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A man talks to women about videogames old and new. A place to hear voices that you won't find anywhere else.

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Excuse Me Sir, Zelda Movie Minecrat Transphobia?

November 22, 2023 16:12 - 1 hour - 189 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about what it takes to keep true to your core while expanding your audience, using Dectective Pikachu, Pokemon Go, and Molly Mooon's Excuse Me, Sir as examples of Do's and Don'ts. Guest Melissa chats about the pros and cons of a Zelda live action movie, and Christina tells all about the joys and pains of being one of the best pixel artists in the world, currently working on Minecraft. 0:00:00 - Trigger Warning 0:00:21 - A New Life Situation 0:04:14 - The Two Types o...

Silent Hill's new Twists Stray from Typecasting

November 07, 2023 15:56 - 1 hour - 169 MB

Tanya and Jonathan banter about spicy nuts, the fall of Silent Hill Ascension, and the simple joy's of Yu Suzuki's Air Twister. Guest Johanna tells all about Typecast, her amazing new game typing and shooting game, and Siobhán talks about getting dogged for hating on Stray. 0:00:00 - Out of the Mouths of Babes 0:03:22 - Getting in the Game 0:05:22 - Talking Sprite Art with Johanna Morgan 0:27:17 - They Don't Even Like Apple Pie (Silent Hill Ascension) 0:32:27 - It's a Bit Bobbins with Siob...

Spider-Man's Wonder Wake, Lawsuits and Cinema

October 24, 2023 14:00 - 1 hour - 159 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about Spider-Man 2 Vs. Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Alan Wake's foray into Fortnite. Guest Dr. Dejean waxes poetic about the confluence of cinema, games and technology, and Mina psyches us for a discussion of the history of copywrite infringement in games and elsewhere. Our guests on Twitter: Dr. Dejean: Mina: Circuit Court Entertainment Podcast:

Vote Armadillo as the game industry burns

October 10, 2023 13:41 - 1 hour - 157 MB

Tanya is back from her birthing break to talk to Jonathan about the mass layoffs in the game industry, and the strange anger towards the Minecraft Live 2023 mob vote. Guests Lyn and Elly talk about their struggles with predatory gaming, Unity's new policies, and loving titles that fit in the space between AAA and indie. 0:00:00 - Tanya's Day Out 0:06:41 - What's With All These Layoffs? 0:09:34 - Lyn Interview: Gacha Game Mechanics and Neurodivergent Players 0:31:46 - The Great Minecraft El...

What happened to the voice of Mario?

September 19, 2023 14:30 - 31 minutes - 73.1 MB

Tanya is having a baby (maybe tonight?) so we prerecorded a "Why isn't Charles Martinet Mario anymore?" special in advance. We hope it tides you over until we're back on the mic proper again! 0:00:00 - The Mario Martinet Special 0:01:35 - A Brief History of Marios 0:02:50 - Enter Charles, the Tangible Mario 0:03:35 - The Pratt Factor 0:06:29 - I "Wonder" What's Next? 0:07:59 - Nintendo Tries a Bait and "Switch" 0:08:55 - What's a Mario Ambassador? 0:11:03 - Jonathan is a Martinet Truther 0:...

Final Mom Fantasies in the pregnancy season finale

September 05, 2023 16:04 - 1 hour - 163 MB

Tanya and Jonathan prepare to take a break in the week before Tanya plans to give birth to a person. Guests Mergo and Elsa talk about the lack of heroic, playable moms in games, and what makes Final Fantasy endlessly compelling. Trigger warning: This episode involves a brief discussion of topic of suicide, and a remembrance of someone who died from it. 0:00:00 - PSA/Trigger Warning 0:00:53 - Jonathan's Dream 0:06:19 - Tanya: The Pregnant One 0:09:37 - Mergo Interview: The Mom-ification o...

Assassin's Creed, Dungeon Bitches, Super Slide and Bit.Trip

August 22, 2023 13:46 - 1 hour - 180 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about gaming as a safe space while meditating on Super Slide and the Bit.Trip series. Guests Sarah Carapace invites us into the disaster lesbian monster protagonist survival horror TTRPG Dungeon Bitches/Death Spiral, and sweet Rose longs for the nostalgic, subversive magic of Assassin's Creed. 0:00:00 - Twitter is Dead 0:03:04 - What's Your Gaming Safe Space? 0:04:36 - Sarah Carapace Interview: The Art of Dungeon Bitches 0:41:03 - Bit Trip Re-Runner News 0:44:34 - S...

NPC TikToks, Double Dragon OnlyFans and Pikmin Poetry

August 08, 2023 18:18 - 1 hour - 184 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the new "NPC Streamer" trend exemplified by Cherry Crush TV and PinkyDoll, then review the joy and pain of playing Double Dragon Gaiden and Pikmin 4 co-op. Guest Spectra Wrestles gabs about how working on Metroid Prime video essays, content creation on Only Fans, and taking bumps in the wrestling ring feels more pure than doing gaming streams for money, and Alannah shares her experiences processing her grief through the power of Pikmin poetry. 0:00:00 - There'...

Virtual Reality TV and Link's Testicle Glitch with Tina and Casey

July 25, 2023 15:02 - 1 hour - 182 MB

Tanya and and Jonathan talk about happy accidents like Link's surprise genitalia and the massive amount of money game streamers make. Guests Tina Barta Bridges (Road Rules, The Challenge) makes plans for a Road Rules VR game with Jonathan, and Casey talks about all the great Halloween in July game's she's celebrating with My Friendly Neighborhood, Dredge, Amnesia: The Bunker, Fishing Vacation, Aliens: Dark Decent, and more. Time Codes: 0:00:00 - The Mississippi F*** Conspiracy 0:06:25 - D...

The Baldur's Gate 3 Bear F*cks and Bobby Kotick Just Sucks

July 11, 2023 15:16 - 1 hour - 184 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the morality of having sex with a person shaped like a bear in Balder's Gate 3, the horror of Skibidi, Bobby Kotick's inflated salary and deflating appearance in The White Party video, and review some G-Fuel flavors that taste like Pokemon Trainers, Spider-Man and Pewdiepie. Our guest Lynn talks about making it big on Tiktok with amazing gaming observations and Spongebob conversations, and Quinn talks about the magic, mystery and potential for Pikmin 4. Time c...

Queer Nintendo Across the QA Spider-Verse

June 27, 2023 14:41 - 1 hour - 173 MB

Jonathan quizzes Tanya on how queer games are, and if every spiderman thing should look like Spider-verse. Chelora talks about doing drag Waluigi and the pros and cons of Nintendo's representation of marginalized groups, and Alexandra talks about the invisible art of games QA. Time Codes: 0:00:00 - Sub Par Cold Open 0:03:57 - Always Coming Out But Never Fully Emerging 0:06:00 - Chelora Interview - Queer Nintendo 0:34:09 - Does It Get Queer Or Not Quiz Show 0:40:40 - Alexandra Interview - T...

Dtoid Lives, Jason Inspires, 2D Sonic Comes Out for $60

June 14, 2023 12:32 - 1 hour - 198 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about Whoopi Goldberg coming out as a Gamer™, Sonic and Prince of Persia's return to their 2D roots, and the rebirth of Cart Life: The Game About how Things Are Bad. Guests Zoey Handley talks about writing for Destructoid for about half a decade, and James Interactive talks about the Friday The 13th-inspired Screaming Savage Blood Death, working with Edmund McMillen, and RV Youtubers. Time Codes: 0:00:00 - Flatulence and Prayer 0:02:54 - Whoopi Goldberg: The Last of...

Snake gets a remake, Link has a hit, Gollum says sorry

May 30, 2023 14:55 - 1 hour - 221 MB

Tanya and Jonathan share impressions of the first few hours of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and sing out the apology for the Gollum game to the tune of It's So Easy Not To Try from The Return of the King animated film. Gretchen talks about how causal games are too hardcore for her, and Kim Spirit gushes about the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake and the multiple versions of Resident Evil 4 that eventually became other games. This episode is dedicate to James Franklin Holmes, 1970-2023 Time Codes:...

