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Welcome to That Creative Life, hosted by YouTuber & creative entrepreneur Sara Dietschy. On this podcast you will find candid conversations with the best artists and business professionals in the world. Artists, YouTubers, CEOs and everyone in-between. More information and content from the podcast can be found on Sara Dietschy's YouTube channel, Twitter & Instagram (@SaraDietschy) and also @ThatCreativeLife on Instagram.

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AsapSCIENCE - YouTubers on Building a Creative Team, USA vs Canada and the Crossover of Art & Science

July 06, 2020 21:00 - 1 hour - 83.1 MB

Thank you Skillshare for sponsoring this episode - Greg and Mitch are queer educators who mash together science, art and pop culture to impact people and the planet. Their YouTube channel has 9.3 million subscribers. They began their journey as scientists, and transformed their passion into a force for inspiring millions to love science. When they’re not creating video content, they use their platform to speak on environmental change, que...

Elise Swopes - iPhone ONLY Artist w/ an UNBELIEVABLE Portfolio (Adobe, Nike, Google AND MORE)

June 29, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 63.4 MB

When Elise Swopes first joined Instagram in 2011, she couldn’t have imagined that she’d one day be featured on billboards, in commercials, and on mood boards at agencies across the globe.  She creates all of her graphic content ON HER PHONE and is beginning her forte in Cinema 4D art.   ELISE SWOPES Instagram: Website: Twitter: Adobe LIVE:   THAT CRE...

Andru Edwards - Life BEFORE YouTube as a Tech Influencer (He BLOGGED)

June 22, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 64.4 MB

Andru Edwards is the host of the Gear Live YouTube channel, a trend-setting web magazine, devoted to the high tech lifestyle. He provides news, reviews, and more on all your favorite gadgets, consumer electronics, games, and tech trends.   ANDRU EDWARDS Podcast: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: W...

Shelby & Monica Church - YouTube Sisters with Over 1 Million Subscribers EACH

June 15, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 63.8 MB

Thank you Skillshare for sponsoring this podcast - Shelby & Monica's Podcast Shelby and Monica Church have been on YouTube for over 10 years.  They both have over 1.3m Subscribers and have developed their content over the years to adapt to the platform.  We chat about making over $120K on YouTube Adsense alone, purchasing a new home, and how they go about titling their videos. SHELBY CHURCH Youtube:

Gerald Undone - MAJOR Gear Talk: Custom PCs, Sony vs Canon and Cinema Cameras

June 08, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 61.8 MB

Gerald Undone is a Tech YouTuber who dives DEEP on different tech that is used in the creative process.  He also provides tutorials and guides for content creation using that same gear.   GERALD UNDONE YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Website:   PODCAST GEAR LINKS (AUDIO) Shure Beta 58A ($139) - Zoom H6 - https:...

That Creative Life Will be Back Next Week but Until Then..

June 01, 2020 19:16 - 4 minutes - 3.86 MB Tweet me your receipt, matching up to $1000 @Jo_Franco @Temi.coker @Naomij @Lelegenevieve

Tessa Violet on Having an "Artistic Eye" and Sara Dietschy AMA

May 25, 2020 15:53 - 38 minutes - 35 MB

Subscribe & turn notifications on to be a part of LIVE AMAs - Tessa Violet -\_pyRZS73Q THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Website: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Apple Podcasts: http:/...

How to Lead a Team Remotely and Weird News from Silicon Valley

May 18, 2020 22:47 - 58 minutes - 54 MB

For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to and enter code "thatcreativelife50" Sara chats with biz partner Adam Barker about how to start a second career in software development, leading a remote team of programmers and Silicon Valley shenanigans. ADAM BARKER Twitter:\_adam\_barker Instagram:\_adam\_barker/ Switchboard Discord: Be a part of the Switchboard Beta: https://switchboa...

Stock Market BASICS with Sara's Dad

May 11, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 76 MB

Thank you B&H for sponsoring this podcast! ( Public App (get FREE stock & start trading!): More links below! LINKS TALKED ABOUT IN THIS PODCAST Capture Card to record video games: Camlink (turn your camera into a webcam): Millionaire Next Door book: Public App (get FREE stock & start trading!): NEW Macb...

