This week on The Trophy Room - A PlayStation Podcast hosts Kyle and Joseph talk about Jim Ryan Retires from Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO of PlayStation at the end of the month and the fellas are pressed to find out what legacy he leaves behind over at PlayStation. PlayStation Studios First party Bend Studio's next game after Days Gone might just be a Live Service Games as a Service Game GAaS and why that's completely fine. More games are coming from Xbox over to PlayStation as Microsoft Game Studios shift into a multiplatform publisher as Xbox wrestles with fans over it becoming a third party publisher while being open to adding Steam, Epic Game Store and others onto the Xbox Series S and X consoles. Should Sony add store fronts besides the PS5 store onto the PlayStation 5. Judas Previews are out and Bioshock creator Ken levine has a good reason why Judas is coming out 10 plus years after Bioshock Infinite. Stellar Blade gets a PS5 Demo officially later this week. April's PlayStation Plus Essential games are out Immortals of Aveum, Skul, and Minecraft Legends head to PS4 and PS5.

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