On this WWE Smackdown Post-show Flashback episode from five years ago (6-20-2017), PWTorch editor Wade Keller is joined by Friday PWTorch Livecast cohost Rich Fann to break down WWE Smackdown. They read emails and take calls discussing the show, with an early extended focus on the Daniel Bryan decision regarding the controversial outcome of Money in the Bank. They discuss various aspects of Sunday’s outlandish finish to the Women’s MITB match including whether WWE anticipated the reaction they got and whether the fan reaction is what WWE was looking for or something else entirely, and whether that all changed plans. They also discuss the Dolph Ziggler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match, the latest with Jinder Mahal, the latest in the tag division, Becky Lynch’s standout backstage promo, and more.

Then in a bonus flashback, we jump back to the Impact Wrestling Post-show from five years ago (6-22-17) with PWTorch.com’s Mike McMahon and Andrew Soucek talking about Thursday’s Impact Wrestling with callers. Mike and Andrew begin the show discussing Impact’s build to Slammiversary with several of their feuds. They also talk about the social media aspect of Impact promoting Slammiversary and more.