From gasoline powered vehicles to hydrogen cells, the propaganda would tell you that America has a love affair with oil. The reality is that global warming is just a political tool used to further political ideologies that fuel campaigns. There is no global warming there never has been. If there was the government would long ago have banned the use of gasoline in our country, just the way they did and the Edison light bulb. You no longer see gas filled light bulbs in the grocery store, instead you see LEDs that last shorter than any bulb ever did. The reality is they have scammed us into believing backwards science. They have used terminology to make us believe that hydrogen cars are inefficiet. They have dumped electric vehicles onto the public that are disposable after just a few years. Power sells depleted and useless. And somehow we're supposed to believe that 40 years after the first CRX came out at 80 plus MPG on highway, are electric and hybrid vehicles can only get 20 MPG. Somehow we have become less efficient have producing efficient vehicles despite catalytic converters, recycling emissions, and precise computer systems installed in our vehicles. No our fuel injected 21st century vehicles get less MPG than an inefficient carburetor of the 1970s. Let's take a good look at some of the alternative vehicles out there part 2
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