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Nick Carroll, from Western Australia, loves golf. A player who really cares about their sport tends to have certain qualities. Simply feeling respect for the game is an important one; striving to improve and be the best golfer you can be – well that’s worth playing the game for in itself. Similarly, a genuine desire to help others to enjoy golf should also earn you a lucky bounce or two on the fairways.

Nick Carroll certainly makes the cut in all of the above. He lives with the condition of autism and this can get in the way for him at times. But his progress in playing golf, and his job working in golf, both say a lot about how he views the game, while at the same time perhaps reflecting what his friends and supporters think about Nick.

His advice to others underlines it all: “Making new friends, enjoyment, and having a really good time playing the sport you will always love… I would say go out there, enjoy the experience… And anyone can help you out there. Don't be frightened to go out and play.”

Enjoy Nick's story with EDGA today.