Musician & Museum Employee turned YouTuber - Ted Forbes Full Creative Spaces TV Interview

May 04, 2020 22:19 - 55 minutes - 50.8 MB

We are going deep into the archives for this one! In 2016 I interviewed Ted Forbes for my YouTube series "Creative Spaces TV". His YouTube channel "The Art of Photography" has over 600k subscribers. It teaches the technical and fine art side of photography. The video only turned out to be 7 minutes long so enjoy the never heard before full interview from Ted's Creative Spaces TV episode. (Plus some Q&A from your girl Sara Peachy) Thank you B&H Photo Video (

Sara & John talk about Leaving NYC and Share How-to-YouTube Tips

April 27, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 71.3 MB

Sara Dietschy (your host) & John Hill (Pro Skater, YouTuber and Sara's Fiance) sit down and chat all things YouTube and New York City. Stay safe everyone! Thank you B&H Photo Video ( for sponsoring this podcast! JOHN HILL YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Progress Daily Channel: Anime Podcast: https:...

UrAvgConsumer - Massive Tech Power Couple with 2.8 Million Subscribers and a Baby on the Way!

April 20, 2020 18:00 - 1 hour - 71.6 MB

Judner and his wife, Arie, are the duo behind UrAvgConsumer.  An easy to understand tech YouTube channel with over 2.8 million subscribers. Thank you B&H Photo Video ( for sponsoring this podcast! URAVGCONSUMER YouTube: Judner's Instagram: Arie's Instagram: Twitter: LINKS TALKED ABOUT IN THIS PODCAST...

Michelle Khare - Her YouTube Series "Challenge Accepted": Training with the FBI, Marines & NASA

April 13, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 66.1 MB

Michelle Khare is a content creator, host, and actress with 1.9 Million YouTube subscribers and over 160 Million views. A former professional cyclist, Michelle lives life to the extreme by taking on intense physical and mental challenges.  Over the course of her videos, you'll see her train with NASA astronauts, the US Marines, the Police academy in California, and even compete in a Miss USA beauty pageant. Thank you B&H Photo Video ( for sponsoring this po...

Liz Eswein - @NewYorkCity on IG, Co-founder of Cycle & Angel Investor

April 06, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 64.8 MB

Liz is an early Instagram creator and snagged @newyorkcity among other very popular Instagram handles.  She is an advisor, investor, and co-founder of Cycle (a digital media company for brands like Nike, Adobe, Netflix and Amazon). Also featured in this episode is a shout out to @DirectRelief an organization supporting the fight against COVID 19. They are providing PPE for health workers, building ICU medication models among many other things beneficial!Find out more and donate at ...

Ali Abdaal - NHS Junior Doctor and Productivity YouTuber

March 30, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 86.9 MB

Ali Abdaal is a Cambridge University medicine graduate, now working as a junior doctor in the UK's National Health Service (NHS).  He spends his free time making YouTube videos and writing articles about medicine, tech, productivity and entrepreneurship. Thank you B&H Photo Video ( for sponsoring this podcast! ALI ABDAAL YouTube: Podcast: Instagram:

Lea Motion - Tumblr Programmer & VFX Artist, Collabing with Will Smith

March 23, 2020 16:34 - 49 minutes - 45.2 MB

Lea Motion is a self-proclaimed Digital Content Creator. She was born in France and is currently living in New York City. Lea balances her life as a mom, programmer, and as a talented VFX artist specializing in anything video related stop motion, cinemagraph, green screen, object levitation, etc. Thank you B&H Photo Video ( for sponsoring this podcast! LEA MOTION Instagram: Twitter: Websi...

Internet Legend Hank Green! Founder of VidCon, Vlogbrothers and His Production Company Complexly

March 16, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 79.7 MB

Hank Green is an OG YouTuber, educator,  #1 best-selling author, science communicator, self-proclaimed nerd, musician, podcaster, and lover of small business.  He and his brother, John Green, started their YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers, in 2007 and they have gone on to many other shows under their educational media company Complexly. Thank you B&H Photo Video ( for sponsoring this podcast! HANK GREEN YouTube: All...

MKBHD - His Expanding Tech Empire, 10 Million Subscribers and Are We At "Peak Smartphone"?

March 09, 2020 11:00 - 1 hour - 65.6 MB

Marques Brownlee is a Tech YouTuber with 10 million subscribers, Pro Ultimate Frisbee Player and the host of the WVFRM podcast ( Thank you B&H Photo Video ( for sponsoring this podcast! MARQUES BROWNLEE YouTube: Twitter: https:// Instagram: Podcast: Website: LINKS FROM THE SHOW B&H Explora - https:...

