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Two "ex-housewives" Watching, Recapping, Armchair Quarterbacking, Breaking Down all the Breaking News. Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge team up to Tell All. Listen each week as they watch and rehash as only they can. Who knows housewives better than housewives?! Right?! Teddi and Tamra are Two Ts in a Pod. (Telling All).

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August 30, 2022 02:42 - 56 minutes - 52 MB

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills... Teddi and Tamra are reviewing the timeline of all the recent news.   Our hearts go out to Garcelle and her son, Jax.   Then... Vikki said what about Tamra??!!! Oh boy...Tamra responds.   We are feeling kinda MEH on the Dubai finale but at least we will get to see the CROWN at the reunion! Of course, the Twots are recapping ATL… tune in for the fashion without fashions!! See for privacy information.

Two T’s Getting the Tea with LESA MILAN

August 23, 2022 19:00 - 29 minutes - 26.7 MB

Lesa is more! We're going one on one with Real Housewives of Dubai star Lesa Milan Hall. From Nip Slips, the Reunion, to where do things stand between Lesa and Caroline Stanbury now. Plus, we go over all the reunion looks and Lesa tells us how she really feels about that crown… We're getting to it all TWOTS style. See for privacy information.

The "Meaning" of Life

August 23, 2022 02:39 - 42 minutes - 38.8 MB

Teddi wants to talk. She's going one on one with you to talk LVP. Teddi and Tamra discuss Lisa Rinna's video statement and what it all “means". Did Tamra know about Vicky's new pod with Kelly?  Let's gets the tea. Plus, we're recapping Atlanta... See for privacy information.

Sipping on some Bailey’s!

August 19, 2022 19:23 - 1 hour - 61.8 MB

Cynthia Bailey is here spilling everywhere! We get the inside scoop on Teresa’s wedding and what that hairdo looked like in person!! Plus, Cynthia tells us what went down between her and Kenya at the wedding. Cynthia opens up about her mom being diagnosed with breast cancer and how important it is to get mammograms regularly and prioritize our health. And of course, we recap Dubai… Chanel Ayan’s story touched us all. See for privacy information.

MAYER of the Year

August 19, 2022 00:53 - 54 minutes - 50.2 MB

Dubai reunion serving looks! Who was best dressed?? And worst? The Twots debate Caroline Brooks’ crown. We all agree on one thing this week… Dorit’s daughter Phoenix stole the show!! Fun fact:  John Mayer is on Raya and his picture features one of our very own Twots… Plus… Tamra has a Ouija board story thats giving us chills! Eeeek!! See for privacy information.

It’s a Family Affair

August 16, 2022 01:32 - 59 minutes - 54.7 MB

The Twots are sipping champagne breaking down the juiciest Housewives stories. Dorit and Mauricio?!! That’s a headline we didn’t see coming… Teddi weighs in on her two BFFs. Should Melissa leave RHONJ in the midst of all her family drama?? Plus, Tamra’s ex, Simon, is single and CUT Fitness is closing... oh my! And, a RHOA debate the Twots can’t agree on — how do you feel about Sanya’s husband!? See for privacy information.

Say Yes to the Dress

August 12, 2022 00:22 - 53 minutes - 49 MB

Breaking news: Tamra and Teresa had the same wedding dress designer!! Who wore it best - Tamra or Teresa?! You be the judge!!  Are Melissa and Joe stronger than ever? Or are they putting on a brave face? This week’s RHOBH was filled with lots of drama, tears and Melissa Etheridge!! Plus, Teddi and Tamra decide which BH husband they’d rather be married to… See for privacy information.

Big Hair, Don’t Care

August 08, 2022 23:08 - 44 minutes - 40.6 MB

This wedding will go down in Hairstory!! The wedding we have all been waiting for… Teresa and Luis tie the knot and it did not disappoint! The Hair.The Bridesmaids.Dorinda. Alexia. Phaedra. Cynthia. Kenya. Chanel. Jackie. Dolores. Jennifer. Jill. Margaret. Phaedra.Gone Missing:  Dina, Melissa and Joe. So… Is it really all rainbows and butterflies inside the Love Bubble?! We think not. Then we go to Jamaica with the ATL Housewives… are couples trips ever a good idea?! See

Is this Reality??

