I have a treat for you today, as I’m bringing you a Thriving Stylist Spotlight with my very own cousin, Angelina Caceres! Angelina joined the industry just a couple of years before I did and she was somebody that I very much looked up to as I was building my clientele.

In this episode Angelina explains (very humbly I think!) how she became a salon owner so quickly in 2007, right when the recession hit, and how she didn’t let it slow her down. You’ll hear the way she grew her business over the years and the journey to now moving into a new and improved location in a building she’s purchased.

What I love about this interview is that Angelina keeps it real. Sure she’s had tons of success, but she’s also had to overcome a lot of challenges. From learning how to lead to a team, to balancing motherhood with being a stylist and owner, you’re going to hear everything that she’s learned along the way.

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