On this episode, Twizz joins the show. Twizz is an 18 year old hip hop producer from the Forest Hills neighborhood in Boston. He recently received a platinum plaque for his involvement on a record with Polo G & NLE Choppa. DME and Rich look to find out how Twizz got to where he is today. He shares that he started producing on his grandmother’s computer back in 2019. He picked up a piano, discovered that he enjoyed creating melodies, and that’s when he realized this was now his passion. After networking with multiple people in the music industry, Twizz was able to get placements with several mainstream artists. Now, he is on his way to LA to begin his college career. If Twizz uses the same tactics he used back home, he will be able to make connections like it’s nothing over in LA. Tap in with Twizz (@prod_twizz) and follow him on his journey!