Picture this…

A group of men, sitting in a converted garage studio, knocking back the suds on a hot Texas afternoon, and talking about their various home handymen projects…

Now picture the men as being blind and visually impaired, and you have the Blind Handyman, with Phil Parr, the creator, producer and host of the show, his compatriots, Don Shaw, Don Patterson and Tom Houston. Together, these men decided to get together to let people know that the blind can accomplish any job, if they have the know-how, and the funds with which to support their projects. The Blind Handyman crew bring you the first of those solutions, and the second one is up to the handyman, blind or not.

Here now is The Blind Handyman, in the hopes of inspiring others the same way they inspired Victor, when he first went blind in 2002. Enjoy, as these four men regale you with tales of their projects and how they accomplished them, and how you can do the same, with just a few tools and confidence.

Whose Blind Life is it Anyway is proud to broadcast these shows again, in their entirety in the hopes that, what they gave Victor hope to get past his blindness, and live a fulfilling life, will inspire others with the same assurance.

Come join the Blind Handyman Crew, every Saturdays, at 9:00 am (EST), 6:00 am (PST), 2:00 pm (GMT), on Whose Blind Life is it Anyway.

The e-mails relayed in the broadcast are out of date, but the Blind Handyman e-mail list serv still exist. To join, send a blank e-mail to:

[email protected]

You can also join The Blind Handyman Facebook Group at the following link: