Top Landing Gear returns as we continue series 5 by going further back in aviation history than we've ever gone before, to the earliest days of commercial air travel with our visit to the historic Croydon Aerodrome.
Opening in the 1920s, Croydon was London's, indeed the UK's main international airport, and as well as virtually being the birthplace of commercial air travel, it was also the starting point for many of aviation's historic records, including those set by Amy Johnson. So this is a real step back in time partly because it was so long ago when we recorded the interview with the man who knows everything there is to know about Croydon's history, Ian Walker. We'll bring you the full recording of our visit to Croydon in our Full Flaps Edition, but here we get back into the swing of things with our magazine edition and all the usual TLG stuff, including Ask James, Jez's Quick Facts all about Croydon Airport - and of course the Top Landing Gear Quiz! Enjoy!