Walk a Mile in My Shoes in 10 years old today!! It seems only yesterday when I walked north out of Edinburgh with a severe and enduring mental health problem, no money and a belief that the good people of Scotland would look after me as I started my walk around the edge of the UK – but that’s another story…

Welcome to the walk a mile in my shoes podcast, I’m your host, Chris Young and in this episode, I have the good fortune to talk with the mental health activist’s activist, Dolly Sen who describes herself as an award winning, professional mad person, writer, speaker, artist and film maker with a brain of ill repute. Her imaginative approach to mental health activism is something to behold.

Here's a selection of her works; Birdsong from Inobservable Worlds; Disability in the post-pandemic world;What does it mean to live with a disability you cannot see?  and Racism, the arts world & me

You can find her on Twitter @DollyDollySen

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Walk a Mile