Unexpected Turns delves into the lives of the bold, brave truly inspirational people whose lives have taken an unexpected turn. None more so than our very first guests- Chris O’Hare and Gabs Gratrix who are cycling around the world, well they are currently holed up in Georgia due to Covid restrictions. Join Anne, Bev and Julie to hear their amazing stories, of camping under bridges in the snow to surviving a prison cell In Myanmar. Jolted out of their comfort zone our guests have gone on to achieve great things from conquering cancer to mountains. Their determination to survive and support others shines through, be it helping rebuild fishing boats on Phi Phi Island to rescuing a starving dog in the mountains. As Chris and Gabs put it ‘ We harness the elements, others just shelter’. If you have a question or message for Chris and Gabs or any of our guests email us at [email protected] Or contact us on Instagram @unexpextedturnspod. Follow Chris and Gabs on Instagram @worldcyclingtour2 or read their blog www.ChrisandGabsWorldCyclingTour.com