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Founded in 2015, TXR Podcast is a Xbox Centric Channel bringing informative Insightful new about the gaming industry, while paying respects to those who have created.

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MEGA Xbox Game Rumors I PlayStation January State of Play I New Blizzard Leadership - Johanna Faries

February 05, 2024 20:00 - 2 hours - 334 MB

TXR Podcast # 301 Welcome back The Xbox Rountable Podcast! For this one we'll be discussing what we thought of the latest PlayStation State of Play. Any stand out titles? As wll we'll talking about the appointment of Johanna Faries to head of Blizzard. Is this a good move going forward? Plus more!

Microsoft January Xbox Layoffs I Activision Blizzard I Mike Ybarra I Project Odyssey Canceled

January 30, 2024 02:48 - 2 hours - 330 MB

TXR Podcast # 300 Welcome tonight to another episode of #TXR. For this one we'll be discussing the mass layoffs currently happening around the game industry. With a focus on Microsoft and Xbox in particular and how it will effect their studios, highlighting Activision-Blizzard studios.

Xbox Developer Direct Highlights I Avowed I Indiana Jones and the Great Circle I Palworld Success

January 22, 2024 19:10 - 2 hours - 326 MB

TXR Podcast # 299 Thanks for joining TXR! We'll be going over all the news from the Xbox Developer Direct. Avowed, Hellblade 2, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Ara History Untold & Visions of Mana. As well the successful launch of Palworld!

Xbox Developer Direct Officially Announced I Elder Scrolls Online 2024 Reveal I Indiana Jones I Ara

January 15, 2024 21:19 - 1 hour - 252 MB

TXR Podcast # 298 Thanks for joining TXR! For this one we'll be giving our expectations for the Xbox Developer Direct coming next week (January 18th!) Will we be getting release dates for the listed games? More gameplay? Some surprises? Shadow drops? Plus Elder Scrolls event expectations!

Insomniac Hack I Journalism Integrity I Xbox Developer Direct I Rumor-Xbox Game Going Multiplat

January 08, 2024 21:26 - 2 hours - 145 MB

TXR Podcast # 297 Happy 2024! Welcome back to the TXR Podcast! For this first episode of the new year we'll be covering the massive Insomniac Games hack that happened a couple of weeks ago. What stands out from the leak? Why are game journalists choosing to not cover the leaks? As well there are rumors swirling of an Xbox Developer Direct this month. How likely is it we see something announced soon? Plus talk of a high acclaimed Xbox game going multiplatform. What game could it be? All thi...

Disney Xbox Indiana Jones & Blade Exclusivity I Last of Us Online CANCELLED I 2023 Game Of the Year

December 18, 2023 23:12 - 2 hours - 122 MB

TXR Podcast # 296 Welcome back to TXR! For the last show of the year we'll be diving into Disney comments regarding Indiana Jones and Blade exlcusivity with Xbox. Does Disney see this as a positive thing? Also studio Naughty Dog has come out that The Last of Us Online is officially cancelled. Does this show a drastic shift with Games as a service within Sony? Plus our perosnal games of the year!

The Game Awards 2023 I Hellblade 2 I Blade Reveal Xbox Exclusive I Kojima's OD I Grand Theft Auto 6

December 11, 2023 19:16 - 2 hours - 136 MB

TXR Podcast # 295 We're back! For this episode we'll be discussing Grand Theft Auto 6's Reveal. As well The Game Awards have quickly come and gone. Did Xbox have a good showing? Hellblade, Blade, OD and more!

Tim Stuart Comments I Phil Spencer Windows Central Interview I Xbox Mobile Store I Microsoft Rewards

December 04, 2023 22:50 - 2 hours - 113 MB

TXR Podcast # 294 Welcome back to #TXR! For this offering we'll be covering recent comments made by Xbox Financial Officer Tim Stuart that spark some confusion. As well the recent Windows Central Phil Spencer Interview. Talk is circulating of Xbox pushing a mobile store sooner than anticipated. Will we be seeing it sooner than we thought? Plus Microsoft Reward Points getting even more cut down. All this and more!

