In this episode, we begin by sitting down and having a conversation with my personal strength coach, and dear friend, Billy King. 

Billy is a retired Army Veteran who writes music and is learning to produce. Long time assistant coach who recently starting taking clients of his own. He began training in December of 2014 after being retired for over a year. He was in bad shape and walking around at 293 lbs. He decided to start making changes and after two years of working on my own he learned about I3 strength and Performance where he met his Coach Brandon  and became a competitive power lifter. Billy is headed for the national powerlifting stage in June, and all the while he's composing music and strength training athletes of his own. 

Of course, everyone has a story...and hardly anyone starts out theirs by jumping right into a sense of purpose, and powerlifting. 

Join us in part a of this discussion as we start at the beginning of his story, and what brought him to this chapter of his story. 

Be encouraged as you listen and connect, understanding we are all on our own journey with a physical and mental health. 

If you'd like to follow Billy, he's available on instagram  @schweaty_mercury 

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