This man has cut the biggest budget film trailers for many of our favorite movies. Names such as 300. Watchmen. Man of Steel. Justice League. Birds of Prey. Wonder Woman. A Star is Born. Joker. Sweeney Todd. X Men. The Great Gatsby. Aquaman. Harry Potter. His name is Chris St. Pierre, and he sits with America's Podcaster, Kurt Caceres, to teach us what goes on behind the scenes creating the trailers that are meant to grab our attention and get us into the theater. These are the unseen men and women who captivate our minds, hearts and life with cinematic brilliance and top level music. Trailers have become such a big marketing tool that millions of fans will wait in anticipation for a release as if it was the films actual opening day. They get millions of views on YouTube as well as massive play on television and many streaming services. But how does one encapsulate an entire two hour movie into an average time of 1 minute and 50 seconds for modern day trailers? What is the strategy behind this? It is a highly competitive business and the big studios call the shots. Get Ready.


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