August 06, 2022 16:29 - 56 minutes - 52.1 MB

Teddi had a very weird dream last night… and our dear Vicki was in it. We are recapping it ALL — Atlanta, Dubai, Beverly Hills… our cup runneth over! Plus, which Dubai Housewife reminds Teddi of herself. But one thing we simply cannot handle… the sound of Sutton making chicken salad… HELP!!!! See for privacy information.

Twots, Texting feuds, European tours

August 05, 2022 23:02 - 43 minutes - 40.2 MB

Teddi and Jim Edmonds are going at it!  We don’t know whether to cringe, cry or get out the popcorn! Tamra dishes on her European vacation! Taylor Armstrong is back but this time she’s holding an orange. How does Tamra feel about her new cast-mate?? Plus, find out which Housewife is declining to be on the pod. Hint: she’s thirsty. See for privacy information.

Long Live the KING

July 28, 2022 23:41 - 1 hour - 55.8 MB

Meghan King is a TWOT. Teddi shares a massive bombshell of a DM that she received and it shocks Meghan to her core… As if that’s not enough, Meghan is recapping BH and Dubai with us… There is so much to dissect… Caroline Stanbury’s Wedding to Sergio, PK and Dorit’s argument and uh…. Sutton’s date. Can we please talk about that cat sweater??! But there is one thing Teddi and Meghan can agree on… Vicki!! See for privacy information.

Life’s A Peach

July 25, 2022 21:17 - 49 minutes - 44.9 MB

Hot hot Housewives Headlines Why is Kathy Hilton tweeting out her number?! Is Phaedra returning to RHOA? Also, Tamra has a gut feeling that ?????? will return to BH… can you guess who it is?? And, of course we are recapping RHOA. Marlo is sureeee bringing the drama!! Is she earning her peach or is it starting to get too ridiculous?? See for privacy information.

Mean Dirty Housewives

July 23, 2022 00:05 - 1 hour - 70.7 MB

Tamra is giving us all the scoop from New York!WWHL BTS…so juicy!Seeing Sutton!!  Tamra’s spilling so much tea! We are sad to see Ultimate Girls Trip S2 come to an end.  So many tears, shirt dresses and canoes. Our takeaway:  Brandi is Queen BH was the messiest of them all… oh man… this episode was rough! See for privacy information.

All Rise... The Judge is Back in Session!

July 21, 2022 02:38 - 31 minutes - 29.2 MB

Things are getting REAL...AGAIN!!! And...she's back in the OC!! Tamra is heading back to the Real Housewives of OC and she's telling us EVERYTHING!! (including  all that drama with Jill...) How does Eddie, Tamra's husband, feel about filming again??!! And, let's talk about a threesome that won't happen... Vicki, Teddi and Tamra...eek. See for privacy information.

Brandi, You're a Fine Girl... What A Good Wife You Would Be…

July 18, 2022 04:00 - 40 minutes - 37.6 MB

Brandi Glanville joins the TWOTS to recap Girls Trip!  Oh What a Trip it is! We're going for it...talking Bravo Con Flirtations and Brandi and Taylor's relationship TODAY.Teddi and Tamra ask Brandi about their "eyebrows".  Plus, who Brandi prefers Teddi or Tamra. And, Brandi has a new song dissing a lot of housewives... See for privacy information.

Introducing: I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast

July 15, 2022 04:00 - 1 minute - 1.42 MB

The I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast, hosted by actor and director Michael Rapaport is officially joining the iHeartPodcast Network family! Every Tuesday and Friday, listeners will hear Michael share his strong, funny & offensive points of view on life, sports, music, film & everything in between. Listen and subscribe to I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast on the iHeartRadio App or wherever you get your podcasts. See omnystudio.c...

