 2 hours - 264 MB

Got going this week with some cautious optimism on Covid-19 cases and governors looking to reopen the country and economy. Then we have the Taliban demanding that the CIA leave Afghanistan, Obama endorses Sleepy Joe, 11 Filipino soldiers KIA fighting ISIS, and a mom was indicted for killing her two children, staging their deaths to look like a suicide, and filming herself getting oral sex from her dog. Music: Flotsam and Jetsam/"Hammerhead"

Podcast#196: USA coronavirus deaths lead world, Africa locusts, Tiger King beastiality accusations

April 11, 2020 22:38 - 2 hours - 271 MB

Started this week yet again with more coronavirus updates... While the United States leads the world in deaths, glimmers of a peak are starting to emerge. Plus I talked about the African locust storms, Aussie Cardinal walks free on child sex abuse charges, Zoom meeting still getting hijacked by dudes Jackin' it, Chernobyl wildfires threaten to push radioactive material to Kiev, Syria chemical weapons usage, the doofus SECNAV resigns, and Tiger King Joe Exotic is accused of bestiality/using st...

Podcast#195: 1 million coronavirus cases, French terror attack, Guy pleasures self at Hustler store

April 04, 2020 22:24 - 2 hours - 270 MB

Started again this week with our coronavirus updates as cases surge above the one million mark globally. Then I talked about the asylum-seeker knife terror attack in France that killed two, the ferry sinking in the Solomon islands, the US Army kid who fakes his own death because he wanted to go fight the Mexican drug cartels, and a guy shoplifted some items at a Hustler store and promptly used them to masturbate while still in the store. Music: Bill Withers/"Use Me"

Podcast#194: Coronavirus drags on, ISIS Sikh massacre, Walmart perv jacks it in bathroom

March 28, 2020 22:11 - 2 hours - 263 MB

I can't wait to NOT talk about the coronavirus anymore, but you're going to get about 100 minutes worth. But then I got into ISIS killing a couple dozen Sikhs in Afghanistan, US military plans for escalation in Iraq, Venezuelan prez Nick Maduro indicted for cocaine trafficking, and a guy was arrested after masturbating in a Walmart bathroom while a 9 year old kid was in the stall. Music: Fisher/"Losing it"

Podcast#193: Quarantine madness, South African King ax rampage, Bestiality revenge porn

March 21, 2020 22:01 - 2 hours - 261 MB

Started this week again with all of the latest coronavirus updates, and I respond to a critical iTunes review. Plus an Afghanistan insider attack kills dozens, a South African king goes on an ax rampage, a combat control student dies in training, Euro terrorists convicted, German laptop sold on eBay contains classified missile information, a former college president arrested for child porn, and a man was arrested after posting revenge porn of his girlfriend blowing a dog. Music: Kenny Rodgers...

Podcast#192: Coronavirus pandemonium, USMC KIA Iraq, Japanese guy rectal air compressor prank

March 14, 2020 22:27 - 2 hours - 266 MB

Started this week with the coronavirus craziness sweeping the United States, what it all means, and where we go from here. Plus 2 US Marines KIA Iraq, Russia changes rules to let Vladimir Putin serve more terms, another former youth baseball coach catfishing his players for nudes, former Florida gubernatorial candidate and rising democratic star Andrew Gillum found in room with gay escort/meth, and a Japanese factory worker is hospitalized after rectal air compressor "prank." Music: Husker Du...

Podcast#191: US military translator spy, Coronavirus madness, Kenyan bangs chicken to death

March 07, 2020 23:22 - 2 hours - 274 MB

Started this week with the arrest of a US military translator spying for Hezbollah, and then talked about the uptick in Afghanistan violence. Then it was on to coronavirus hysteria, Super Tuesday Biden blowout, the John Chapman Special Warfare complex, Tennessee tornado carnage, Tunisian suicide bombers, and a guy in Kenya banged a chicken to death. Music: Power Trip/"Hornet's Nest"

Podcast#190: Taliban peace deal signed, Turkey vs. Russia, Guy injects woman with semen syringe

