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Tipsy Session 100 - Shamul (India)

Tipsy Sessions by Shamul

English - September 29, 2020 18:31 - 1 hour - 207 MB - ★★★★★ - 385 ratings
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Tipsy Sessions 100th episode. Wow. Its been a great 2.5 years building this global stage, with listeners in almost all corners of the globe.
A short msg from the guy behind the show.👇🏾
Shamul - I would like to thank all listeners of this show. Because of you Tipsy reached 100. I would also like to show my gratitude to the support i got by many lovely people, friends and of course all the DJs/producers/Artists🌪 who have connected and collaborated making Tipsy Sessions a successful iTunes podcast show. Tipsy has not only made a good name for it self but has also inspired a few shows to follow its footsteps. 🌎🌍🌏
Tipsy Sessions will strive to bring to you real banging sets in the future. Thank you 😊🙏🏿

Track List:
1. Gazing Eyes (Original Mix)- Coloray
2. Orson (Original Mix) - Mulya
3. Amplifier (Original Mix) - Luke Garcia, Th3 Oth3r
4. Electric Love feat. Irdorski (Marvin & Guy Amplifier Mix) - Biesmans, Irdorski
5. Exe.cute (Original Mix) - Marc DePulse
6. Perfect Motion (Patrice Bäumel Renaissance Remix) - Sunscreem
7. Shadows (Original Mix) - Dee Montero, Newman (I Love)
8. Right This Moment (Original Mix) - Reverse Osmosis
9. Whisperer (Original Mix) - Mulya
10. Tokyo (Original Mix) - Dan Barrow
11. Nautilus (Human Machine Remix) - Innellea
12. Imaja's Drum (Innellea's Cosmic Consciousness) - Tunnelvisions
13. Stitch (Original Mix) - Tone Depth
14. Ajna (Original Mix) - Stan Kolev
15. Be Someone (Extended Mix) - CamelPhat, Jake Bugg
16. Lanarka (Original Mix) - Sebastien Leger