Do you struggle with checking off the movement part of your habit tracker? Maybe you have tried a thousand ways to add movement to your day, and you just haven’t hacked it yet. In this episode, I share the 5 ways movement will improve your life. Movement is crucial for everyone, but it's especially important for those with ADHD, and I have experienced that firsthand! If you are ready for a simple change to improve all aspects of your health and keep you aligned, this episode is for you!

Highlights from this episode include:

A new direction for all of us (5:22)
My beginning with movement (17:36)
Adding novelties and creativity to your life (22:22)
Your pathway to presence (30:24)
Reducing anxiety on a physical level (34:24)
Improving your sleep habits (37:33)
Feeling success and growth quickly (40:51)

This is not the end of Part Time Wellness. We are simply moving into a new phase of what Part Time Wellness is. Follow my other platforms below if you want to be guided through fun and joyful movement. I want to stay connected with you!

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