Just Keep Thriving: a podcast leading women to embrace their femininity and manifest an aligned life artwork

Just Keep Thriving: a podcast leading women to embrace their femininity and manifest an aligned life

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Welcome to the Just Keep Thriving podcast.

My name is Jonnie Marie Agresta I’m creator of the Just Keep Thriving Brand. My mission is to lead women to embrace their femininity and manifest a deeply aligned life.

On this podcast we vibe on all things personal growth, spirituality, femininity and manifestation.

So if that vibes with you, welcome to the Just Keep Thriving Community.

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465. 3 things to shift the energy in your relationship from negative to positive

February 19, 2024 19:40 - 29 minutes - 27.7 MB

In this solo episode, Jonnie shares 3 tangible things that will help you shift the energy in your relationship. These are things that her and her husband continue to use on a regular basis AND that helped especially during the time they almost chose to divorce. If you want to learn more about “what is the work in relationship?” Then join the free training here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/whatisthework

464. Benefits of my man stepping into his masculinity

February 12, 2024 19:51 - 39 minutes - 36.8 MB

In this episode, Jonnie shares some of the main shifts that have happened since her husband has stepped into his masculinity. She shares from the beauty of experiencing a dynamic shift between her and her husband and expresses how much more fulfilling her life is, and why as a result. Stay tuned for her Femininity, Virtual Magazine, her 4-video training series with her husband called “Better Together”, and the free training series “what is the work in relationships?”. The free training series...

463. How to stay healthy as a couple

February 05, 2024 15:02 - 45 minutes - 42.1 MB

In this podcast, Jonnie gives 10 hacks that help keep her and her husband on track to stay healthy as a couple. Health has been a corner stone value of their relationship for the past 10 1/2 years and Jonnie shares a lot of insight of how they maintain that value, how they continue to nourish themselves really well, how working out it’s just a normal part of their daily lives, and some tips to help you do the same. As always, she’d love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this episode, please le...

462. Steps to get your partner on board with changing the masculine/feminine dynamic

January 22, 2024 17:43 - 58 minutes - 53.8 MB

In this episode Jonnie digs deep to explain exactly how she got her husband on board with improving their relationship, life and masculine/feminine dynamic. Sign up for the weekly Relationship Newsletter here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/jonnieandjoe

461. How to emotionally & physically connect to improve your s3x life

January 15, 2024 17:03 - 38 minutes - 35.5 MB

In this episode, Jonnie is joined by her husband, Joseph where they talk more about how to improve emotional connection AND what to do when the emotional connection is there, but the physical intimacy part is not. Sign up for Jonnie’s weekly relationship newsletter here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/jonnieandjoe

460. Ins & Outs for women embracing their femininity in 2024

January 08, 2024 20:19 - 47 minutes - 43.7 MB

In this episode, Jonnie shares some key intentions to ground yourself into for this year if you are embracing your femininity & on a healing journey.

459. Feeling powerful moving into 2024

December 12, 2023 19:09 - 18 minutes - 16.8 MB

In this episode Jonnie ignites your connection to your power and confidence and leaves you off with some journal prompts and action steps. As always, DM her on IG @jonnie_agresta if this resonated with you, share it or leave a review. P.s. there’s just a little more time left to grab the massive holiday discount for Feminine and Flow: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/feminineandflow

458. Tapping into new energy for 2024

December 05, 2023 23:37 - 14 minutes - 13.1 MB

In this episode Jonnie helps guide you to accepting of the new energy you’re cultivating in 2024. If you have massive goals for 2024 you’ll want to listen to the end for journal prompts to follow. Want to join the next round of Feminine & Flow and get $1000 off??? Grab your spot here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/feminineandflow

457. Femininity Traits (plus some morning routine recommendations)

November 29, 2023 14:45 - 20 minutes - 18.8 MB

In this episode Jonnie expands on some signs that you’re feeling called to deepen into your femininity plus some morning routine recommendations that really make all of the difference for Jonnie when manifesting a new level in her life.

456. What to do once you know exactly what you want

November 28, 2023 13:55 - 15 minutes - 14 MB

In this episode Jonnie gives you one her favorite steps to do after she develops the vision for what she wants to create.

455. How to choose what to manifest

November 27, 2023 13:21 - 15 minutes - 14.5 MB

In this episode Jonnie vibes on the topic of choosing what to manifest and choosing the right path for you. It’s filled with fiery energy and will guide you to a place of deep alignment & power to co-create everything you want.

