Tanya is having a baby (maybe tonight?) so we prerecorded a "Why isn't Charles Martinet Mario anymore?" special in advance. We hope it tides you over until we're back on the mic proper again!

0:00:00 - The Mario Martinet Special
0:01:35 - A Brief History of Marios
0:02:50 - Enter Charles, the Tangible Mario
0:03:35 - The Pratt Factor
0:06:29 - I "Wonder" What's Next?
0:07:59 - Nintendo Tries a Bait and "Switch"
0:08:55 - What's a Mario Ambassador?
0:11:03 - Jonathan is a Martinet Truther
0:11:38 - Solid Snake Simulation
0:13:14 - Batmen
0:17:08 - Is Charles Martinet Retiring?
0:20:24 - Nintendo's Handling of Bayonetta
0:22:08 - Jonathan is the "Holy Shit" Guy
0:24:48 - The Anti-Mario Mind Virus
0:26:53 - The Latest Report from the Mario Front
0:29:50 - Mario's Going Off to His Home Planet

Also Jonathan was drawing a new comic for backers of the show on patreon but then he lost it! So he's redrawing it again! Tonight! Get ready for it!!!

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