The Game Awards 2023 Nominations I Dan Greenwalt Turn 10 Promotion I Last of Us 2 Remastered PS5

November 21, 2023 00:25 - 2 hours - 131 MB

TXR Podcast # 293 Thanks for turning into #TXR! For this one we'll be covering the nominee's for the Game Awards 2023. Will Xbox have a presence? Did Starfield get snubbed? As well changes at Turn 10 as Dan Greenwalt has seen a promotion. And Sony has announced a Remaster for the Last of Us 2.

Phil Spencer Famitsu Interview I Game Pass PC Japan Success I Jusant I Modern Warfare 3 Criticisms

November 13, 2023 18:09 - 1 hour - 94.3 MB

TXR Podcast # 292 Welcome back to another episode of #TXR! For this iteration we'll be discussing Phil Spencer's Famistu interview. What more does Xbox need to do to crack the Japanese PC gaming market? Jusant has released and has seen success in Xbox Game Pass. Is Game Pass the home of Indie game darlings? And Modern Warfare 3 has been met with shro criticisms on its release. Is it deserved? All this and more!

BlizzCon 2023 Announcements I Bungie Layoffs I Xbox Unofficial Controller Crackdown

November 11, 2023 00:14 - 2 hours - 123 MB

TXR Podcast # 291 Welcome back to another episode of #TXR! We'll be diving into all the news that came out from BlizzCon. Were there any new games or hints? As well Bungie recently got hit with layoffs - inc;luding some big names. Is the developer in bad shape? Plus Xbox removing support for unofficial third party accessories. Is this a bad move or quality control?

Xbox Management & Marketing Changes I Xbox Partner Preview Showcase I Alan Wake 2 I Halo Infinite

November 04, 2023 13:13 - 2 hours - 123 MB

TXR Podcast # 290 The TXR panel is back in action! With TWo new additions to the full time TXR panel! For this one we'll be discussing Xbox making changes to its management and marketing personnel. Also Xbox recently had a third party partner preview. Was it worth highlighting? Plus our first impressions of Alan Wake 2 and possibly some Halo Infinite Season 5 Reckoning talk.

Microsoft COMPLETES Activision-Blizzard-King Deal I Forza Motorsport I Dark Tide I Cocoon

October 17, 2023 23:16 - 2 hours - 181 MB

TXR Podcast # 289 Welcome back to TXR! We'll be discussing the MASSIVE news that the Microsoft purchase of Activision has finally been completed. Our thoughts on the impact of this mega deal's closure and it's effects on the industry. As well Activision already hinting at projects to bring back. The panel will also touch on recent releases such as Forza Motorsport , Warhammer 40k Dark Tide, Cocoon & much more!

Jim Ryan RETIRES From PlayStation I FTC Strikes BACK At Microsoft I Xbox Cloud Meta Quest

October 10, 2023 22:44 - 2 hours - 43.2 MB

TXR Podcast #288 TXR is BACK in action! For this one we'll be covering A LOT of PlayStation news. Head of PlayStation Jim Ryan announced he'll be retiring from the company. How does this effect PlayStation moving forward? As well Sony hacks, KOTOR rumors and more! The FTC is striking back at Microsoft and will revive its challenge against the company. Will this effect the Activision purchase? And Xbox Cloud Gaming going to Meta Quest! Featuring: TwoStepGrimez

CMA GREEN LIGHTS Microsoft Activision Deal I Xbox Email Leak - Future Roadmap I Tokyo Game Show 2023

September 25, 2023 21:10 - 2 hours - 188 MB

TXR Podcast #287 Welcome to TXR! LOTS of topics to cover for this one! The UK CMA has now greenlit the approval for the Microsoft acquisition of Activision-Blizzard-King. Will the deal finally close in October? Also there was a MAJOR Xbox email leak detailing the brands future plans, games and more. Will everything leaked come to fruition? As well news from the Tokyo Game Show and more! Featuring: Plume Network

Unity Drama - Developers Up In Arms Over Controversy I Embracer To Sell Gearbox I Square Enix

September 18, 2023 19:01 - 1 hour - 96.4 MB

TXR Podcast #286 Welcome to TXR! For tonights show we'll be discussing the developer outrage over Unity's plans for software distribution in 2024. Can they fix this PR mess? Embracer Group is reported to be interested in offloading Gearbox. Is there a publisher that would be willing to buy the Borderlands outfit? Also Square Enix losing $2 billion in market value. Do they need to turn things around?

Starfield BIGGEST Bethesda Game Launch EVER - 6 Million & Counting I Embracer Shuts Down Volition

September 11, 2023 23:27 - 1 hour - 110 MB

TXR Podcast #285 Welcome to tonight's episode of the TXR Podcast! For this one we'll be talking more Starfield! It has become Bethesda's biggest game launch of all time. Can this new IP rival the likes of Fallout & Elder Scrolls? Also we'll discuss the shut down of Volition and the reasons why Embracer Group made this decision of the storied studio.

Starfield Early Access - Game Impressions I Starfield Reviews I PS Plus HUGE Price Increase

September 04, 2023 20:35 - 1 hour - 102 MB

TXR Podcast #284 The TXR crew is back! Tonight we'll be covering our first impressions of Starfield. the game is out for people in early access and reviews are coming in very favorable. Is this a game of the generation? Also Sony has increased the prices for all tiers of PlayStation Plus. Is this a big mistake? Or expected since Xbox Game Pass had a hike a few weeks ago?

Gamescom Highlights - Xbox Dominates With STRONG Showing I Xbox Announces Xbox Series X Wraps

August 30, 2023 22:48 - 1 hour - 104 MB

TXR Podcast #283 Welcome to the latest edition of TXR! Tonight we'll be covering Gamescom. Xbox had a strong presence at the show, we'll give our thoughts. Age of Empires 4 Console Edition, Ara History Untold and more. As well Xbox announces Console Wraps to personalize consoles. Will this customization be popular?

Starfield Goes Gold - Positive Industry Hints I Xbox 360 Store Shutsdown 2024 I Baldurs Gate 3 XBS

August 22, 2023 23:19 - 2 hours - 135 MB

TXR Podcast #282 TXR is ready to rumble Sundays! Tune in as well delve into Starfield going gold! With hints from early reviewers that the game is in great shape. As well Microsoft revealed that the Xbox 360 Storefront will be closing in 2024. is this a sign of the times or a mistake on Microsoft's part? Also Baldurs Gate 3 has been raking in many applauses, but is absent on Xbox Series systems. Is Xbox's parity clause at fault? All this and more!

Obsidian 20th Anniversary Documentary I Killer Instinct Returns! I Red Dead Redemption Controversy

August 14, 2023 23:54 - 1 hour - 104 MB

TXR Podcast #281: TXR is ready for another Sunday! Join us live as we discuss Obsidians 20th Anniversary Documentary as it goes into new details over the development of Avowed. Killer Instinct is back! We'll go into new details on the update for the fighting title. As well fan outcry over the rerelease of Red Dead Redemption 2. All this and more!

Interview with Evan Anthony -Creative Lead at Studio Feral Cat Den - Genesis Noir I Xbox Game Pass

August 01, 2023 00:04 - 1 hour - 88.2 MB

TXR Podcast #280: The TXR panel is back in action! Interview with Feral Cat Den's Evan Anthony.

Xbox's Impact on Call of Duty | Older Games Extinction | Xbox SSD Controversy | Family Plan Update

July 31, 2023 23:43 - 2 hours - 120 MB

TXR Podcast #279: Welcome back to the TXR panel's explosive return! Brace yourself for deep dives into Xbox's Impact on Activision & Call of Duty, older game's extinction situation, an analysis of the Xbox SSD Controversy, and an update on the Family Plan. Join us for riveting gaming discussions like never before!

