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Podcast#339: France pension meltdown, Putin goest to Crimea, NJ guy bangs cat to death

March 18, 2023 22:20 - 2 hours - 215 MB

Started this week with the pension reform plan forced through in France, and the ensuing protests, then talked Putin in Crimea and the US drone knocked out of the sky by Russian fighter jets. Plus Trump may go to jail, banking meltdown explained, former Pakistan PM arrives at court to face corruption charges, Mexico President just making things up now, and a New Jersey guy tortures/bangs cat to death using all orifices. Music: Hippie Sabotage/"Under My Skin"

Podcast#338: Germany mass shooting, Nordstream bombing, Florida man ejaculate terrorism

March 11, 2023 23:16 - 2 hours - 213 MB

Started off with a rare mass shooting in Germany by a disgruntled Jehovah's witness, and then got into the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia brokered by China. Plus the Silicon Valley bank meltdown, Tiger Woods tricks ex into leaving his house, Nordstream bombing intelligence suggests "Pro-Ukraine group," Twitter files congressional hearing, Japanese rocket fails, and a Florida guy stalked woman, pleasured himself onto her house AND her car. Music: Pennywise/"Re...

Podcast#337: Greece train disaster, CA blizzard, UK guy forces seagull to give him oral

March 04, 2023 23:16 - 2 hours - 213 MB

Began this week with that crazy train disaster in Greece, and moved on to the mysterious poisonings happening to Iranian schoolgirls. Also meltdowns over covid lab-leak theory, USMC getting rid of scout snipers, Vietnam medal of honor, Ukraine's defense of Bakhmut, Nigeria stolen election claims, and a British guy forces his penis into a seagull's mouth in front of horrified onlookers. Music: Doe Boy/"3AM in LA"

Podcast#336: China mine collapse, Nigeria election, UK old guy requests sex act in church

February 25, 2023 23:30 - 2 hours - 209 MB

Started with the mine collapse in China that has dozens missing and feared dead, and then talked about the one-year anniversary of Ukraine-Russia war. Plus the stupid new Fort Bragg name, medical flight goes down with no survivors, Trump goes to Ohio, teacher catfishes his male students into sending him nudes, and a fake masseuse in Brazil pretends to be gay in order to pleasure himself to his influencer massage clients. Music: Beck/"Sissyneck"

Podcast#335: Syria ISIS attack, Ohio train disaster, UK guy caught banging mayor's horse

February 18, 2023 23:14 - 2 hours - 212 MB

Started with a deadly ISIS attack in Syria which killed dozens of people, and the raid US SOF did there and killed a terrorist. Also Chinese spy balloon fallout, Ohio train disaster, MSU shooting, race-faking woman activist, Navy fitness test zeroed, and a UK guy gets caught mid-thrust banging mayor's horse. Music: New Order/"Ceremony"

Podcast#334: Turkey earthquake, Pakistan lynching, North Dakota priest confessional sex acts

February 11, 2023 23:24 - 2 hours - 205 MB

Started this week with a rundown of all the earthquake news out of Turkey as the death toll climbs to over 25,000, and then talked about the UFO we shot down over Alaska. Also State of the Union audio, blasphemer lynched in Pakistan, AI stream shut down over transphobia, social justice activist murder, Twitter goes down, and a North Dakota priest commits sex acts with woman in church, makes her go to confession after he finishes. Music: Pantera/"Mouth For War"

Podcast#333: ChiCom balloon, Pakistan mosque bomb, Wisconsin guy pleasures dog

February 04, 2023 23:15 - 2 hours - 213 MB

Started this week with the Chinese spy balloon getting shot down after it was allowed to leisurely traverse the United States. Then it was a bad week for Pakistan, with bombings, drownings, and a bus crash. Plus a Laguna Beach doctor gets murdered on his bike, Memphis police officer shot, American medic killed in Ukraine, Africa Wagner group war crimes, Wisconsin guy pleasures self with dog, and an all-time excuse for public masturbation in South Carolina. Music: MC HotDog/"Out of Here"

Podcast#332: Jerusalem shooting, Ukraine gets tanks, Aussie trout sex viral video

January 28, 2023 23:16 - 2 hours - 214 MB

Began with the mass shooting in Jerusalem, after the Israeli police raids killed Palestinians. Plus more on the tanks that will be shipped to Ukraine, and the political scandal unfolding in Kiev. Also the two California shootings, Trye Nichols protests, Paul Pelosi video, and an Australian couple makes viral video of the man penetrating the woman with a trout as she talks dirty. Music: Suicidal Tendencies/"Cyco Vision