February 29, 2020 23:55 - 2 hours - 271 MB

Podcast#190: Taliban peace deal signed, Turkey vs. Russia, Guy injects woman with semen syringe by BK

Podcast#189: Iranian elections, Burkina Faso church massacre, Televangelist genital inspector

February 23, 2020 00:12 - 2 hours - 270 MB

Podcast#189: Iranian elections, Burkina Faso church massacre, Televangelist genital inspector by BK

Podcast#188: Haitian orphanage fire, Nigeria convoy attack, MLB player caught masturbating in public

February 15, 2020 23:05 - 2 hours - 270 MB

Began this week with the Haitian orphanage fire that killed at least 17 kids, then got into Turkey vs. Syria, and conflict in Mali and Nigeria. Plus 2 US SF KIA in Afghanistan Insider attack, "Make Aircrew Great Again" patch punishment, Avenatti convicted on all counts, New Hampshire primary, Toronto Blue Jays MLB player caught masturbating in Florida dollar tree parking lot. Music: Dead Boys/"Sonic Reducer"

Podcast#187: Thai soldier shooting spree, Iowa Caucus debacle, Burglar downs urine samples

February 08, 2020 21:42 - 2 hours - 274 MB

Started this week with the breaking news of the Thai soldier shooting situation, then got into impeachment, London terrorists, Iowa caucus debacle, and a burglar downed vials of urine/blood after breaking into clinic. Music: Jeru the Demaja/"Scientific Madness"

Podcast#186: Brexit done, Yemeni terrorist KIA, US marshal caught sniffing toddler's used panties

February 01, 2020 23:58 - 2 hours - 263 MB

I pressed on with my unexpected Bassett hound co-host... started off with Brexit being officially done, and the CIA droned a high ranking Al-Queada. Then I mention the Coronavirus updates, and reflect on the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash. Then it was more pervs using cameras to spy on little kids, Afghanistan war stats, German nurse poisoned infants, Harvey Weinstein graphic genitals testimony, and a US marshal was caught on a nanny cam smelling a 3 year old's used panties. Music: Slipknot/"N...

Podcast#185: ChiCom coronavirus goes global, VA gun rally debrief, Sexy Vegan bestiality conviction

January 25, 2020 23:12 - 2 hours - 277 MB

Started this week with the latest updates on the coronavirus spreading throughout the world, and what you can do to protect yourself. Then it was on to the Alaska PJs getting 2000th rescue mish, Mexico disbands Latin America migrant caravan, Dumb impeachment crap, Yemen militant attacks, Biden vows to protect illegal alien convicted drunk drivers, Virginia gun rally debrief, and a school janitor/serial masturbator caught hiding recording equipment in elementary school bathroom. Music: Backstr...

Podcast#184: Panama death cult, China population woes, Thai guy's genitals get stuck/rot in pipe

January 18, 2020 23:24 - 2 hours - 272 MB

Started with the news of a grisly evangelical death cult in Panama, and moved on to Canada demanding compensation for it's citizens killed in the Iranian/Ukrainian jetliner shootdown. Plus, a university president caught in Grindr underage sex sting, South Korean ambassador deals with racist South Koreans, Baseball cheating scandal, Virginia gun rights protest controversy, Man is allergic to own semen, and a guy in Thailand gets his genitals stuck in a metal pipe for five days. Music: Method M...

Podcast#183: Iran airline disaster, India nationalist riots, Guy bangs own service animal

January 11, 2020 23:11 - 2 hours - 271 MB

This week started with a looooong look at the events of the past week of the THCARY Iranian military and their lies and coverups over their incompetence in shooting down a Ukrainian airliner. Then sadly we had 2 KIA US troops in Afghanistan, Former FBI chief admits he lied to investigators, Gavin Newsom wants to spend more money on the vagrants, Gay Jesus Netflix film allowed to continue in Brazil, and an Alaskan guy gets caught in the act banging his own service animal. Music: Rush/"Tom Sawyer"

