"Sometimes, the advantage is not being on the inside. " - David Borish

Charlie welcomes David Borish (serial entrepreneur, innovation thought-leader, and co-Founder of neo 360) to the show, whose extensive experience launching and selling companies makes him an expert on how to find problems to solve, and how to develop solutions, that can be turned into sustainable businesses. In particular, Charlie and David discuss how he finds opportunities and solutions that are truly ground-breaking. David's expertise is discovering new technologies (and new uses for existing technologies) which has brought him incredible opportunities -- including a recent partnership with Damon John (Shark Tank, investor and founder of FUBU).

David offers key insights on how we should be thinking about emerging technologies like AI, VR, quantum computing (we'll go more into this with him in future episodes). Stay tuned for updates on our next episode with David (in a couple of weeks) on quantum computing! We can't wait! 😎



A visionary and serial entrepreneur, David has spent his 16-year career devising innovative concepts that have shaken up multiple industries time and again. He currently serves as the Co-Founder of neo 360, a start-up that developed a touchscreen video control technology that is now used by sports leagues and teams around the World. Focusing on going against the grain and figuring out solutions to problems that most aren't even aware of, he has a knack for taking a unique concept from conception all the way through to product-market fit.

David's first innovative business dates all the back to 2003. At that time, he created a groundbreaking eBay drop-off franchise named Sell Your Stuff, this franchise concept was hit for David, creating an opportunity for his next businesses, which would prove to be career-defining. The year was 2008, and David saw an opportunity in the lending industry: he founded the first security-based loan originator, aggregating multiple securities portfolios together in order to empower borrowers and put them within reach of more favorable loan terms from all the major banks. Over the next two years, MCG grew at a breakneck pace, leading to a 2010 acquisition by Rockwood Capital Private Equity Group.

He then shifted his attention to the mobile industry and Co-founded Moguls Mobile with FUBU founder and Shark Tank star Daymond John, where they created fashion-forward mobile accessories, many of which were first of it's kind.

David is a New York native, born and raised in the City, and over the last decade, his stock has risen meteorically, generating immense demand for him as a speaker, advisor, and consultant. He is a noted leader in entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology, and media outlets Forbes Magazine, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, and CNBC have done features on him. As much as he has achieved during his career, he remains singular in his concentration on finding and developing the next big thing.

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