Podcast#331: India kite slaughter, Iraq soccer stampede, Florida necrophilia

January 21, 2023 23:30 - 2 hours - 213 MB

Got started this week with the news that 6 people died from kite strings in India, then talked about the tanks that Ukraine wants. Also an Iraq deadly soccer stampede, Afghanistan female politician shot dead, LGBT couple trafficked adopted children, AWOL Navy SEAL killed in Ukraine, and a Florida funeral home worker caught banging corpses and offs himself. Music: Crosby, Stills, and Nash/"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

Podcast#330: Nepal plane crash, US Army cocaine, OnlyFans Transcanine

January 15, 2023 22:18 - 2 hours - 207 MB

Started with the morning news of a plane going down in Nepal, then talked about the duel-citizen Brit-Iranian being executed by Tehran. Then got into the tanks headed into Ukraine, NYC terrorist going on trial, Senegal bush crash kills forty, China crash kills twenty, Biden classified documents, Army SOF accused of cocaine/human trafficking, and an OnlyFans chick said she was kicked off after saying she was a "trans-canine" and pleasured dogs. Music: The Yardbirds/"Psycho Daisies"

Podcast#329: Mexico cartel violence, Somalia car bombings, UK masturbating walrus pleases crowds

January 06, 2023 19:44 - 2 hours - 205 MB

Got the New Year started with some good Mexican drug cartel violence, and then talked about Dubai relaxing some of its stiff alcohol laws. Plus the House leadership contest, NFL player has cardiac arrest on field, Idaho murder suspect arrest affidavit revealed, Chinese kid needs surgery to remove thermometer shoved inside, and the masturbating UK Walrus Thor pleases the crowds. Music: Los Cuates de Sinaloa: "La Reina Del Sur"

Podcast#328: 2022 Year in Review

December 31, 2022 23:16 - 2 hours - 236 MB

The 2022 Year in Review

Podcast#327: New Zealand cig ban, India lethal booze, NC man flings ejaculate at Walmart shopper

December 18, 2022 22:42 - 2 hours - 209 MB

The ultra-rare Sunday podcast begins with New Zealand banning cigarettes to anyone born after 2008, and dozens of people die from homemade alcohol in India. Plus Twitter bans (then un-bans) journalists, Trump NFTs, Veterinarian mom kills two police officers, Argentina wins world cup, and a North Carolina guy caught filming himself throwing ejaculate on Walmart shoppers. Music: David Allan Coe/"Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behavior"

Podcast#326: Germany coup raids, Ukraine strikes Russia, Florida man bangs friend's goldendoodle

December 10, 2022 22:09 - 2 hours - 213 MB

Started this week with German police raiding hundreds of coup plotter homes, and then talked about Indonesia banning sex outside marriage. Also SCOTUS takes on free speech vs LGBT, Ukraine uses drones to strike Russian targets, Elon Musk releases more Twitter files, Homelessness being driven by supercharged meth, and a Florida guy bangs friend's dog; destroys church nativity scene. Music: Leftfield/"Phat Planet"

Podcast#325: Haiti collapse, Spain mail bombs, Pittsburgh students violate medical cadavers

December 03, 2022 23:09 - 2 hours - 210 MB

Started off with the news that some US officials want to send a military to Haiti to stave off a total collapse of the country, and then talked about the attempted assassination of a Pakistan diplomat in Afghanistan. Plus a series of mail bombs being sent to embassies in Spain, a German member of parliament leaves his wife and kids for a porn star, Liver King admits steroids, former transgender Navy SEAL now de-transitioning, and two University of Pittsburgh medical students fingerbanged some...

Podcast#324: China factory fire, Indonesia earthquake, India sex guru slays couple with superglue

November 26, 2022 21:55 - 2 hours - 211 MB

Started with that factory fire in China that killed 38 people, and then got into the anti-authority health riots taking place across the country. Plus the German gold coin heist, hackers release video of state journalist pleasuring self in office, Florida doctor arrested for performing sex acts on unconscious patients, Trump back on Twitter, and an India tantric guru has couple have sex in front of him, pours superglue all over them, then stones them to death. Music: Gorillaz/"Rhinestone Eyes"

Podcast#323: Russia gas explosion, Gaza deadly fire, Japan guy inserts 90-inch jumprope into self