Jack Black and Zak McKracken's Playdate with BlairBears

May 16, 2023 16:25 - 1 hour - 181 MB

0:00:00 - The Try It Liquid Diet 0:03:43 - Check Out the Video Versions of Our Interviews! 0:05:22 - Does Abstration Enhance or Diminish Emersion? 0:08:25 - BlairBears Interview: "VTuber for Charity" 0:30:38 - What's Jack Black Up To? 0:32:26 - Jonathan's Review of the Mario Movie 0:33:37 - Tenacious D's New Music Video 0:36:52 - Say Mistage Interview: "Talkin' Zak McKracken & LucasArts" 1:03:25 - Product Review: The Playdate 1:10:02 - The Hannibal Minute 1:12:27 - Game Review: Crankin's Ti...

Waypoint Dies, Funko Thrives, Casey Chills

May 02, 2023 21:23 - 1 hour - 165 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the death of Waypoint, Vice's videogame journalism division, and how the new Funko Fusion game looks like trashy fun. Guests Casey Explosion and Elly talk about how working in games is fun when it's not work. Timecodes: 0:00:00 - Tanya's Thoughts on Picard 0:02:57 - Tanya & Jonathan & Rufus 0:03:40 - Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin'? 0:08:26 - Casey Explosion Interview: Work Games 0:31:40 - Videogame Junkfood 0:34:12 - Funko Pop Game 0:37:40 - Elly Interview: Re...

Sonic Murdered, Mario Robbed, Muppets Babied

April 18, 2023 13:42 - 1 hour - 152 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the Sonic's successful reinvention as a murder victim, Mario's failed foray into live action, and the origin of the Muppet Babies. Guests Gretchen talk about how only bad games should be remade, and Jenny gets deep into the world of FTL fan mods. Time codes for this episode: 0:00:00 - A New Podcast 0:05:55 - Reinventing Sonic the Hedgehog 0:11:30 - What's Your Favorite Cartoon? 0:13:24 - Gretchen Interview - You Can't Remake a Good Thing 0:37:50 - Reinventing...

PAX comes home, E3 is stuck

April 04, 2023 16:19 - 1 hour - 202 MB

Tanya and Jonathan go to court, talk about the return of PAX East and the end of E3. Guests Kim Spirit talks about the grief and recovery themes in God of War: Ragnarok, and Friendsim 2 developer Jonaya Riley tella us what makes her Homestuck fandom tick. Time codes for this episode: 0:00:00 - So Many Legal Surprises 0:04:23 - A Podcast Within A Podcast 0:06:36 - What Are We Talking About? 0:07:51 - Kim Spirit Interview: The Mature Compassion of God of War Ragnorok 0:35:12 - E3 is CANCELE...

Sexual Jar Jar Vs. Leon's Broken Knife

March 21, 2023 15:51 - 1 hour - 205 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about how context is everything, talk Bayonetta Origins and the LegacyGC GameCube Controller from Retro-Bit, and invite Kaiju to criticize the Resident Evil 4 remake while Kirri magic struggles through the Phantom Menace on the PS1 0:00:00 - Are You A Fan of the Arts? 0:02:58 - Context is Everything 0:04:44 - Kaiju Interview "Resident Evil 4 Demo is Not Quite Right" 0:30:38 - Jonathan's Thoughts about Resident Evil 4 Demo 0:38:53 - Kirri Magic Interview "It Might...

Do you want games to play themselves?

March 07, 2023 17:02 - 1 hour - 173 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk Pokémon Sleep and Street Fighter: Duel, two games that you can play with your eyes closed. They also talk about Rock Paper Scissors Anime and A.I. assisted animation. Guest Christine (Outside of the Box podcast) talks about the similarities between Pokémon and Battle Bots, and Sary warns of our artificial intelligence-packed future.  Time Codes: 0:00:00 - Jonathan is Totally Bereft of Creativity 0:04:25 - Pokémon Sleep 0:10:40 - Interview - Talking Battle Bots wit...

Romancelvania Lusts, Minecraft Cooks, Tetris Goes Hollywood

February 21, 2023 19:04 - 1 hour - 183 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk Tetris: The Movie, Rihanna's amazing ESL translator, and the official Minecraft Cookbook. Game developer Amanda Gardner (Perception, Romanclevania) gives expert advice on intertwining Trust, Lust and UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) in storytelling, and Rose freaks out over Pikmin's 4s new features. Nothing will ever be the same! Episode Timecodes: 0:00:00 - Why Don't You Like It When He Turns Into A Little Ant Man? 0:04:54 - This May Be The Day It All Changes 0:06...