Stephen Hackett - Co-founder of Relay FM (a podcast network for the creative, curious & obsessive)

March 03, 2020 00:20 - 1 hour - 68 MB

Stephen Hackett is the Co-founder of Relay FM - an independent podcast network for the creative, curious & obsessive. He is also the host of shows covering Apple and the space industry. Thank you B&H Photo Video ( for sponsoring this podcast! STEPHEN HACKETT Twitter: Relay FM Twitter:\_relayfm/ Website: Check out Stephen's new show with tech YouTuber Quinn Nelson! https://www.relay.f...

Making a Living on Instagram with J.N. Silva and Dave Krugman

February 24, 2020 12:00 - 1 hour - 59.6 MB

This week Sara speaks with two professional photographers on Instagram.  J.N Silva began taking pictures as a way of capturing his family life.  Dave Krugman is a photographer and social media consultant.  Together they are building a community of creatives on Instagram.   J.N. SILVA Instagram: Twitter: DAVE KRUGMAN Instagram: Twitter:  ...

Naz Arandi - Advertising at Oglivy to Airbnb Creative Director

February 18, 2020 00:00 - 53 minutes - 48.7 MB

This week Sara is speaking with the Group Creative Director at Airbnb, Naz Arandi.  She speaks on the importance of thoughtful storytelling through architecture and design as well as the design fellowship program at Airbnb. Learn More Here: The tools Naz and her team use

Ian From SeatGeek - How DAVID DOBRIK Changed Influencer Marketing

February 10, 2020 12:00 - 52 minutes - 48 MB

Ian is the self-proclaimed “influence marketing guy” at SeatGeek. He’s been the go-to person for all of David Dobrik’s sponsored videos where he gives away free cars, houses, tuition, and money. IAN FROM SEATGEEK Instagram: Twitter: Team SeatGeek: THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Website: Twitter: Instagram: https:/...

Colin O'Brady - First to Ever Cross Antarctica COMPLETELY Unassisted

February 03, 2020 12:00 - 56 minutes - 51.6 MB

Colin O'Brady is a professional endurance athlete, author, and motivational speaker.  In his book, "The Impossible First" he shares his journey from a tragic burn in the pacific to becoming the first person in the world to travel across Antarctica unassisted.   COLIN O'BRADY Book: Instagram: Twitter: Website:   THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Website: www.t...

Sara's Failed Dream Company - Music Hustle (ft. Adam Barker)

January 27, 2020 12:00 - 52 minutes - 48.1 MB

Sara and her business partner, Adam, review the graveyard of domain names they’ve accrued over the years. RIP Music Hustle. Sign up for the early release of - Follow Adam on Instagram -   THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Website: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: A...

Influencer Marketing EXPLAINED (by an influencer)

January 20, 2020 12:00 - 58 minutes - 53.4 MB

Send this to a person who is confused about Influencer marketing. Here is a bitly of that AdAge article I talked about -   THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Website: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google:

Razer SVP of Marketing & Sales (CES Special!)

January 13, 2020 12:00 - 30 minutes - 28 MB

Razer™ is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers and now creators.  They have a fan base that spans every continent and has won the Best of CES for an unprecedented seven years in a row, including People’s Choice Award, Best PC, Best Gaming Device and Best Concept, among others.   Follow the That Creative Life Twitter for fun memes:   RAZER Website: Twitter: Instagram: https://www.i...

Razer VP of Sales & Marketing (CES Special!)

January 13, 2020 12:00 - 30 minutes - 28 MB

Razer™ is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers and now creators.  They have a fan base that spans every continent and has won the Best of CES for an unprecedented seven years in a row, including People’s Choice Award, Best PC, Best Gaming Device and Best Concept, among others.   Follow the That Creative Life Twitter for fun memes:   RAZER Website: Twitter: Instagram: https://www.i...

Brett Conti - Starting a Clothing Company from SCRATCH

January 06, 2020 12:00 - 57 minutes - 52.6 MB

– BRETT CONTI – Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: FortuneNY:   – THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST – Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google: Website: Instagram: YouTube:

a FRANK Conversation about Creative Collaboration & College

December 30, 2019 20:36 - 43 minutes - 39.8 MB

Send this podcast to a young creative person about to go or currently attending college. Thanks for listening.   Sara's newsletter:   JO FRANCO YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:   JOHN HILL YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: https://twitter...

How to Reach the RIGHT Audience & VC Funding vs Bootstrapping with David and Nik

December 17, 2019 01:28 - 1 hour - 90.8 MB

David and Nik are some of my favorite people! Nik does consulting for up and coming DTC brands and David is on a mission to teach 1,000s of people to write online, share their ideas, and build an audience. Please check out their links below!   Sara's newsletter:   DAVID PERELL Website / blog: Twitter: Course: North Star Podcast: https://www....