Tiny Hats and Shady Words

July 15, 2022 00:39 - 37 minutes - 34.7 MB

Are you Team Sutton or Team Diana??? BH is so MESSY! Erika apologizes…Everyone has a crush on Garcelle’s … son! Eek Diana keeps licking her lips and wearing tiny hats…Kyle kisses Maurico’s Dad… And, we are still snoozing through Dubai.  See for privacy information.


July 13, 2022 02:26 - 1 hour - 84 MB

Did you think we were avoiding you????!!! Nah!   The TWOTS are fired up and dishing all the dirt. Jen Shah...OH MY...what do we think?   Teddi discusses she biased because it's her best friend?  You be the judge. Dubai...are you bored...the TWOTS are a tad bored. Atlanta - YES YES!  Gimme More! See for privacy information.

Happy 4th of July!

July 04, 2022 04:00 - 1 minute - 1.15 MB

See for privacy information.

Tamra gets Naked… again

July 01, 2022 16:10 - 1 hour - 67.1 MB

Girls Trip…Tamra gets naked, Dorinda gets mad, Garcelle throws shade at Teddi & Tamra. And, we thought we were friends again!! You aren’t a good Housewife if you don’t have receipts… and Tamra shows them all. Plus… is Diana the villain we all wanted?! The Twots chime in! See for privacy information.

Eyebrows, OH MY!

June 29, 2022 01:49 - 1 hour - 77.7 MB

Tamra is back on TV and she’s here telling all!  It wouldn’t be a housewives trip without Vicki going to the hospital, Brandi having one too many glasses of wine and Dorinda making it NICE at Blue Stone Manor! If you’re feeling like a little tea…you’ve come to the right place! And then… the eyebrows…  Super-fan / Celeb Hairstylist, Justin Anderson is joining in. See for privacy information.

Vicki Gunvalsonning for Teddi

June 24, 2022 01:20 - 1 hour - 61.3 MB

Vicki said, "I don't know Teddi Mellencamp but I don't like Teddi Mellencamp" hmmmmmm Teddi responds. Plus, Justin Sylvester is filling in for Tamra… he used to be Kyle Richards’ assistant and boy does he have all the tea from when RHOBH first started…. Between Teddi, Justin and all the truth serum, this pod is out of control!! See for privacy information.

Two T’s getting the Tea with DREW SIDORA

June 23, 2022 04:00 - 44 minutes - 40.9 MB

DREW is spilling all the peachy tea! Drew’s relationship with her husband is the center of the drama on RHOA… what’s going on when the cameras are off!!?? Plus, is therapy every Monday the key to success! Lastly… Where are the receipts?!!! And is Marlo going to lose her peach?? See for privacy information.

I’ll have a “Glam-Light”

June 21, 2022 23:46 - 49 minutes - 45.7 MB

Teddi unfollowed Vicki… the TWOTS tell you why.   Tamra is in NYC with all the RHUGT ladies!! What’s up with those kissing videos of Tamra?? We are recapping all things Atlanta and debating  donating clothes and dating people in prison. Plus, Dorinda surprises the TWOTS to address rumors during Housewife Headlines. See for privacy information.

9 Year Itch

June 17, 2022 00:13 - 50 minutes - 46.5 MB

Tamra’s been married 9 years!  Let's relive that iconic OC wedding special and reveal BTS you never knew. Is she still friends with all her bridesmaids? And what about Teddi?! Is it completely outrageous to travel with your glam squad?! (Ha!) The Twots discuss.  RHOBH is about to get real goooood and real messy … Hi Erika! And Dubai… it’s still making us snooze. But, would you keep the goat? See for privacy information.

WTH in the ATL

June 15, 2022 16:15 - 46 minutes - 42.8 MB

Who gave Teddi covid?! A listener asked the TWOT's how much plastic surgery they have had?  Appropriate question?? Probably not...but they answered! A little OC drama when Kelly Dodd called in while Tamra was a guest on Jeff Lewis'....EEK! Atlanta Recap:  We need help from all the social sleuths out there...are Sheree and Tyrone still together? See for privacy information.