F*ck Hogwart's Legacy, Marry Your Partner, Hunt The Whale

February 07, 2023 17:43 - 1 hour - 179 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the extended Real World/Road Rules/Jimquisition/Crazy Rich Asians shared universe and why you should not buy Hogwart's Legacy, guest Zlok the Wrock Snob talks about why Harry Potter fan creations are better than anything from JK Rowling, and authors Laura Kate and Jane talk about Who Hunts The Whale, their fantastic new book on sale now.  0:00:00 - Extended "Crazy Rich Asians" Universe 0:04:04 - In the Bathroom with Puck 0:06:33 - A Lot of Extended Universes ...

Velma Vs The Last Of Us Vs. Pocket Card Jockey

January 24, 2023 19:06 - 1 hour - 207 MB

Tanya and Jonathan pit Velma and The Last Of Us against each other, new guest Maggie says a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 live action adaptation is a bad idea but then sells it on Jonathan anyway, and Gretchen explains that canon is not-canon.  Time codes for this episode 0:00:00 - Kitchen Nightmares: A New Problem 0:03:48 - People Get Very Salty 0:05:20 - Gretchen Interview - Does Canon Matter? 0:28:15 - How Do You Feel About Canon? 0:30:05 - Velma 0:36:25 - The Last of Us (TV Series) 0:46...

MollyMoonn2's Midnight Bliss

January 10, 2023 18:02 - 1 hour - 178 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the sexy scary TikTok and OnlyFans star MollyMoonn2 and her potential pivot to game development before squawking about a fan game that puts realistic Chris Pratt in a Mario-style platformer. Guest Susan Arendt talks about her years working as an managing editor for Joystiq and The Escapist, as well as hosting various live gameshows, and Iris gives her thoughts on Demitri's Midnight Bliss. 0:00:00 - Make You Sweat Till You Bleed 0:04:06 - Affecting People in th...

Was 2022 a Bald American RPG?

December 27, 2022 20:02 - 1 hour - 202 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about if stories like The Last of Us and God of War are better experienced as movies or TV shows before wrapping up their thoughts on River City Girls 2. Gretchen talks about how she only plans to play old pirated games for now on, and JZ Beasty helps redefine the meaning of RPG.  Thumbnail art by Kyatt7: JZ Beasty on Twitter: Support the show on Patreon:

ValiDate the Mean River City Girls Too

December 13, 2022 18:04 - 1 hour - 182 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the VGAs, the purpose of genres, Michael Rooker, and their first 20 minutes of River City Girls 2. Guest Dani Lalonders (ValiDate, Spirit Swap) gets into her love and hate for games, and The Redneck Tonberry breaks down horrors of Mean Girls.  0:00:00 - Proper Speaking Techniques w/ Tanya & Jonathan  0:05:11 - The Video Game Awards 2022  0:08:45 - Redneck Tonberry Interview - Mean Girls  0:24:28 - A Wild Michael Rooker Appears  0:28:40 - Genres - Why Do The...

Pokémon bugs, Shovel Knight Dig and Realistic Horror

November 29, 2022 18:43 - 1 hour - 155 MB

Tanya and Jonathan consider the meteoric success of the buggiest Pokémon game ever made, the pros and cons of real actors in games horror game like The Callisto Protocol, and review the new Battletoads Double Dragon cart from Retro-bit. Guest Celia Schilling (Marketing and Licensing Manager Yacht Club Games, creators of Shovel Knight) talks about her own fun with Pokémon Scarlet, and Rose gets their pants scared off by Super Lone Survivor. Episode Timecodes:  0:00:00 - The Battle of the Bu...

