Join Scott and Mark with their guest, Justine Warrington, Justine Warrington is aCanadian actress from Vancouver. She is trained in theatre and is a Lyric Project Alumni, Warrington developed her career in independent film with works touring international festivals.

Her original stage play - a collection of monologues entitled The Oblivion Series - celebrated its American debut on stage in the summer of 2010 at the legendary Stella Adler Theatre, LA. Her show was also selected for the inaugural Hollywood Fringe Festival. Her father was a visual artist, a renowned architectural photographer, and a war veteran. Born in Vancouver, Canada to European parents. Her mother is an English teacher, humanitarian, environmental activist, and poet. Born on the same day as Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Gloria Steinem, and Doug Stanhope.

Career:Warrington is known for her work on Dragged Across Concrete, The Cabin Movie and The

Professor. She was nominated as "Best Supporting Actress" at the Leo's in 2006 for her portrayal of "Ginny" the boundary-pushing sexual vixen in "The Cabin Movie".

The Professor:Warrington achieved one of her career goals in 2017 when she shot a role in The Professor,

opposite Johnny Depp. Depp stars as a college lecturer who is shocked to learn he has six months to live, and so he transforms into a rebellious party animal. Warrington plays someone who helps Depp’s character begin his new life.

Outline of the Episode:[01:20] Justine Warrington Introduction. [02:16] The Spoof in the movie “Rainbow” [08:32] Justine Warrington talks about the process of stunts in the movie.

[10:15] Justine Warrington shares experience of working with top actors of industry. [12:51] Experience shooting sex scenes.[17:07] How was the feeling working with your crush.[18:01] Desire to work with any Hollywood actor.

[18:56] Mark & Scott Crush in Hollywood[20:29] Journey of becoming an actor.[24:36] What you do to improve you comedy skills and any plans to comedy in future? [29:26] Justine Warrington learning experience working in the comedy clubs.[37:17] How you stumbled across club house?[42:18] Talking about Earth lickers from the past[46:09] Favorite Conspiracy[47:48] Piece of Information that you have learned that is Illegal to know?[49:19] Justine Warrington life hack.

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