Podcast#182: Iranian General smoked, Iraq embassy attack, Priest poses as girl to obtain boy's nudes

January 04, 2020 23:42 - 2 hours - 273 MB

Spent a lot of time delving into this week's middle eastern events, including some basic background on Sunni/Shiite conflict, Iran in the 20th century, and then the embassy invasion and the Iranian general getting taken out. Then it's on to other news like the fisherman massacre in Chad, Germany zoo burns down, Indonesia flooding, Aussie fires, and a priest posed as a young girl to get an underage boy to send him dick pics. Music: Drowning Pool/"Bodies"

Podcast#181: 2019 Year in Review, SEAL trial interviews, Guy's penis rots away after toothy oral

December 29, 2019 00:16 - 2 hours - 272 MB

Last podcast of the year means the world-famous World News with BK Year in Review! Tons of familiar world news stories, interspersed with some of my favorite "big finish" stories. Then I got into this week's news, including the massive bombing in Somalia, the NY times obtained videos of the Navy Seals accusing Seal Ed Gallagher of war crimes, ISIS in Africa beheads 13 people on camera, US SF KIA Afghanistan, Guy invites homeless dude to his house for Christmas dinner; promptly gets stabbed, a...

Podcast#180: Russian spy HQ shooting, Woke Vet Blue Falcons, Guy ejaculates on Wal-mart toy aisle

December 21, 2019 23:56 - 2 hours - 275 MB

Started this week with a discussion about that shooting at the FSB headquarters. Plus the #woke vet Blue Falcons of Twitter try and snitch on the cadets over that STUPID Circle Game/"white power sign" nonsense, UN peacekeeper father hundreds of children to Haiti, there's no money in legal marijuana, new president of Lebanon, Algerian gets prison for oral rape of Irish guy in Dublin, professor proposes sex acts in exchange for gasoline, and a guy in WalMart ejaculated on a woman's leg in the t...

Podcast#179: Afghanistan war lies, UK election bloodbath, Guy pulls 35 foot tapeworm out of anus

December 14, 2019 23:23 - 2 hours - 270 MB

Podcast#179: Afghanistan war lies, UK election bloodbath, Guy pulls 35 foot tapeworm out of anus by BK

Podcast#178: Pensacola Saudi terrorist, Burkina Faso church attack, Bicycle crash de-gloves penis

December 07, 2019 23:42 - 2 hours - 275 MB

Kicked off the week by talking about the Saudi terrorist in Pensacola, as well as the Navy murder-suicide at Pearl Harbor. Also that insane police shootout in Miami that killed 4 people, World's largest ritual animal slaughter hits Nepal, Mom arrested for murdering her children/banging a dog, Guy who banged the "Frozen" toys at Target formally charged, Iran moving misses into Iraq, and kid de-gloves his penis in a horrific bicycle accident. Music: Strapping Young Lad/"Love?"

Podcast#177: London jihad, Iraq PM resigns, "Furry" couple arrested after sex with 15 y.o. boy

November 30, 2019 23:24 - 2 hours - 259 MB

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone... started this week with the latest on the London jihadist and The Hague stabbings. Then I talk about the resignation of the Iraqi prime minster, Afghan whistleblower detained after accusing schools of boy rape, Suriname president sentenced to prison over murders, Oregon guy banned from all mass transit over serial masturbating, Negligent discharge kills two kids, British cop fired after sending videos of himself masturbating at work; sending it to fema...

Podcast#176: Iran's deadly fuel protests, Samoa measles outbreak, Grocery store sex act proposition

November 24, 2019 00:44 - 2 hours - 264 MB

Started this week with Iran's government cutting off the internet over the fuel protests, and then switched to the deadly protests in Bolivia. Then it was on the a measles outbreak in Samoa, VBIED in Colombia kills thee cops, Israeli PM fights corruption charges, Epstein guards arrested, 2 KIA in Afghanistan, British police officer sends sex act video to minor on Grindr, and a guy slid under a stall in an Idaho grocery store to offer the dude on the bowl sexual favors. Music: Kal-El/"Witches ...