In this episode of WE ARE STARFLEET, Ashley Thomas speaks with returning guest Professor Amy H. Sturgis on a new collection of Star Trek essays from Vernon Press' Series in Cinema and Culture, appropriately titled "Essays Exploring the Final Frontier." The book invites us to consider the philosophy and the ethos of the Star Trek franchise through a critical lens. Dr. Sturgis discusses the layers of the essays as they both entertain and enlighten, covering the surprising criticism on conservative ideals in The Original Series, the Reevaluation of Captain Archer and Enterprise, and the creation and evolution of languages.

An anthology co-edited by Amy H. Sturgis and Emily Strand, Star Trek: Essays Exploring the Final Frontier is a must-add for any Star Trek fan. Available at mainstream retailers, the book is also available to request at libraries as a hardcover and e-book. Also available at the Vernon Press Website with the code CFC10822213C4 for an automatic discount.

Mike Slamer & Ashley Thomas

Amy H. Sturgis, PHD.

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