November 19, 2022 22:13 - 2 hours - 210 MB

Started with a couple of gas explosions; one in Iraq and one in Russia that killed dozens. Plus a fire in the Gaza strip killed 21 people, FTX meltdown continues, Idaho murder mystery, Twitter journo meltdown, Dominican Republic deports Haitians, and a 79 year old Japanese guy shoved a 90 inch jumprope into his penis and had to have it surgically removed. Music: Five Finger Death Punch/"Under and Over It"

Podcast#322: Egypt bus disaster, US midterm results, French priest drugs underage Grindr date

November 12, 2022 22:01 - 2 hours - 209 MB

Started this week with the breaking news of 21 people dying in an Egyptian bus accident, and a Belgian policeman stabbed to death by a terrorist. Plus Biden in Asia, US midterm results, FTX crypto exchange collapse, InCel stalker video, and a French priest is arrested after drugging his underage Grindr date in Paris. Music: Kordhell/"Murder In My Mind"

Podcast#321: Russia nightclub fire, Pakistan assassination attempt, UK mass necrophilia

November 05, 2022 21:52 - 2 hours - 205 MB

Started this week with the breaking story of 15 people dying in a nightclub fire after some drunk guy fired a flare gun inside. Then the former Pakistan PM attempted assassination, North Korea launches missiles, Twitter cuts half of staff, Paul Pelosi conspiracy theories, Midterm elections coming up, and a 68 year old former electrician admits to having sex with a 101 female corpses. Music: Migos/"Emoji A Chain"

Podcast#320: Seoul crush disaster, Pelosi home assault, S. Africa teacher collects student fluids

October 29, 2022 21:37 - 2 hours - 208 MB

Started this week with the breaking news out of South Korea that over 146 people have died in a massive crowd crush disaster. Then I got into the bombings in Somalia, and the ISIS attack in Iran. Then it was the mystery over Paul Pelosi getting assaulted at his home, a woman in Liberia squeezed her husband to death, murder/suicide in Oklahoma kills 8, Waukesha murderer found guilty, and a South Africa teacher was collecting his students' bodily fluids. Music: Jerry Lee Lewis/"Long Tall Sally"

Podcast#319: UK leader quits, Iran drones in Ukraine, AZ politician caught pleasuring self in car

October 22, 2022 21:24 - 2 hours - 206 MB

Podcast#319: UK leader quits, Iran drones in Ukraine, AZ politician caught pleasuring self in car by BK

Podcast#318: Thai mass shooting, Syria terror raid, Hong Kong cop forces autist son to pleasure self

October 08, 2022 22:03 - 2 hours - 210 MB

Got started with that crazy Thailand day care shooting, and then talked about the Ireland gas station explosion that killed 10 people. Plus the Crimean bridge explosion, DACA found illegal, former soccer star gets pebbles jammed into foreskin, California family kidnapping and murder, and a Hong Kong police officer forced his autistic, underage son to pleasure himself along with him. Music: Loretta Lynn/"Don't Come Home A-Drinkin'"

Podcast#317: Afghanistan bombing, Transgender Navy traitor, LA murder/necrrophelia

September 30, 2022 20:29 - 2 hours - 210 MB

Rare Friday podcast! Got started with the breaking news of a suicide bombing of a school in Afghanistan that killed dozens of young girls, and also the mysterious death of an accused Kenyan war criminal. Plus the Army's first transgender active-duty officer accused of trying to spy for Russia, CA gas prices are twice the national average, a NY paramedic was stabbed to death in a random attack, and a Los Angeles county probation officer was murdered in her home and her dead body raped by the m...

Podcast#316: Iran protests, S. Africa bush crash, Tennessee guy pleasures self in church playground

September 24, 2022 22:03 - 2 hours - 208 MB

Started this week with analyzing the widespread protests in Iran which began with death of woman in morality police custody, then talked about the vast whale beaching in Tasmania. Also got into the record-setting illegal immigration, the Italian election, the German social media police, Russia mass conscription, and a guy in Tennessee pleasured himself in a church playground in front of parishioners. Music: Saint JHN/"God Bless the Ratchets"

Podcast#315: Armenia vs. Azerbaijan, Germany reparations, NC guy molests dogs

September 17, 2022 22:18 - 2 hours - 210 MB

Started this week with another flareup between Armenia and Azerbaijan that killed 100 people, and then went to Germany offering more Holocaust reparations. Then moved on to the Martha's Vineyard meltdown, Kyrie Irving posts Alex Jones clip, Inflation gets even worse, Electric truck maker goes on trial for fraud, and a North Carolina guy gets indicted by feds for forcing beastiality on girlfriend. Music: HI-LO and Space 92/"Mercury"