Exploding Head VR and Final Fantasy Diversity Struggles

November 15, 2022 16:11 - 1 hour - 212 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about VR that can kill you in real life and a recent problem some gamers had with Jonathan. Kaiju and the Redneck Tonberry discover Kaiju's secret grudge, Kim Spirit talks wrestling and gaming, and Sary empathizes with the struggle to get diversity right in fictional game worlds.  Timestamps for this episode: 0:00:00 - Origin of TTWAV Theme Song 0:01:15 - Men as a Concept 0:04:30 - Kaiju and Redneck Tonberry in "Kaiju's Grudge" 0:15:39 - Palmer Luckey's Nightmare...

The Musky Bayo-ween Stubbins Survival Horror Special

October 31, 2022 16:38 - 1 hour - 119 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the horror of Musk's N-word laden Twitter takeover, review some Shin Megami Tensei and Persona 5 Stubbins, and gush over Bayonetta 3. Guests Tamara and Kaiju talk about the joys and pains of the big Resident Evil and Silent Hill showcases.  0:00:00 - Lucky Licky Tricky Ricky's Great Diet of Licks and Tricks 0:03:14 - Ghosts & Specters 0:06:18 - The Thing Jonathan is Most Scared Of 0:10:50 - Tamara Interview 0:31:29 - Stubbins Product Review 0:38:20 - Kaiju...

NieR AutoMeta Vs. Pill Baby Bayonetta

October 18, 2022 21:51 - 1 hour - 150 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about how to make old stuff games feel new again without ruining their feel, the problems with Facebook Meta, and compare 3 women-lead action games (NieR Automata, Bayonetta, and Pill Baby). Laura reviews Horizon Forbidden West, Rose talks Pikmin 4, and the brown note hits HARD.  0:00:00 - Headlines 0:05:13 - Wet Blanket of a Week 0:07:16 - Compare and Contrast w/ Tanya 0:21:37 - Laura Reviews Horizon Forbidden West 0:37:54 - Mark Zuckerberg's Magic Reality 0:42...

Glad Trombone Champ, Sad Google Stadia, Suspicious Ed Sheeran

October 04, 2022 16:06 - 1 hour - 201 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about Ed Sheeran being a new Pokemon music man, Google Stadia's disrespectful death, and the return of Bob Sapp. Industry vet Amanda Farough talks about her career and her hopes for the new E3. The creators of Trombone Champ explain how they turned a terrible four years into one of the most talked about games on 2022.  Our guests on Twitter: Amanda: @AmandaFarough Holy Wow Studios: @HolyWowStudios Timestamps: [0:00:00] Meat Grief  [0:04:19] Ed Sheeran Pokemon [...

Talking Tekken Trails for a long, long time

September 21, 2022 14:26 - 1 hour - 149 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the biggest news from Nintendo and PlayStation's small presentations; Tekken 8 was revealed and the Switch getting a bunch of ports! Lily talks about BOSSGAME, a lesbian romance boss rush game she's making, and Kate from Hardcore Gaming 101 explains the magic of Falcom's Trails series.  Our guests on Twitter: Lily: @ItsMeLilyV Kate: @Xpert74 Support the show on Patreon!

She-Hulk's Twerk and Bridget's Shining Force

September 06, 2022 17:04 - 1 hour - 225 MB

The double-size 50th episode spectacular! Tanya and Jonathan talk about the motivations "behind" She-Hulk's twerk and the development of AAA games, guests Iris and Gretchen talk about Bridget from Guilty Gear Strive and the mysteries of Sega, and Kaiju and The Redneck Tonberry take over the show! Our guests on Twitter: Iris: @IrisVVO Kaiju: @isekaiju The Redneck Tonberry: @Rednecktonberry Support the show on Patreon:

Embrace The Devil's Third Forspoken Guilty Gear

August 23, 2022 18:49 - 1 hour - 176 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about Forspoken's cuff-talking dialogue, the Embracer group buying everything, trans characters in new games, and personal stories of insects versus vaginas.  Guests Elly and Katztration gush about The Devil's Third and the elegance of masterful designs (these topics are unrelated), Our guests on Twitter:  Elly: OaklandKao Katzstration: @katzstration Compilation of Forspoken cuff-taking re-recordings:

Woke GTA 6 broke The Sims 4 incest patch

August 09, 2022 20:57 - 50 minutes - 116 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about what's appropriate in videogames, the Redneck Tonberry returns with a grudge against Eldin Ring, and new guest the sparrow wants to make a game about sticking it to the man.  Our guests this week on Twitter.  The Redneck Tonberry: @rednecktonberry Support the show on Patreon:

Big Boob Morbius Censorship Panic

July 26, 2022 16:59 - 1 hour - 179 MB

Tanya and Jonathan think about cannibals, Franken Castle, Bayonetta and Censorship, Kirri Magic has a beef with Chorus and snail ideas for Jonathan, and Lisa "Princess Hype" talks about making hilarious games like What The Golf.  Our guests on Twitter:  Kirri Magic: @KirriMagic Lisa "Princess Hype": @Princess__HYPE Jonathan nude: Lock-On 004: Support the show here: https://www.p...

F*ck Hannibal, Marry Juliet, Kill Web3

July 12, 2022 17:25 - 1 hour - 160 MB

Should Lollipop Chainsaw be censored? Did game Game Informer? Has Elon Musk failed again? Tanya and Jonathan answer the tough questions while welcoming new guests The Clockwork Prince (developer of Lavender: to talk about a recent Web3 crypto fiasco and Zilla to explain her love of hot Hannibal Lector.  This episode's guests on Twitter- The Clockwork Prince: Zilla: Get Jonathan's intervi...

Michael Jackson's Sonic 3 Outing Vs. Johnny Depp's Scarface

June 28, 2022 15:34 - 1 hour - 151 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about Yuji Naka's loose lipped revelation that the long rumored Michael Jackson/Sonic 3 connection is real before dovetailing into a premonition about a Scarface game starring Johnny Depp. Alicia and Kiki from Transparency drop by and Megan Fox (creator of SkateBIRD) made a million but just wants to be able to afford snacks at the movies. Our guests on Twitter: Transparency: @transparencyboo Megan Fox: @glassbottommeg

Not-E3, Dall-E, and Ship To Shore Phono Co

June 14, 2022 15:10 - 1 hour - 201 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about The Rock getting wet, Dall-E, Not-E3, and some amazing music from Ship to Shore Phono Co (@STSPhonoCo). Guests Maddie (@othatsraspberry) talks about her Metal Gear and No More Heroes fan art successes, and Xzyliac (@Xzyliac) gushes about her favorite games announced this summer.  Our guests around the internet: Ship To Shore Phono Co - Maddie on Twitch - Xzyliac's BS With Friends podcast - ht...

Ugly Sonic, Sexy Sephiroth, Stupid Seth, Sloppy Norman

May 31, 2022 21:45 - 1 hour - 153 MB

What is real? Tanya and Jonathan search for the truth by examining Norman Reedus's big mouth, Ugly Sonic's Disney debut, and Seth Green's NFT failures. The Redneck Tonberry is on the hunt for a sexy Sephiroth statute and Gretchen says goodbye to content creation. Back the patreon at any tier before June 1st to get a free autobiographical comic from Jonathan!

Van Mai, Wabbit and Softcore Qix

May 17, 2022 17:52 - 1 hour - 149 MB

Ban Tran, the creator of the first named, playable woman character in a home console game, has been found! We have an exclusive clip of her interview with Kevin Bunch from Atari Archive, an equally exclusive talk with Kate Willaert, the woman who helped find the illusive, innovative creator. Then Tanya and Jonathan review of a new and "improved", heaving version of the arcade classic Qix called Mokoko X. Daniel even did a song about it! Twitter handles for this episode's guests- Kate - @K...

PAX Pox McPixel and Defining Women

May 03, 2022 15:44 - 1 hour - 164 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the meaning of the word "woman" and tell all about their PAX triumphs and failures. New guests Rydia "Miz Silver" tells all about her master of curating live events for Nintendo and Kelsey from Pink Gorilla dishes on game preservation and the stress of owning one of the rarest NES titles of all time. And Daniel made a Boston's Favorite Son song! Again!  Our guests on Twitter - Rydia: @mzsylver Kelsey: @kelslewin Shop at Pink Gorilla here: https://pinkgorilla...