Exciting Future of Gaming: Xbox's Epic Acquisition | Game Pass Releases | Major Nelson's Departure

July 31, 2023 23:28 - 2 hours - 120 MB

TXR Podcast #278: Gear up for an exhilarating gaming experience as the legendary TXR panel reunites! Get ready to dive into the Exciting Future of Gaming, with discussions on Xbox's Epic Acquisition, thrilling Game Pass Releases, and the departure of Major Nelson. Join us for insightful conversations and insider insights you won't want to miss!

Xbox Activision Updates I Xbox Series Console & Game Pass Price Hikes I People Can Fly New Exclusive

July 10, 2023 21:28 - 2 hours - 113 MB

TXR Podcast 277: The TXR panel is back in action! We'll be delving into the ongoing court battle between Xbox and the FTC. New court documents reveal many things, including Microsoft's prospective acquisition interests, the Judge grilling the FTC and much more. Microsoft has also announce that Xbox Series Consoles and Game Pass will be getting a price hike. Is this a mistake or just following the industry? As well, new documents reveal studio People Can Fly are working on an Xbox IP. What ...

Xbox vs FTC Legal Battle | Indiana Jones Game Xbox EXCLUSIVE | Xbox Capcom Ubisoft Show Roundup

June 29, 2023 01:28 - 1 hour - 90.6 MB

TXR Podcast #276: We’re back! After taking the Fathers Day weekend off we plan to catch up with all the game show announcements. From the Xbox Extended Showcase, Capcom, Ubisoft Forward, Summer GameFest and possibly more. The panel will also be covering the ongoing legal disputes surrounding Microsoft’s fight with the FTC. Is Xbox hitting back hard against the US regulatory body? Finally we’ll also be tackling news of Bethesda’s Indiana Jone game being EXCLUSIVE to the Xbox ecosystem. Is th...

Xbox Game Showcase 2023 Post Show Recap & Reactions I Starfield Direct I Clockwork Revolution

June 15, 2023 00:26 - 2 hours - 114 MB

TXR Podcast 275: Welcome back to the show! For this one we'll be focusing on the Xbox Games Showcase announcements. Giving our thoughts and reactions post show on games such as Starfield, Fable, Avowed, Towerborne, Clockwork Revolution, South of Midnight, Avowed, Pay Day 3 and so much more!

Xbox Showcase 2023 Predictions I Fable Tease I New Exclusives I Game Pass I Diablo 4 Impressions

June 15, 2023 00:11 - 2 hours - 113 MB

TXR Podcast 274: TXR is back at it again! join the panel tonight as we discuss our predictions for the Xbox Game Showcase next week. What do we think will be shown off? As well Diablo 4 is finally released inti the wild. Does this game live up to its legacy? This and much more!

PlayStation Showcase Reactions I Microsoft APPEALS CMA - Goes To CAT I Warhammer Skulls Showcase

May 29, 2023 23:41 - 2 hours - 118 MB

TXR Podcast 273: TXR is BACK at it! The panel is excited to discussed the recent PlayStation Game Showcase. What are our reactions to the event? Find out soon! As well Microsoft has gone to tribunal against the UK CMA. Is a turn of events imminent? Games Workshop had its Warhammer Skulls Showcase. What are our thoughts on the titles revealed? All this and more! Featuring: DotzRTS Twitter: @DotzRTS Grimez Twitter: fakemayhemog

Xbox Activision Deal APPROVED By EU I CMA Reacts After Approval I PlayStation Showcase Predictions

May 29, 2023 22:41 - 2 hours - 111 MB

TXR Podcast 272: Welcome back to your favourite Sunday night Xbox-centric show! The panel will be discussing the EU APPROVING the Microsoft acquisition of Activision-Blizzard-King. Is this a BIG turning point in the ongoing saga? The UK CMA also made comments soon after this announcement. As well PlayStation has announce it's showcase date for May 24th! What do we expect to be shown? All this and more! Featuring: Derrick Hunter Twitter: @TheTrueDH Michael Oppong Twitter: @Otheory_

