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Ministry of Paul - His Thoughts on the Church

What's the Poin✝?

English - November 21, 2023 04:00 - 41 minutes - 28.6 MB
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In this episode we continue with our series on Paul's teachings and his thoughts on the church. Paul didn't have a central location where he stayed all the time. Paul was a church planter and a missionary. 

We discuss what church really is. It is not a building but rather a fellowship of believers. Paul talked about how to start a church and what the goals are. We also talk about the issues that Paul ran into while he was starting these churches and even after the churches were already in operation. We take a hard look at what churches nowadays are doing that isn't really aligning with what God has called a church to be and to do. 

Listen in to see how churches today can apply Paul's thoughts on church. There is also a great call to action and challenge at the end that hopefully we can all try to do!