Virtual Influencers, Commentary Channels and is being a Jack of All Trades Worth It?

December 09, 2019 21:21 - 1 hour - 59.6 MB

Sara sits down with her boyfriend, pro skater and fellow YouTuber John Hill to discuss the creative challenges in their field. Sign up for my newsletter - Subscriber to John's Podcast "Intro to Anime" - First John Hill That Creative Life episode -   - JOHN HILL - Podcast (Apple) -

Meet the Agency that Helped Make Sweetgreen, Quip and Harry's

November 25, 2019 12:00 - 1 hour - 58.1 MB

Emmett Shine started his agency Gin Lane ten years ago where they designed websites, apps and overall brand for DTC companies like Warby Parker, Sweetgreen, Harry's and many more. They have also done projects with Nike, Bose, GE and Whole Foods. Gin Lane is now Pattern Brands. Pattern is a multi-brand consumer goods company owned and operated under one roof, with each of its brands working together toward one mission: To help our generation find more enjoyment in daily life.   – E...

Fun For Louis - Daily Vlog Burnout, World Trip Documentary and His Social Impact Project

November 18, 2019 11:00 - 48 minutes - 44.3 MB

Louis is one of the original daily travel vloggers on YouTube.  He is curating beautiful and inspiring content from a global travel community that shares the same passion for adventure & social change.  He recently completed his first circumnavigation and is wrapping up the documentary from that trip.     – LOUIS COLE – Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: https://w...

Shelby Church - 10 years on YouTube w/ 1 Million Subscribers and Her Startup for Freelancers

November 11, 2019 11:00 - 47 minutes - 43.9 MB

Shelby Chruch is a lifestyle YouTuber living in Los Angeles.  She has been on YouTube for over 10 years and knows when to make a pivot to push her channel forward.  Shelby has also created a website specifically for finding freelancers.  Visit it here: Listen to TCL episode with Monica Church here:   – SHELBY CHURCH – Youtube: Twitter: https...

Jarvis Johnson Exposes Exactly what the YouTube Algorithm Wants

November 04, 2019 12:00 - 1 hour - 85.1 MB

Jarvis is a software engineer turned YouTuber with 1 million YouTube subscribers. He has mastered the YouTube algorithm through his hilarious commentary and exploration of the dark side of YouTube animation.    – JARVIS JOHNSON – Youtube: Twitter: Instagram:   – THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST – Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Go...

The iPhone App That Will Change EVERYTHING - Siri Shortcuts with Matthew Cassinelli

October 28, 2019 11:00 - 56 minutes - 51.9 MB

Matthew Cassinelli is a Siri Shortcuts expert after working at Workflow before Apple acquired the team. He wrote the original documentation and built many of the Shortcuts in the Gallery today.   – MATTHEW CASSINELLI – Youtube: Twitter: Website & Podcast:   – THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST – Apple Podcasts: Spotify:

Selling DTC Startup for $100 million in 2 years! Native Deodorant CEO Moiz Ali Shares His Story

October 21, 2019 11:00 - 56 minutes - 51.8 MB

Moiz Ali launched Native Deodorant in July 2015 with almost no marketing budget. He kept his team small and within 2 years sold Native to P&G for $100 million. Native is now dominating the natural deodorant market and in this episode, we talk about his journey as CEO of Native.   – MOIZ ALI – Twitter: Instagram: Email:  [email protected] Native:     – THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST – App...

Austin Augie Returns! Professional BMX Rider Enters the Modeling Industry

October 14, 2019 11:00 - 50 minutes - 46.6 MB

Austin Augie has gone from being a BMX rider & YouTuber living in New York City to a professional model working with clothing brands like Michael Kors. In this episode we breakdown his journey in modeling, YouTube, and what his goals are now that he has become a professional BMX rider.   – AUSTIN AUGIE – YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:   – THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST – Apple Podca...

Becki and Chris - He's a Doctor, She's a YouTuber and They Own a Helicopter?

October 07, 2019 17:59 - 1 hour - 57.3 MB

Becki and Chris are a married couple living in Buffalo, NY. They started their blog in 2011 as a way to document their first home renovation back in Newfoundland.  In 2016, they moved to Vancouver so Chris could complete one year of sub-specialty training in interventional radiology and now they're creating weekly videos on their YouTube Channel.     - BECKI AND CHRIS - YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: htt...

Let's Talk About MONEY with Nick Valenta

October 01, 2019 14:51 - 1 hour - 70.7 MB

Nick manages money and builds brands at the Arion Group. Enjoy the wide ranging conversation about how to start investing your money, building your brand and maybe a little Bitcoin talk.   Nick started an Instagram! - The Arion Group -   Jo Franco - Jo's Video about financial advice she wish she knew -   THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Instagra...