Redfall Launch & Reviews I Phil Spencer Kinda Funny Interview I Xbox Confidence With Starfield

May 08, 2023 19:48 - 2 hours - 119 MB

TXR Podcast 271: Thanks for tuning in! For this one the panel will be tackling all kinds of HOT news from the week. Redfall is finally out in the wild and has been receiving plenty of mixed reviews and impressions. We'll give you our thoughts on the vampire shooter! As well Xbox's Phil Spencer recently did an interview with the Kinda Funny Podcast. Speaking about Redfall, Starfield , Bethesda and lots more. We'll give our own takes on the interview! Featuring: Diego Twitter: @UFallB4Me

UK CMA BLOCKS Microsoft Activision Deal I Microsoft & Activision Appeal I Jedi Survivor Launch Issue

May 01, 2023 20:01 - 2 hours - 126 MB

TXR Podcast 270: Welcome to another exciting episode! The panel will go over the SHOCKING announcement the UK regulatory board has denied the Microsoft acquisition of Activision. Microsoft and Activision are looking to appeal the decision. We'll give our thoughts on the matter. Plus Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out and has had a rocky start. With multiple performance issues across platforms. Is this a growing problem in the game industry? Featuring: CoolKidJoe Twitter: @CoolKidJoe

State of Xbox Game Studios I Hi-Fi Rush A Success I Minecraft Legends Impressions

April 24, 2023 21:44 - 2 hours - 113 MB

TXR Podcast 269: Welcome to another exciting episode! For this one the panel will be discussing the current state of Xbox Game Studios. Reports are coming out that Microsoft is unhappy with how Xbox is currently. How much energy should we put into these reports? Hi-Fi is confirmed a HIT by Aaron Greenberg. As well Minecraft Legends has released. What do we think of of this RTS iteration of the smash hit IP? All this and more! Featuring: Michael Oppong Twitter: @Oppongstheory YouTube: @...

Redfall Performance Controversy I Jim Ryan Call of Duty Grievances I Joe Staten Leaves Xbox Studios

April 17, 2023 22:09 - 2 hours - 114 MB

TXR Podcast 268: Welcome back to your favorite Sunday night box show! We'll be discussing plenty of hot topics including Redfall listing disappointing quality modes at launch. When will we see a performance mode? As well PlayStation head Jim Ryan responds to the CMA comments - stating that PlayStation would never recover from "downgraded" Call of Duty games. Is he reaching with these statements? As well multiple key names have left 343 Industries including Joe Staten and Frank O'Connor. Is...

E3 2023 Officially CANCELLED I Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family Plan SOON I PSVR2 I WD Expansion Card

April 03, 2023 14:47 - 2 hours - 114 MB

TXR Podcast 267: TXR is back in action for another AWESOME Sunday! We'll be covering news that this years E3 conference is officially cancelled. Will the show come back from this? As well Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family has recently leaked and appears to be coming soon. Will the cost be friendly to consumers? Also sales for Sony's PlayStation VR2 have appeared and they seem to be disappointing. Was Microsoft right not to invest in the technology? Or will it catch on with more time? Also the...

UK CMA Side With Microsoft - LIKELY Approval I Hellblade 2 UE5 Tech Demo I Redfall POSITIVE Previews

March 27, 2023 20:52 - 1 hour - 96.2 MB

TXR Podcast 266: The TXR panel is back at it! For this one we will be covering MAJOR news regarding the Microsoft acquisition of Activision-Blizzard-King. The UK CMA seems to have changed its stance and is now siding with Microsoft. Is approval all but likely now? Hellblade 2 has a surprised tech demo during Epic's presentation at GDC. Is Unreal Engine 5 blowing minds? More Hellblade 2 news soon? As well Redfall previews are finally out in the wild. Does Xbox have a surprise hit? Featurin...

