According to Andrew Horowitz, this market is like musical chairs. It’s crazy. It’s chaotic. People are participating and having fun. But once the music stops… some people will end up getting crushed. But that doesn’t mean the music is stopping any time soon. Andrew, the president and founder of Horowitz & Company and host of the Disciplined Investor podcast gives us his opinion on the markets after a blue wave in politics… and explains why the “growth over value” trend may finally be reversing. Andrew also shares one of his favorite strategies for picking stocks… and a few of his favorite ideas right now. [26:51] Then, special guest Joe Davide—my nephew—gives us a millennial perspective on the markets... including his favorite platforms and companies. Joe shares some of his successes, failures, and what he’s learning from the experience. [1:04:18]     Enjoyed this episode? Get Wall Street Unplugged delivered FREE to your inbox every Wednesday:   Wall Street Unplugged podcast is available at: --: -- : -- :   : :. : :

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