454. How to believe in yourself and your manifestations

November 26, 2023 17:52 - 13 minutes - 12.9 MB

In this episode Jonnie will share how to upgrade your beliefs and fully get your energy behind your manifestations.

453. How to stay focused on your manifestation journey

November 25, 2023 17:33 - 22 minutes - 20.5 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares the “how” of incorporating a healthy balance of masculine energy into your manifestation journey. This podcast will help you stay focused, know you’re on the right track, and stay aligned, daily to call in your manifestations quicker.

452. How to create abundance

November 22, 2023 17:03 - 22 minutes - 20.9 MB

In this episode you will be led to discover what is blocking abundance in your life. As always Jonnie shares specific things that have blocked her, how she overcame it and how she’s created overflow in her own life (multiple times).

451. Podcast name change, brand shifts and what to expect for 2024

November 20, 2023 17:51 - 15 minutes - 14.2 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares her the expansion and shifts in her brand for 2024, why her podcast name has changed and what you can expect moving forward.

450. 5 mantras for women embracing their femininity

November 17, 2023 18:10 - 32 minutes - 29.7 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares anecdotes, teachings and the energy behind one of her most recent IG posts that shared 5 mantras for women embracing their femininity. Join the next round of Feminine & Flow here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/feminineandflow

449. A simple hack to realign what you’re attracting & manifesting

November 11, 2023 16:15 - 14 minutes - 13.8 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares her thoughts after a conversation with Farmer Fred from the farmers market. She gives you insight into a simple hack to shift what you’re attracting in your life.

448. How to manifest a larger & more connected social media following

November 09, 2023 15:28 - 39 minutes - 36.8 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares business strategies + manifestation strategies to help you cultivate a larger impact through your social media. Be sure to get a notepad out of some sort to take detailed notes of what stands out to you… because there’s a lot. If you want direct help from Jonnie in this area, dm her @jonnie_agresta on IG and she can cultivate a package for you.

447. My 31st birthday rituals and reflections

November 09, 2023 13:27 - 19 minutes - 17.7 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares the exact process she just went through on her birthday. From reflecting, to setting new intentions and even some of the biggest lessons she learned. Make sure to tune in and take what you need.

446. How to stop being busy and step into alignment to manifest your desires

November 07, 2023 17:29 - 17 minutes - 16.5 MB

In this episode Jonnie speaks to the person who has been keeping themselves busy and feels out of alignment. Either the Universe is giving you red flag after red flag or life just feels way too hard- and you’re ready for a change. Tune in and be sure to share your thoughts with Jonnie. P.s. the next round of Feminine and Flow is open for enrollment- peep all of the details & grab your spot here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/feminineandflow

445. What my day to day life looks like as a feminine woman

November 06, 2023 16:51 - 29 minutes - 27.3 MB

I’ve been getting so many questions from women on their own healing & femininity journey about what my day looks like as someone who plays a more feminine role in my marriage. So today, I felt called to give you a break down of what my day looks like from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. If you listen till the end, you’ll get an action step for you to start manifesting your desires dynamic in your life & with men. As always, please let me know if this served you and I’d love to...

444. Manifesting my dream body part 2

November 03, 2023 13:23 - 21 minutes - 20.1 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares the changes she has made in her fitness & overall lifestyle. She also leaves you off with a really powerful journaling exercise at the end of the podcast.

443. Manifesting my dream body (part 1)

November 03, 2023 12:55 - 19 minutes - 18.2 MB

In this episode jonnie shares her most recent intentions in her house and things she specifically changed about her Nutrition and how it’s going. She hopes that you find inspiration for your own health journey and perhaps you hear something that resonates with you.

442. How to receive guidance from the universe

October 27, 2023 16:36 - 20 minutes - 18.8 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares her steps on receiving guidance from the Universe. She vibes on staying open, what it feels like to be in alignment and things to ask the Universe for in order to help you manifest your deepest desires.

441. 3 benefits of having a more traditional masculine/feminine relationship

October 25, 2023 14:34 - 27 minutes - 25.2 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares 3 of her favorite benefits of creating a more traditional marriage. She chats about intimacy, money and having enough energy/time to get everything done and build the most aligned life.