Two T's getting the Tea with LARSA PIPPEN

June 13, 2022 04:00 - 30 minutes - 28.1 MB

This interview is PIPPEN hot with the tea!! Tamra is nervous because Larsa has a bone to pick with Teddi!!!! Find out why this Miami Housewife is mad at Teddi. Will they resolve their issues??  Plus, where do Larsa and Scottie stand today? And will she ever get married again? See for privacy information.

Lovely Lois and Fiesta de Housewives

June 09, 2022 05:00 - 32 minutes - 29.8 MB

Let's all take a moment to honor Lois.  Then, let's join the ladies on the trip to Mexico on Diana's jet but even a private plane can't stop the drama between Sutton and Crystal.How do we all feel about Real Housewives of Dubai?  Is it boring?  The TWOTS weigh in and it may not be pretty. See for privacy information.


June 08, 2022 02:09 - 52 minutes - 47.8 MB

First up the MTV Awards...Hear all about why Sutton was not friendly to the TWOTS and how Teresa and Tamra made up. Some housewives seating drama.  (one housewife sat down which made another leave) Then, after the show...the TWOTS went to Tom Tom and Teddi's telling all about her talk with LVP. As if this wasn't enough, the TWOTS went to WANGO TANGO and one 'reality star' was quite rude...who could it be???? See for privacy information.

OC Goodbyes and Hello Dubai

June 03, 2022 00:50 - 52 minutes - 48.2 MB

Will the Twots survive the MTV Movie Awards…. It could get dicey! In the meantime… The premiere of DUBAI is finally here!! Money, big yachts and loads of champagne - just how the Twots like it!! In a shocking turn of events… Teddi is impressed by Garcelle on RHOBH this week!! Find out why the Twots think she earned her paycheck… Plus… did Shannon spill the beans about the RHOC cast next season??! See for privacy information.

Two T’s Getting the Tea with MONIQUE SAMUELS

May 30, 2022 04:00 - 35 minutes - 32.6 MB

This Ex-Potomac Housewife isn’t holding back and we are LOVING it!! She tells us all about her dramatic exit from housewives, why she refused to do RHUGT and addresses her “alleged” beef with Andy. But most importantly… does she talk to Candiace after that infamous brawl?? Her hilarious response may shock you… See for privacy information.

Drama in the Desert

May 27, 2022 15:44 - 42 minutes - 38.9 MB

What better way to make sense of the madness on RHOBH then to go straight to the source.  Teddi texted Crystal to understand what was happening in La Quinta and bringing that info to you.  Longtime friendships are struggling b/c of BTS drama. Then, we head to Atlanta for even more drama. The Twots are officially invested!! The Twots make a discovery about the marriage counselor… did you know?? See for privacy information.

Two T’s Getting the Tea with LEAH MCSWEENEY

May 23, 2022 04:00 - 33 minutes - 30.5 MB

Princess Leah Teddi has some beef with Leah McSweeney and they are going to hash it out!  (Are they????). This Twitter war has a hilarious ending… Why didn’t RHONY have a reunion last season???  Why???? Leah is here to tell us what happened during filming AND most importantly, what happened after.  Leah shocks us with the Housewife she isn’t speaking to… Leah joins the TWOTs to talk running around naked with tiki torches to our own mental health and everything in between! Plus, Leah’s feelin...

Two T’s Getting the Tea with FRANK CATANIA

May 20, 2022 17:49 - 38 minutes - 35.5 MB

Let’s Be Frank. This is quite frankly the best episode ever!! Our first Husband, Frank Catania is joining the Twots straight from David’s House and… IT’S NICE!!!! Did Frank ask Dolores for permission before moving in with her ex?? Is David really dating Luis’ ex?! This is crazy!!!! But we love it. For the TWOTS when it rains it pours!! It’s the RHONJ reunion!! How are Dolores and Frank after that infamous “Buzz” comment?? And what happened to Traci?! Frank is giving us all the tea! Solid gol...