Podcast#314: Canada mass stabbing, English Queen death, Aussie vet drinks dog semen

September 10, 2022 21:24 - 2 hours - 214 MB

Started this week with all the updates on the Canada mass stabbing and subsequent deaths of the suspects. Plus Vietnam karaoke bar fire kills dozens, Ukraine army on offense against Russia, Memphis violence, Navy SEAL course now under investigation, Queen Elizabeth dies, Memphis violence, and an Australian veterinarian admits he drank dog semen. Music: Big Moochie Grape/"Clusters"

Podcast#313: Argentina VP assassination attempt, Iraq chaos, Priest caught pleasuring self

September 03, 2022 21:10 - 2 hours - 204 MB

Got started this week by talking about the attempted assassination of the Argentinian VP, and also got into the Afghanistan mosque bombing. Plus updates on the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, Biden speech, Navy SEAL candidates busted for PEDs, Quadruple murder-suicide in Iowa, and a Catholic priest was filmed driving nude while pleasuring himself. Music: Sodom/"In War and Pieces"

Podcast#312: Syria airstrikes, Student loan relief, Aussie football team performs public sex act

August 27, 2022 21:31 - 2 hours - 212 MB

Today began with the airstrikes in Syria in response to militant attacks on US bases, and then talked about the former PM of Pakistan being accused of terrorism. Then it was the student loan executive order, more details about classified info at Trump's house, Malaysian former PM sentenced to 12 years in prison, Wales guy arrested for pleasuring himself three times in one day, and an Aussie rules football team filmed one team member performing a sex act on another over a drunken bet. Music: F...

Podcast#311: Somalia terrorism, Norway murders walrus, Guy caught banging daughter's cat on nannycam

August 20, 2022 22:17 - 2 hours - 214 MB

Podcast#311: Somalia terrorism, Norway murders walrus, Guy caught banging daughter's cat on nannycam by BK

Podcast#310: Montenegro mass shooting, Trump doc raid, Texas pedo kills self in court

August 13, 2022 22:40 - 2 hours - 208 MB

Started this week with a mass shooting in Montenegro that killed 11 people; shooter killed by civilian. Then it was Russia launching a satellite for Iran, Kenya election drags on, Sierra Leone protests, Salman Rushdie stabbing, Trump FBI raid, and a guy in Texas started guzzling poison as he was being convicted of child sex assault; dies. Music: Olivia Newton-John/"Twist of Fate"

Podcast#309: Thai nightclub fire, Russia imprisons WNBA player, Florida woman beastiality

August 06, 2022 19:52 - 2 hours - 209 MB

Started this week with a fire in an illegal Thai bar that killed 13 people, and then covered the latest Israel-Palestinian violence. Plus Brittney Grinder gets 9 years in a Russian penal colony, Texas guy pleasures self in Gold's gym, Syria base insider attacker identified, Vin Scully dies, and a Florida woman had sexual relations with her dog for EIGHT YEARS. Music: Young Dolph/"Hall of Fame"

Podcast#308: Iraq parliament riot, Canada "stealthing" law, Dentist assaults anesthetized patient

July 30, 2022 21:07 - 2 hours - 212 MB

This week began with Sadr supporters storming Iraq's parliament, and a British guy released from an Iraqi prison after stealing artifacts. Plus Kentucky flooding, House passes assault weapons ban, Philippines university shooting, Congo UN riots, Burn Pit legislation fails, and an 88 year old man was caught pleasuring himself in front of his neighbors for the third time. Music: Enola Gay/"Sofa Surfing"

Podcast#307: Turkey shells Iraq, Mali jihadists strike, Malta guy pleasures self onto woman in bus

July 23, 2022 22:25 - 2 hours - 214 MB

Started this week with the Turkish artillery strike that killed 8 inside Iraq, then the jihadist attack near the Malian Capital. Also a female public sex act, Italian PM quits, more Jan 6th fallout, US soldier killed by lightning, and a Somali guy in Malta arrested after pleasuring self; finishing, on woman in city bus. Music: Quavo & Takeoff/"Hotel Lobby"

Podcast#306: Sri Lanka collapse, Mexico drug lord caught, Priest caught having relations with vacuum

July 16, 2022 22:03 - 2 hours - 209 MB

Back to it after taking last week off... got started with the collapse of the Sri Lankan government and where it goes from here. Plus the German military officer who wanted to start a revolution was found guilty, Iranian war criminal sentenced in Sweden, Mexico cartel leader caught, Gavin Newsom prepping for presidential run, and a UK priest was caught by a parishioner completely nude having sex with a vacuum cleaner. Music: Machine Head/"Take My Scars"