440. Realigning & releasing to uplevel

October 19, 2023 22:12 - 22 minutes - 20.8 MB

So many of my followers (and myself) are in a season of needing to release things in our life that are holding us back. In this episode I share insight on things we get to release and help connect you to a more aligned path.

439. How to stop living in the energy of “someday” and start living your dream life “now”

October 03, 2023 15:09 - 21 minutes - 20.4 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares her wisdom around how you can stop waiting for your manifestations to come true and start calling them in today. Want Jonnie’s step by step manifestation process? Join her signature course Life on Fire today: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/Lifeonfire

438. Infuse THIS intention into every action, and you’ll manifest The most beautiful life

October 02, 2023 14:49 - 12 minutes - 11.6 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares the intention that she consistently infuses into every area of her life that helps her align with the Universal flow of abundance and good-ness.

437. Normalize your desires being possible with these mindset shifts

September 30, 2023 20:16 - 17 minutes - 16.2 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares the key to making your desires a “no big deal”…. And something obvious that is going to happen for you. Make sure to listen all the way to the end, because the end really shares the totality of the message you need to hear.

436. 3 daily practices to help you stay in your feminine energy

September 28, 2023 15:51 - 11 minutes - 10.6 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares 3 simple, tangible actions you can do to retrain yourself out of a place of hypermasculinity and into a place of integrating your femininity.

435. Journal prompts to manifest your next level of success

September 26, 2023 16:24 - 15 minutes - 14.5 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares tools, tips and journal prompts to help you manifest your next level of success. You’ll get a glimpse into Jonnie’s most recent manifestation that came true- manifesting a larger impact & more people absorbing her work- and shares with you her own thought process & strategy shifts. She’d love to hear from you after you listen, so email her at [email protected] or DM her on IG.

434. How to be comfortable being supported by your man

September 23, 2023 18:49 - 13 minutes - 12.3 MB

In this episode Jonnie vibes on 2 specific things that she needed to shift in order to get comfortable being supported by her husband. If you want to do more of this work with Jonnie, come into her course Feminine and Flow. Check out all of the details here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/feminineandflow

433. Aligning your beliefs, energy and thoughts with the reality you’re manifesting

September 20, 2023 14:09 - 27 minutes - 25.6 MB

In this episode Jonnie helps you dig deep, shift your subconscious programming and fully choose a new reality. Starting today. Get Jonnie’s full manifestation process to uplevel your life here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/Lifeonfire

432. What I’m doing to manifest getting pregnant

September 19, 2023 15:57 - 23 minutes - 21.7 MB

In this episode Jonnie continues to vibe on the topic of “what to do when you’re ready for the next season of your life”… recently, this has been the overarching topic for the podcast. And now Jonnie shares how it applies to how she is manifesting a pregnancy. Listen in, apply the lessons to your own specific desires & needs, and share with Jonnie what came through you. Cheers to manifesting everything you’ve ever desired.

431. The spiritual side of business & income growth

September 18, 2023 20:35 - 19 minutes - 17.6 MB

In this podcast Jonnie shares some of her biggest intentions in building her business that have resulted in massive abundance & impact growth. Tune in, share it with your audience and let Jonnie know what came through you.

430. Business building, going all in and embracing your power to make a massive impact & income

September 17, 2023 19:54 - 28 minutes - 26.5 MB

In this episode Jonnie brings you back to the beginning of her business was and the things she decided to do that made her wildly successful. She shares what has shifted now and what has stayed the same. Are you ready to expand your own business to the next level? Apply to join the Expansive AF Entrepreneur Mastermind here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/expansiveafentrepreneurmastermind

429. 4 things I had to STOP doing in order to help my husband step up into his masculinity

September 15, 2023 20:16 - 26 minutes - 24.8 MB

In this episode Jonnie expands on her teachings from her IG reel that resonated with so many women. Her husband Joseph also comes on to share his thoughts on the 4th thing Jonnie expands on. Be sure to give this episode a listen and share it with anyone who can benefit. If you want to work with Jonnie on manifesting your own masculine man and stepping into your femininity, join her course Feminine & Flow: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/feminineandflow

428. 2 hacks to shift your energy

September 13, 2023 17:54 - 15 minutes - 14.8 MB

You’ll walk away from this episode with two clear tasks that will help you shift your energy and make manifesting so much easier. As you implement them, be sure to let Jonnie know how it goes and tag her in your stories.

