Topic: Climate change | Honesty: Always Prospers

Sheikh Sammar Ahmad
Raheel Ahmad

Climate change:

Changes in climate can and are leading to uncontrollable natural catastrophes like hurricanes, heat waves and freezing temperatures. Join us today as we discuss the impacts of climate change and to find out how we can tackle some of the issues by taking small steps towards improvement.

Honesty: Always Prospers

From a person’s individual matters to worldwide politics, we see people using falsehood for personal gains. In many cases, these lies spiral into something much bigger than you may initially anticipate and can ruin the morals and essence of a person and society as a whole.

Join us on today’s show as we discuss honesty and why one should always tell the truth.

Guests include:
Dr Cortney S. Warren (Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist and former tenured Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Jermelle Macleod (Journalist and philosopher)

Imam Rabeeb Mirza
Min Willoughby de Broke (High Sheriff of Warwickshire)

Produced by:
Tayyaba Nasir, Prevish Huma and Nadia Shamas