Podcast#305: Iran earthquake, France terror trial ends, Florida pastor caught pleasuring self

July 02, 2022 21:21 - 2 hours - 212 MB

Started this week with that earthquake that hit Iran, plus Iranian spies getting fired over Israel's success in hitting targets within the country. Plus the ISIS terrorist trial in France and Belgium ends in convictions, Philippines prez sworn in, guy gets ten years for banging horses, Jan 6th hearings roll on, India religious unrest increases, and a Florida pastor is caught pleasuring himself at a Starbucks. Music: Mareux: "The Perfect Girl"

Podcast#304: Norway mass shooting, Afghanistan earthquake, Dude pleasures self on grocery worker

June 25, 2022 19:10 - 2 hours - 209 MB

Started this week with the Norway mass shooting, which police are investigating as an anti-LGBT hate crime, and then talked about the huge death toll from the Afghanistan earthquake. Plus the South Korean rocket launch, British paratrooper orgy, Roe vs. Wade overturned, Biden signs gun bill, and a gun in Maryland pleasures self/finishes on a grocery store worker. Music: Minor Threat/"Minor Threat"

Podcast#303: Afghanistan Sikh attack, China seeks aliens, Brit cop grabs co-worker's crank as "Joke"

June 19, 2022 02:06 - 2 hours - 210 MB

Got started this week by talking about the attack on the few remaining Sikhs in Afghanistan, and then went into whether or not China found an alien radio signal. Then it was the stock market/crypto meltdown, Hershel Walker says weird shit, record number of illegal crossings at border, and a British cop is fired after grabbing rookie's genitals; yelling to other cops, "he's got a small one!" Music: 2 Chainz/"Million Dollars Worth of Game"

Podcast#302: India prophet rage, Gun bills pass in House, Pakistan guy jams 18cm wire into urethra

June 11, 2022 22:35 - 2 hours - 211 MB

Started with the week-long riots in India between Muslims and Hindus, and then took a look at Canada's ridiculous cigarette-lableling policies. Then it was Jan 6th hearing, Grindr kidnapping, Summit of Americas protest, South Korea arson, Airline demands language test, and a Pakistan guy shoved a long wire up his urethra because he (allegedly) couldn't urinate. Music: Seals and Crofts/"Summer Breeze"

Podcast#301: Iranian officer death, Columbia prez election, PA drug cop sex sting

June 04, 2022 20:45 - 2 hours - 211 MB

Got started this week with the suspicious "suicide" of another top Iranian military official, and then a rundown of the first 100 days of the Ukraine war. Then it was tons of gun law stuff, Female CCT candidate already quitting (again,) Kuwait objects to US embassy pride tweets, California reparations recommendations, and a top Pennsylvania drug cop wanted to bang a prostitute after she had been banged by a dog. Music: Sepultura/"Roots Bloody Roots"

Podcast#300: Texas school shooting, Iran drone strike, Louisiana guy tries to bang guard dogs

May 28, 2022 21:19 - 2 hours - 202 MB

Got started this week with a deep dive into the horrific school shooting in Texas with an updated timeline of how it all unfolded. Plus a drone attack on an Iranian government facility, Cyclist murderer still on the run, French banker jumps 32 stories to his death, North Korea missile tests, Quebec stiffens french language laws, and a nude man in Louisiana breaks into a business and tries to bang two huge guard dogs. Music: Depeche Mode/"Enjoy the Silence"

Podcast#299: Australian election, Buffalo InCel, Indian guy smokes weed; castrates self

May 21, 2022 20:37 - 2 hours - 208 MB

Started this week with a spate of election news: Australia, Lebanon, Israel, and the US. Then got into the UFO hearings, the Buffalo shooter decapitated a cat, Elon Musk's sexual harassment woes, UK MP arrested for rape, and a guy in India smoked marijuana and felt so guilty that he castrated himself. Music: Migos/"Racks 2 Skinny"

Podcast#298: India factory fire, Crypto collapse, Aussie chick kills lover; severs genitals

May 14, 2022 21:31 - 2 hours - 209 MB

Started this week with yet another deadly fire in India that killed at least two dozen people. Then it was North Korea coronavirus outbreak, Rand Paul holds up Ukraine aid package, Philippines election, CA gun control rule tossed, Masturbating San Jose cop, and a chick in Australian chick killed her lover and his friend, then cut off her lover's genitals. Music: Filter/"Consider This"