Importance of Moving to a Big City, the iPhone 11 & Dropping Out of College | A Chat with Sara

September 23, 2019 21:15 - 40 minutes - 37 MB

Drop a review on Apple Podcasts if your a fan of the show :)   THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Instagram: YouTube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google: "JOIN" on for the exclusive video version of the podcast. Website:   SARA DIETSCHY YouTube:...

India K - Working for a big NYC Agency, Personal Branding & the Ups and Downs of Instagram

September 16, 2019 18:35 - 47 minutes - 43.8 MB

My dear friend India! India is an artist and was a senior producer for Vayner Media. After 7 years of working for an NYC agency she's ready for a change and moving to Portland! In this podcast we discuss: Facebook before the algorithm, India's GOOD college experience, the journey from a community manager to senior producer at Vayner Media and her collaboration with Urban Outfitters.   INDIA K Instagram: Twitter:

Andrew Huang - Viral Musician & YouTube Star

September 09, 2019 14:15 - 53 minutes - 48.8 MB

Andrew Huang sings, plays every instrument under the sun and creates weekly YouTube videos for his audience of 1.7 million. In this podcast we talk about his transition from comedy music, how to monetize as a musician on YouTube and the importance of music theory. ANDREW HUANG YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify:

Matt D'Avella - His Climb to 2 Million YouTube Subscribers, Getting Sued and His Netflix Documentary

September 02, 2019 11:00 - 1 hour - 66.4 MB

Matt D'Avella is a minimalist, filmmaker and YouTuber. He made the Netflix documentary "Minimalism" and has exploded to 2 million YouTube this past year. We talk about his beginning on YouTube, what makes a good documentary and how to get a film on Netflix. THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Instagram: YouTube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google: http:...

That Creative Life is back!

August 26, 2019 17:06 - 33 minutes - 31.1 MB

A quick look back at some of my favorite episodes from last year. We will be back in full swing next Monday with our first guest back from the break Matt D'avella! Listen to the full podcasts from this episode at http://ThatCreative.Life or the links below! Peter Mckinnon - Roberto Blake - Kara Goldin - https://www.thatcreative...

Lizzie Peirce & Her Career Shift - Video Producer Turns Full-Time YouTuber

May 06, 2019 15:12 - 1 hour - 56.9 MB

At only 26 years old, Lizzie has built the company and personal brand that most only dream of. Some of her previous clients include Corona, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Northface, and The Scotland Tourism Board. Lizzie is now a sought after social media influencer with a specialty in educational photography and video content. She travels all over the world sharing her adventures with her audience. THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Instagram: YouTub...

The Wild West of Podcasting and How to Sell to Advertisers

April 29, 2019 10:00 - 59 minutes - 54.4 MB

Amanda McLoughlin is a podcaster, business builder and CEO of Multitude, an independent podcast collective and consultancy based in New York City. Multitude produces original shows, publishes free resources for podcasters, and helps clients of all sizes create, market, and grow great shows. Her career is dedicated to helping other creators make a living by making great stuff online. THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Website: Instagram:

Jon Rettinger - Selling TechnoBuffalo, Samsung Galaxy Fold and Apple Losing Pro Users

April 22, 2019 10:00 - 54 minutes - 50 MB

Jonathan Rettinger is the former president of, a technology and gadget review site. He is now focusing completely on creating videos for his 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Rettinger has appeared on CNBC and FOX Business, and his product reviews, news and hands-on videos are viewed by millions each month. THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Website: Instagram: YouTube:

Sara's Very Lucky & Strange Move to NYC

April 15, 2019 10:00 - 1 hour - 63.7 MB

Alison Chace is a highly sought after commercial actress, lifestyle and entertainment television host, voice-over talent, and entrepreneur. She also was a massive help in Sara finding her first apartment in NYC and played a fundamental role in hosting Sara's first NYC Networking event. THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Website: Instagram: YouTube: Apple Podcasts:

The Art of Photography — Ted Forbes Defining Success, Switching to an iPad and Timeless Photography

April 01, 2019 10:00 - 1 hour - 66.4 MB

Ted Forbes is a photographer and filmmaker. He produces a successful YouTube channel called The Art of Photography. His work centers around photography, education and he has worked with many of the great living photographers as part of his "Artist Series" project. THAT CREATIVE LIFE PODCAST Website: Instagram: YouTube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: htt...


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