Katarina Polonska, a transformational connection coach, discusses the misconceptions surrounding some of the top trending topics in the workplace: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She explains how the language we use can either help or hinder this important conversation. Listen in to get fresh insights into the crucial relationship between effective inclusive practices and engagement among your people.



Inclusion is about having involvement and feeling that you're actually empowered to be involved, which if we distill even further, is really about engagement.

To create an inclusive environment, one must create a sense of belonging and psychological safety.

The inclusion-engagement equation naturally leads to higher retention, better productivity, greater innovation, and higher revenue.

There has to be something around bringing in the very techniques of inclusion and belonging if we want to foster inclusion and belonging, and that means including the people we speak to and the people who are speaking about it. 

When it comes to opening up a conversation around D&I, leaders must bring empathy, listen, validate, and try to understand the struggles of their people.


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