Hosts: Techman16, StrangeKirk, Handy, Boomslang

Guests: MadameStargazer (66), AnDraste (45)

List notable things:

01:28 - Madame be trolling with her sarc!

05:25 - What do you have to do to get a permanent chat ban?

06:45 - Kirk causing problems with the married ladies

07:48 - Disturbed players on S34, S45, S66

13:31 - “S45 discord is a dumpster fire”

14:45 - Breaking News!!! Server 34 is actually winning

17:22 - “Takeaway from S26, they don’t know which crews to use”

21:08 - How do you make it to lvl 50 and not know what which crews to make

22:40 - Raiding during Incursions, base humping

23:56 - PSA: Full synergy Strike Team won’t compete with La’an, Una and Charvanek

24:39 - Credit to s26 for not trash talking

27:11 - Soggy is such a tool

30:01 - Phoenix will destroy Handy!

34:36 - Diplomacy packs are convenient, surprised Scopely hasn’t done it sooner

36:42 - We need to get ScarletFire on Trek Talk

42:33 - Thanks for listening 

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