Podcast#297: Cuba hotel explosion, Taliban Burka demand, Walmart ejaculation

May 07, 2022 20:08 - 2 hours - 210 MB

Started this week with that hotel explosion in Cuba that has killed at least 22 people, then talked about the Taliban bringing back the Burka in Afghanistan. Then it was the Pakistan insurgency, SCOTUS abortion freakout, US Navy suicides, British premier league transgender prostitute scandal, and a guy in a CA Walmart caught ejaculating on female shopper. Music: The Judds/"Why Not Me"

Podcast#296: South Korea spies, Colombia war crimes, Malaysia guy bangs cat

April 30, 2022 21:23 - 2 hours - 207 MB

Started this week with word that two South Koreans (including a South Korean military officer) were arrested for spying for the North. Then there was a hundred people killed in an explosion at an illegal Nigerian oil theft, Border czar grilled by Congress, Afghanistan-Iran tensions, caregiver molests 90 year old dementia patient, and an old Malaysian guy banged a cat to death on a children's playground. Music: Of Mice And Men/"Obsolete"

Podcast#295: Japan ferry disaster, Afghanistan violence, Mozambique organ sale

April 23, 2022 18:04 - 2 hours - 210 MB

Started this week with the breaking news of the ferry disaster in Japan, and then explosions in Somalia and Afghanistan claim dozens of lives. Then it was on to Florida vs. Disney, EOD officer training death, Black DJ accused of wearing blackface by school, Russian oligarch deaths, and some Mozambique guys tried to sell severed genitals to local trader. Music: Hank Williams III/"Low Down"

Podcast#294: ISIS terrorist convicted, Elon Musk vs. Twitter, Indian guys bang lizard

April 16, 2022 21:37 - 2 hours - 207 MB

Got started this week with the conviction of the ISIS "Beatle" terrorist and Boris Johnson's new migrant policies, Then it was Elon Musk trying to take over Twitter, a guy got a lung injury from pleasuring himself too hard, French prez election runoff set, more border chaos, and 4 guys in India caught on camera gang banging a Monitor lizard. Music: INXS/"Don't Change"

Podcast#293: Israel gunman,

April 09, 2022 00:05 - 2 hours - 208 MB

Started this week with another Israel gunman shooting civilians dead in Tel Aviv, and then talked about the recall of the Mexican president. Then it was the Darfur war crimes trial, yet another air compressor rectal death, a guy had sex with his tinder date's corpse, OnlyFans model murders her boyfriend, France election, Missouri duck boat manslaughter charges tossed, FBI botches Michigan governor kidnapping case, and a guy pleasured himself 4 times on a 2.5 hour southwest airlines flight. Mu...

Podcast#292: Mexico cockfight massacre, Nigeria train attack, Restaurant semen lawsuit

April 02, 2022 20:09 - 2 hours - 208 MB

This week started with some gun attacks... first Mexico, where 20 were killed at a cockfight, then Nigeria, where gunman attacked a train. Then it was Army suicide rates hit all-time highs, Russian public backs Putin, House votes to legalize marijuana, School janitor pleasures himself in front of student, cop caught on video getting blown, and a guy is suing the Red Robin in Oregon after he says he was served a salad with semen dressing. Music: Brand Nubian/"Punks Jump Up to Get the Beat Down"

Podcast#291: China plane crash, Taliban school controversy, Nigerian pastor atrocity

March 26, 2022 21:06 - 2 hours - 203 MB

Started this week with the ongoing investigation and mystery into the China Air crash, then talked about the Taliban breaking their promise to let girls back in school. Then it was one of the worst beastiality cases I've ever done, Supreme Court hearings, the border continues to meltdown, the latest on Ukraine, and a Nigerian pastor raped three brothers by saying he was injecting god's power into them. Music: Foo Fighters/"Break Out"

Podcast#290: Brazil bans Telegram, Nigeria oil corruption, 3 inch glass removed from bladder

March 19, 2022 20:10 - 2 hours - 210 MB

Started with Brazil banning messaging app Telegram, and Nigeria discloses massive oil corruption scandal. Also Russia continues to pound Ukraine, UK guy who had sex with dog walks free, Ukraine and fight against Russia, Hunter Biden scandal intensifies, US navy sailor kills another sailor he caught in bed with his wife, and woman has to have surgery to remove a 3 inch wide glass stuck in her bladder that she had used as a sex toy. Music: Sleaford Mods/"Tied up in Nottz"