To learn more and view their work, please visit the sites for Stefania Salles Bruins, Nnebundo Obi and Geoffrey Stein.

0:00 Artist and attorney Geoff Stein describing his collage work

2:00 Artist and attorney Stefania Salles Bruins describes genesis of theme for “Portraits As Still Lives” group show

3:45 Stephanie Drawdy on her work for the group show

5:00 Stein on his perspective on the head as a subject 

6:00 Stein on his work in collage

9:30 Salles Bruins on symbolism in her work

11:40 Stein on letting work speak for itself

12:25 Stein on how his work during Iraq war was seen as painting of hostage

13:40 Salles Bruins’ experience with instructors at New York Academy of Art

14:30 Salomé with Head of John the Baptist inspiration for Salles Bruins

16:00 Salles Bruins’ self-portrait mimics Girl With Pearl Earring

18:00 projecting and gridding 

19:30 Artist and Negel Research Associate Nnebundo Obi on her portrait of her mother 

20:30 “Seeing Through My Third Eye” by Obi

22:30 Portrait of Obi’s father

26:00 Peter Drake’s use of slow dry medium to work in acrylic

27:25 “Take the Stinger Out Please” self-portrait copper etching by Obi 

29:40 companion copper etching by Obi

30:00 Stein on his collage portrait of Liz Cheney

33:10 Stein’s website features stop action video of the Cheney portrait in process

33:40 portrait of VP Harris

34:00 portrait of Pres Biden

35:00 use of photographs 

39:00 details in the Cheney portrait 

39:30 Milton Glaser’s work

40:00 Stein’s preference for work that flips between plasticity and graphic flatness 

40:30 Obi’s experience with collage

41:50 Stein’s thought of collage as pieces of paint

42:30 sanding of collage

43:30 use of water on Xerox paper 

44:00 portrait of Obama 

45:00 photograph of newspaper headline of “Voters reject Cheney” from local paper used in Photoshop for use in Cheney portrait

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