It wasn't good enough for Erika...

May 19, 2022 23:40 - 48 minutes - 44.3 MB

Life's a Beach The Twot's are at the Beach!  They are live from Teddi's Beach House (The one that Erika wouldn't stay at...but it's good enough for Tamra!)  Jersey finale is over and Andy is MAD. No one has ever seen him this mad!!  Atlanta is serving us some realllly shady Tea...Peachy Tea!  BH is getting better and better!  Tamra has a surprise for Teddi!  They're having lunch with...TAYLOR ARMSTRONG!  Stay tuned for the recap of that!  P.S. Happy Birthday Harry Hamlin! See omnystu...

Two T’s Getting the Tea with CARLOS KING

May 13, 2022 19:00 - 44 minutes - 40.5 MB

Is he really the King??!?!? Who knows Housewives better than the guy who knows how the secret sauce is made?Behind every good Housewife is a… Producer! The TWOTS are not letting Carlos King off the hook without getting some major BTS.  (he produced RHONJ and RHOA) Teddi confronts Carlos because he recently threw some shade right at her!  OHHHHH....AWKWARD Carlos is dishing about Teddi's firing, a craft services shocker, his favorite housewife, and his views on The Ladies of the View! See ...

Neck and Neck

May 13, 2022 01:12 - 45 minutes - 41.6 MB

Talk about breathing down someone's neck… Teddi's talking about her neck deep situation. Tamra gets very emotional about her relationship with another Real Housewife.  (And we're feeling for her....)   If this isn't enough, we're recapping BH and it's getting HOT.  Teddi's talking about all her former castmates and puting a rumor to rest about Dorit's home invasion. Plus, come on Frank...get your own house!  What's goin' on?! Wow...our tea cup runneth over! See for p...

Two T’s Getting the Tea with JACKIE GOLDSCHNEIDER

May 09, 2022 04:00 - 29 minutes - 26.8 MB

She has a heart of Gold-schneider! RHONJ fan favorite, Jackie Goldschneider has realized it’s time to sit down with the TWOTs. She’s prepping us for the rest of the finale by telling us if she thinks Melissa should have been a bridesmaid, how last season almost destroyed her family and insight on the tension between Teresa and the rest of the cast. Plus the Twots asked her… did she get the Vicki?!! See for privacy information.

Tamra's Back Travelin' with the Housewives on Girls Trip

May 06, 2022 00:42 - 38 minutes - 35.2 MB

Tamra's going on Girls Trip and the trailer is HERE.  Tamra reveals what Eddie is NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT, Vicki heads to the hospital and we find out who was overserved. Plus, Atlanta premieres...New Jersey Reunion is on...and the drama is delicious. See for privacy information.

Two Ts Getting the Tea with CRYSTAL KUNG MINKOFF

May 02, 2022 04:00 - 38 minutes - 35.7 MB

Crystal clear!  Tam and Crystal went full twinsies in the same dress and it bonded them for life. Teddi and Crystal have been friends for years, but that makes things real awkward when Teddi confronts her about being “different” on TV than IRL. We learn who is bringing the drama this season. And of course, Kiss Marry Kill BH edition. See for privacy information.

Thirsty TWOTs in NAPA

April 28, 2022 04:00 - 40 minutes - 37 MB

The Twots are tipsy again. Tamra has lost her mind after being mistaken for… another housewife!!!  Even while away the recaps will stay. Jersey and OC… here we go.  The OC Reunion has ended and the TOWTs make their guesses on who will be invited back next season. Do you agree?! See for privacy information.


April 25, 2022 02:39 - 59 minutes - 54.9 MB

Teddi and her besties Rinna, Kyle and Erika are sipping champagne and we stuck microphones in their faces. The BH gals are spilling shocking amounts of tea aka Champagne. They are dishing so much dirt we had to get the bleep button out! And we play kiss, marry, kill with each others husband’s AND Ex’s! See for privacy information.

