Ixchel Leigh speaks about both modern and ancient applications of aromatherapy and the power of nature to awaken and activate us.

Ixchel Leigh, The Fragrance Alkemist, weaves together the science of scent with ancient wisdom in her unique botanical healing perfumes, masterfully crafted to support an individual’s dreams, goals and desires. Her career as an aromatherapist, perfumer, author, consultant, radio host, and educator, spans over forty years, and she was twice named as a top Complementary Therapist by British Vogue. Through all her modalities, Ixchel encourages individuals to find their passion in life and to rekindle their personal uniqueness. She dedicates all of her creative endeavors and artistic talents to improving the quality of life on our beautiful planet. https://artisanparfums.com

Host Bonnie Burkert melds the worlds of media and higher consciousness, sharing tools for transformation to find our highest Truth. www.yogibon.com

Music: “Cycles” | Robert Cutarella & Josh Ehrhart