Nancy Pelosi just caught. In a newly surfaced video from J6, Nancy Pelosi admits what should have happened. Hear her first reaction since the tape materialized. 


And - Hunter Biden is guilty on all counts. We discuss the implications for the Big Guy. 


Justice Alito and his wife, meanwhile, are also under fire as a result of a secret tape…but, this tape reveals - in my estimation - more about the left’s agenda than anything negative towards the Alito family. Martha Alito may have a thing for flags - but, why is her neighbors (a Pulitzer Prize winning fashion reporter) writing about how Martha dresses, or let alone how Justice Robert’s wife dresses her children. COME ON. 


Meanwhile, even MORE drama at the WNBA. Caitlin Carter was mocked by a player in a game but this time, the crowd rose to Caitlin’s DEFENSE — booing the hometown player that tried to make fun of the WNBA superstar.


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