Microsoft ABK Deals I Sony Called Out I Boosteroid & Ubitus I Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within

March 20, 2023 13:54 - 1 hour - 107 MB

TXR Podcast 265: We are back in action yet again! For this one the panel will be going over Microsoft completing more 3rd party deals. They announced more cloud gaming deals with smaller companies. Does this help pave the way for Activision acquisition? As well Halo Infinite's Season 3 has launched with much applause and frustration. We'll tell you our thoughts on the situation and more! Featuring: @PilotWinks

Starfield NEW Release Date & Direct ANNOUNCED I Paradox & Xbox Showcase I Capcom Spotlight

March 13, 2023 21:44 - 1 hour - 94.2 MB

TXR Podcast 264:  We are once again BACK in action! For this one we'll be discussing the recent reveal for Starfield's new release date. As well as the announcement of a Starfield Direct to take place after the Xbox game Showcase in June. The panel will also be talking about the Paradox Interactive Show, highlighting all the new announcements. Is The Lamplighters League an Xbox exclusive? As well all the news from the Capcom Spotlight! is it a big deal Exoprimal is heading to Xbox Game Pass...

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Impressions I Sony Objections TO ABK Deal BACKFIRES I IO Interactive Project

March 06, 2023 22:47 - 1 hour - 92.7 MB

TXR Podcast 263:  Welcome back! For tonights offering we'll be discussing the FTC rejecting Sony's objections to a Microsoft Subpoena in the ongoing saga of the Microsoft Acquisition of Activision-Blizzard-King. The panel will also be talking about the newly released Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Is this another big get for Xbox Game Pass? and IO Interactive has revealed their next project. Could this be the often rumored Project Dragon?

Atomic Heart Impressions I Microsoft & Nintendo Call of Duty Deal I Microsoft & NVIDIA Partnership

February 28, 2023 23:14 - 1 hour - 102 MB

TXR Podcast 262:   Thanks for tuning in! We're back to discuss the hotly anticipated Atomic Heart. What do we think of this retro futuristic RPG shooter? is it a good get for Xbox Game Pass? As well more news pouring in from the Microsoft EU Hearings. Microsoft and Nintendo have made a big deal regarding Call of Duty titles. As well an interesting partnership with NVIDIA! Also Starfield official show announcement dropping soon?  Featuring: Newf Nukem

Xbox Game Pass Cannibalizing Game Sales I Xbox Defends Activision Deal At EU Hearing I Redfall Disc

February 20, 2023 17:14 - 2 hours - 138 MB

TXR Podcast 261:  Welcome back! The panel will be discussing a wide assortment of things tonight including reports of Xbox Game Pass possibly hurting base game sales. As well Xbox will soon be in the EU court defending it's position on the pending Activision acquisition. How are things looking heading into it? As well the Redfall "disc" fiasco.

Age of Empires 2 Xbox Thoughts I The Coalition Cancelled Side Projects I Dead Space Remake

February 06, 2023 20:20 - 2 hours - 181 MB

TXR Podcast 260:  Thanks for tuning in! For this one the crew will be touching on the newly released Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition for Xbox Consoles. How does this PC heavy hitter transition over to consoles? As well there has been plenty of news surrounding Xbox. CrossfireX servers will be shutting down soon, The Coalition has been rumored to have shut down its side projects in favor of Gears 6 and much more. Also our thoughts on the Dead Space Remake!

Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct Analysis I Hi-Fi Rush Surprise HIT I Goldeneye 007 Release

January 31, 2023 22:50 - 2 hours - 224 MB

TXR Podcast 259:  Thanks for dropping by! Tonight the panel will be discussing the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct. Updated game release dates, DLC, surprise hit Hi-Fi Rush and much more! We will also be talking about the release of Goldeneye 007 for Xbox and Switch.

