Hosts: Techman16, StrangeKirk, Handy, Boomslang

Guests: RisingPhoenix (14), DragonKeeper (52), MollyWeasley (21), DarkRaven (26), DonaldTrump, GeneralArk (34)

List notable things:

02:00 - Defiant adjustment by Scopely

02:40 - Coming Soon - Starbase speculation!

05:12 - Handy sucked the wind out of the room. Bored and needs reminded to show up.

06:20 - Starbase being used as armadas

07:03 - Strike Team as Station Defense

07:31 - How to counter the Strike Team

07:44 - Tal is pretty OP

08:32 - DragonKeeper hating on Battleships

09:39 - StrangeKirk sticking up for the Uncommon Severius

10:18 - Noone has fully tiered up Strike Team

10:49 - Here we edited something juicy that we CANNOT put out on a recorded line. Guess you should have been there huh?

10:57 - Incursions, s45 vs s40, what do we know about s40?

11:49 - s52 vs s55, s21 vs s29, s34 vs s26 the unknown enemies 

13:10 - Excited about Incursions, it keeps Boomslang in the game

15:02 - Able to punch up now, dynamic pvp'ing (Mantis)

17:00 - Cerritos is such a niche ship

17:46 - Let's talk about the Retribution Ship

19:20 - StrangeKirk thinks Mantis isn't sustainable for pvp

21:01 - How many tetryons to cloak a Sanctus?

22:01 - Key Talk. He cloaks at every TC

23:46 - Tetryons versus Tachyons

25:17 - Max synergy crew with Severius, posted in Trek Talk

25:47 - Strike Team on a Sarc, "Does anyone even use Sarcs anymore?"

27:31 - Techman16 disgusted with Sarc's firing pattern

27:57 - Sarc is single biggest waste of time and money in this game

28:47 - "Sarc is a walking victim"

29:03 - StrangeKirk says the Mantis is a non-issue for pvp. Boomslang disagrees, pvp users love the Mantis

32:03 - Key takes the mantis hits during TCs

33:42 - Inch/Boomslang says g5s are lackluster, g5 ships really stick to the triangle

37:59 - Everybody fanboying Federation ships

39:08 - Each level Romulan ship does better than Federation, above G3

41:04 - Offering another event for Sisko, DS9 Auction doubly messed up

44:57 - ST La'an how bad do you want it? $$$

49:44 - New Research Queue, who needs 4 Queues?

51:15 - Starbase Research, why are they "coming soon"?

54:33 - Techman16 tries to skip over Lower Decks

54:55 - Techman16 and his wifeůhave alone time.

55:57 - Orville getting pretty heavy. Get through the first 3 Seasons of DS9, then it's on.

57:41 - Boimler completely losses it, Lower Decks.  Boomslang and Handy tickled over Lower Decks. Light with a lot of callbacks. Lower Decks similar to Futurama. 

1:01:13 - Voice is "Higgy" from The Boys or Huey? The Boys talk.

1:03:33 - Season 3 of Picard, coming out in February '23

1:04:42 - DarkRaven from s26, relaxed about Incursions

1:05:30 - s34 is on point with the shield discipline, hoping s40 has stockpiles and doesn't shield

1:06:28 - s26 is all about farming. TruckingChick is on S26

1:08:49 - Boomslang vouches for s34's shield discipline.

1:09:29 - Techman16 explains why s45 won against s34 it's about population size!

1:10:32 - Scoring mechanic in Incursions, took away PVE aspect

1:16:42 - Scanning is the worst, cull out those low-level systems.

1:20:38 - DarkRaven with more on s26

1:23:03 - So many trash talkers!  Boomslang likes 'em and MollyWeasley disapproves.

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