Snoozy Reunion

April 22, 2022 17:18 - 40 minutes - 36.8 MB

OC wasn’t a trainwreck… it wasn’t a hot mess… there was no drama… it was dull!! The Two T’s don’t sugarcoat… Teddi and Tamra are doing fashion reviews — best and worst dressed at the reunion. Their worst dressed pick could cost them their jobs… Also… We CAN’T with Teresa. Why is she a grumpa-saurus?? See for privacy information.

Two T’s Getting the Tea with CAROLINE STANBURY

April 19, 2022 21:43 - 25 minutes - 23.5 MB

We “Stan”bury this new housewife!! This former Lady of London is back at it on Real Housewives of Dubai. She’s spilling tea and giving us the inside scoop on the new Housewife franchise and she does not disappoint. Plus, how did she meet her hunky husband?? And will they have kids?? Could this approach work for you?! She tells all… See for privacy information.

Watch What Happens W T F

April 14, 2022 22:16 - 55 minutes - 50.9 MB

Why isn’t Heather following her fellow Housewives??? What’s up with that! Why does Garcelle feel she is closer to Kathy than her own sister Kyle?? Hmmmm…. The TWOTS address these oddities and telling all about a very strange Watch What Happens Live episode! Are you team Teresa or Marge?  Pick a side as the tea is being spilled everywhere. Plus, Teddi unfollowed a fired housewife this week… and tells us the juicy reason why! See for privacy information.

Two T’s Getting the Tea with DOLORES CATANIA

April 11, 2022 04:00 - 35 minutes - 32.5 MB

Dolores yourself a favor… Catan-ia how quickly you need to listen to this episode. Dolores spills on the absurd reason why she was excluded form Teresa’s engagement party. Then, she admits she still overwhelmed by what happened at the RHONJ reunion… She has not recovered from it! At a very low moment for Teddi, Dolores reached out and was unbelievably kind. Teddi for the first time shares the details behind that conversation. See for privacy information.

Housewives on Mt. Rushmore

April 08, 2022 17:23 - 1 hour - 55.2 MB

Fired Housewives are on Fire....right?!?!?! Using Bethenny Frankel's Housewives Mt. Rushmore as inspo...the TWOTS name who they think deserves a spot on Mt. Rushmore. As they dig in to this weeks RHOC, Tamra thinks it's just mean girls vs sad you agree?!?!? And, Housewives breaking news... we're breaking down the just released trailer for RHOBH!! See for privacy information.

When Teddi’s away, Braunwyn will play

April 01, 2022 16:27 - 1 hour - 69.9 MB

Braunwyn Windham is filling in for Teddi while she is out for spring break and the tea is steaming hot. We’re talking name changes, significant others, the truth behind her relationship with Noella, and Tamra and Braunwyn’s bond.  Braunwyn is such an epic guest host, we made her an honorary Twot! (Oh, and we’re recapping NJ & OC too!) See for privacy information.

Two T’s Getting the Tea with KANDI BURRUSS

March 28, 2022 04:00 - 27 minutes - 25.3 MB

I want Kandi!! RHOA fan favorite, Kandi Burruss is joining the Twots. Kandi explains why being in the Big Brother house was way harder than Housewives.  Kandi had concerns that this season of Atlanta would feel lack luster without two of the OG housewives but she was pleasantly surprised. Find out why! See for privacy information.

Two T’s Getting the Tea with LUANN DE LESSEPS

March 25, 2022 17:48 - 30 minutes - 28.2 MB

Luann gives an honest and vulnerable explanation of her less than desirable appearance on stage the other night. Plus, there is obviously major breaking news in the RHONY world… Luann explains what’s happening and whether or not she’ll be involved. Luann tells the ladies were she stands with Bethenny and Dorinda. See for privacy information.