Joe Staten Rejoins Xbox Publishing I Xbox Studios Layoffs I Scalebound Revival I Ubisoft In Trouble

January 23, 2023 20:50 - 2 hours - 119 MB

TXR Podcast 258:  Welcome back to your favourite Sunday night Xbox show! For this one we'll be covering Joe Staten leaving 343 Industries and rejoining Xbox Publishing. We'll also be commenting on the major layoffs across Microsoft, including at 343 and Bethesda. Rumors are swirling regarding Scalebound being revived. Would that make sense for Xbox? And trouble over at Ubisoft! is the recent slew of game cancellations worrisome for the publisher?

Xbox Bethesda Developer Direct Officially Announced I Starfield Focused Show I Google & NVIDIA FTC

January 16, 2023 21:28 - 1 hour - 86.4 MB

TXR Podcast 257:  Welcome back to The Xbox Roundtable Podcast! For this one we're excited to get into details surrounding the newly announced Xbox Developer Direct. It will be focusing on Bethesda titles with possibly some more from other studios. As well Google and NVIDIA have entered into the Microsoft vs FTC case. What effect will this have? All this and more!

Microsoft vs FTC Updates I New Stalker 2 Trailer I Redfall News I Xbox Winter Showcase Incoming

January 09, 2023 16:30 - 2 hours - 121 MB

TXR Podcast #256 Happy New Year! Welcome to the first episode of TXR for 2023! We'll be discussing the latest updates from Microsoft's legal battle against the FTC for Activision. As well a new trailer for Xbox exclusive Stalker 2 has dropped. We'll give our impressions of this hotly anticipated title. Also more murmurs of an Xbox winter game showcase brewing. Will we be getting a reveal date soon? All this and more!

High On Life Impressions I Possible January Xbox Games Showcase I Fable Engine I Our Top Games 2022

December 19, 2022 21:11 - 2 hours - 123 MB

TXR Podcast 255:  Thanks for joining us! This will be our last show for 2022. We plan to discuss our impressions on High On life. Is this becoming a sleepr hit for Xbox Game Pass? Also rumors are swirling of an Xbox Games Showcase in January. Could this be why they've been so quiet recently? As well as our top games for 2022.

FTC SUES Microsoft Over Activision Deal I The Game Awards 2022 Announcements I The Callisto Protocol

December 12, 2022 15:58 - 2 hours - 113 MB

TXR Podcast 254:   Good evening and welcome back to the show! For this one we'll be covering the ongoing legal battle between Microsoft and the FTC over the buyout of Activision-Blizzard-King. Has the FTC been caught lying in its lawsuit? As well the Game Awards just happened so we'll give you a run down on our thoughts of it. Was Xbox missing in action? The panel has also been spending some time playing The Callisto Protocol. How does this new fear inducing horror title stack up? All this ...

Xbox Activision Buyout Threatened I Halo Infinite Forge I Sony Needs Cod I Todd Howard Interview

December 05, 2022 22:40 - 2 hours - 111 MB

TXR Podcast 253:  Thanks for stopping by the show! For this episode of TXR We'll be covering possible trouble from the FTC into the Xbox deal for Activision-Blizzard-King. The FT could be filing a Lawsuit into the Microsoft Acquisition of Activision. Could this cause the deal to be blocked? As well reports of Microsoft offering Sony a 10 year deal for Call of Duty on PlayStation platforms. Sony responds, suggesting games such as Battlefield cannot compete with Call of Duty. Would that be en...

Pentiment Impressions I Josh Sawyer I Phil Spencer The Verge Interview I VGA 2022 Nominations

November 21, 2022 21:36 - 1 hour - 109 MB

TXR Podcast 252:   Xbox 20th Anniversary Headset Giveaway: https://twitter.com/txr_podcast/status/1585764471372664832?s=20&t=Z6yPmScT64eNAJQNlx_NjQ   Welcome back! The panel will be discussing quite a few things including our thoughts on Obsidian's Pentiment. What will Josh Sawyer be working on next? As well Xbox Head Phil Spencer continues to make the interview rounds. We'll go over his latest comments with The Verge. Also the Video Game Awards has released this years nominee's. How does ...

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