427. How to get your needs met (& improve communication in relationships)

September 13, 2023 14:36 - 24 minutes - 22.5 MB

This episode is inspired by a recent fight that Jonnie and her husband had and how they have improved communication, significantly decreased fighting, and how they get their needs met. Jonnie breaks down her communication process into 4 specific steps that you can follow and apply to your own life. Listen in and make sure to share with friends who can benefit! Also, have you checked out Jonnie’s new website?? It’s where you can check out all of her courses, coaxing and free stuff. Head to htt...

426. How to increase belief in your success when you’re struggling

September 11, 2023 21:53 - 15 minutes - 14.7 MB

In this episode Jonnie gives you tangible tips on embodying a deeper sense of belief in the success of your manifestation. Give this episode a listen and then let her know if it helped you by sharing this episode on your socials and tagging her or leaving a review of the podcast! P.s. you can now access and enroll into Jonnie’s courses directly on her website! Check out https://www.jonnieagresta.com for all of her courses- from overall manifestation to manifesting your sexiest body, your busi...

425. Manifest your dream business with me

September 08, 2023 15:19 - 29 minutes - 27.3 MB

In this episode Jonnie goes back to her business coaching days, and brings in some key manifestation teachings to help you uplevel your business. In this episode she teaches on building your business’ vision, going all in and how to choose the right path. Want to work with Jonnie directly on building your business? Apply for her business mastermind (8 seats available): https://www.jonnieagresta.com/expansiveafentrepreneurmastermind

424. Sift through the noise and choose your own aligned vision

September 05, 2023 15:37 - 13 minutes - 12.7 MB

In this episode Jonnie guides you through a quick teaching that will make your manifestations come true quicker…. Aka by staying true to YOUR own unique vision for your life. Give it a listen and let Jonnie know what comes through you.

423. 5 ways to raise your vibration first thing in the morning

September 03, 2023 14:19 - 19 minutes - 18 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares tangible tips to raise your vibration in the morning. These tips aren’t the normal “meditation, journaling, get sunlight….” But they are tips that will help you cultivate the feelings of abundance, receiving, sexiness and moreeee. So that when you go throughout your day, you’re already a match for what you desire.

422. Traditional gender roles modernized, sex life and masculine/feminine dynamics in my marriage

September 02, 2023 15:15 - 29 minutes - 27.3 MB

In this episode Jonnie gives insight on why she (and many of her clients) crave more traditional gender roles and how she modernizes them. Stay till the end for some journal prompts to explore your desires in your relationship.

421. Stepping into the bigger vision for your life

September 01, 2023 20:06 - 27 minutes - 25.9 MB

You will leave this episode feeling empowered, inspired AND have tangible ways to step into the more expansive vision for your life so it manifests into your reality.

420. Expand into your next season of success with this journal prompt

August 29, 2023 16:20 - 30 minutes - 28.7 MB

In honor of being in a massive astrological season of change, Jonnie shares her process around releasing, expanding and stepping into the next version of yourself. Stick around to the end for the journal prompts/activity & let Jonnie know what is coming through you.

419. My philosophy on spirituality

August 28, 2023 15:02 - 23 minutes - 21.3 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares her thoughts on “what is spirituality”. This podcast was inspired by a question she got from someone who is new to their spiritual journey. Listen in and make sure to connect with her on IG (@jonnie_agresta) with any questions or comments. If you’re craving mentorship on your spiritual and manifestation journey, reach out to Jonnie and she’d be happy to chat and see how she can best serve you.

418. Yes YOU. And yes NOW. A motivational podcast for accepting your path NOW and going after it

August 23, 2023 16:41 - 19 minutes - 17.7 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares the process of choosing and accepting the path you know you’re meant to be on. You’ll leave feeling empowered, motivated and clear with your next action steps. Be sure to let Jonnie know what came through you AND this is the last call to join this first round of Feminine and Flow. We begin tomorrow… Details are here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/feminineandflow

417. Training yourself to receive pleasure

August 21, 2023 16:08 - 22 minutes - 20.7 MB

Join feminine and flow here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/feminineandflow

416. How to always be in a high vibration

August 19, 2023 16:28 - 40 minutes - 37.7 MB

In this episode Jonnie shares her tools and techniques to stay in a high vibration, regulate your nervous system & make your manifestation journey way easier. Join Feminine and Flow here: https://www.jonnieagresta.com/feminineandflow