Pole Dancing with Mario and Marijuana

April 20, 2022 19:23 - 1 hour - 80.3 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the return of Disney favorites like Monkey Island and Kingdom Hearts, new guest Elisabeth breaks down what's wrong with depictions of pole dancing, sex, and cannabis use in video games, returning guest Gretchen wants people to accept that lesbians are real, and we review a new DXRacer Gamer Chair! Our guests this week on Twitter: DXRacer - @DXRacer (website Elisabeth - @710wonderdev

Bloodborne Kart and Killer Badminton

April 05, 2022 21:50 - 1 hour - 149 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk about the death of E3 (again!)and the creation of a Suda51 fan game. Lilith (the creator of Bloodborne PSX and Bloodborne Kart) spills the secrets of her success, and Clair explains the magic of Pokemon Cards. Our guests on Twitter - Lillith - @b0tster Clair - @chikoritacards GhM Killer Badminton game (it's free!)-…ler-badminton

Elden Ring Devoe (w. Laura Kate Dale)

March 22, 2022 21:51 - 1 hour - 138 MB

Laura Kate Dale reviews Elden Ring, Tanya's friend Laura reviews Forward: Escape The Fold, and Tanya and Jonathan talk about Bell Biv Devoe.  Get Who Hunts The Whale, Laura's new book here - Follow her on Twitter here - Support the podcast here -

Pokemon Digimon Hancock Hitchcock

March 08, 2022 22:47 - 47 minutes - 108 MB

SUPPORT THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE Necrosoft's Budnle for Ukraine- John Romero's new Doom II level to support the Ukraine - Get Gretchen on Twitch here - Get Quinn's Digimon Podcast "Lost in Translationmon" here @translationmon

Damme Dale, It's Bloodborne PSX!

February 22, 2022 17:36 - 1 hour - 152 MB

Tanya and Jonathan talk the Wii U and 3DS eShops closing down and Chip and Dale coming up for a meta reboot. The Redneck Tonberry reviews Bloodborne PSX and Game Dev Julia Minamata shares more secrets of her success. Download Bloodborne PSX for free here: This week's guests on Twitter: The Redneck Tonberry - @deepalmanac Julia Minimata - @JuliaMinamata Talking to Women about Videogames on Patreon: He Can Pork All Night on Soundcloud:...

Joe Rogan, Mina, and the Crimson Diamond

February 08, 2022 20:53 - 1 hour - 186 MB

Tanya and Jonathan use Spotify to disempower Joe Rogan, discuss Nintendo's takedown of their music from Youtube, and get excited by Yacht Club Games' Mina the Hollower. Kaiju plays games to cope with life stressors and Julie is a game developer who you're sure to love. And we review the Rotor Riot PWR Plus controller for iPhone! Kaiju and Julia on Twitter - @KaijuKiriyama @JuliaMinamata Where to get the Rotor Riot PWR Plus -

Italian Tifa Vs. Xbox-Activision

January 25, 2022 22:50 - 1 hour - 56.4 MB

Gretchen battles with her essay on Genshin Impact, Rose is pained about the state of Titanfall 2, Tanya talks to Jonathan about Xbox buying Activision, and an Italian Tifa draws near! We also review the Fur Zapper!  Fur Zapper for sale - , Gretchen on Twitch - Rose's on Twitter - @TogetherRose Daniel on Twitter and the show on Patreon - @douibyorthst , https://www.patreon...

Wordle Vs. Crypto Fart Coin

January 10, 2022 18:33 - 1 hour - 60.8 MB

Guests are back! The Redneck Tonberry has a few words for the CEO of Square Enix, Rani Baker describes the magic of ROM hacking, and Tanya talks to Jonathan about the battle between Wordle and Fart Jar NFTs.  This episode's guests on Twitter ~ Tonberry - @deepalmanac Rani Baker - @destroyed4com4t Get Rani's work here ~ Support our editor Daniel here ~ https://www.patreon....

The 3 Ghosts of Rasputin's Horse Penis

December 28, 2021 19:32 - 1 hour - 56.6 MB

Tanya and Jonathan announce the return of guest segments (thanks to Daniel!, the editor!), discuss the news that Dark Horse comics has been bought by a Swedish game publisher called "The Embracer Group" and chat about what movies from the past, present and future they'd like to see turned into games.  Support our lovely editor Daniel here! -

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