With test centers closed and many students not able to complete standardized testing, most institutions have either reverted to test-optional or test-blind application processes. But can you trust this move? College admissions veteran Jon Boeckenstedt of Oregon State University and Jeff Gallant of Boston College weigh in. See below for a detailed description of this episode's content, down to the minute.

Welcoming and introduction from co-hosts Lynn Stewart and Vicki Thompson. - 0:29

Introduction of Jon Boeckenstedt. - 0:34

“John, please share your experience in college admissions, what’s included you in the profession for so many years? - 1:00

Introduction of Jeff Galant. - 2:36

“Jeff, please share your experience in college admissions including what’s kept you in the profession for so many years?” - 3:09

“The pandemic has made it even more difficult for low-income, first generation, and minority students to have access to test prep and opportunities to test. What concerns you for those students and what advice do you have for them as they go through the application process?” - 6:35

“When a school considers themselves test-optional can a student believe that’s sincere?” - 9:50

"As a veteran admission professional, what would you say to the Class of 2021 asking the question: To Test or Not to Test?" - 10:56

Dylan from D100 Radio introduces himself. - 15:10

“Mr. Boeckenstedt, should an applicant only submit an SAT/ACT score if they are in the middle-50% range of admitted students?” - 15:17

Nikolai from D100 Radio introduces himself. - 17:15

“If an applicant wasn't able to take a standardized test because of a test center cancellation (or a different COVID-19 related reason) should the student mention it in the Common App COVID-19 Section?” - 17:22

“You’re bringing a unique perspective to this topic, having gone through two conversions to test-optional at Oregon State and DePaul, please share some of the challenges from the college’s perspective.” - 18:44

“Are there certain things that come to mind that you would want test-optional colleges to start looking for from an applicant?” - 21:22

“Will you walk us through the decision to become test-optional and share with students what you will place a greater emphasis on as you consider them for admission?” - 23:04

“Do international students still need to take a TOEFL?” - 29:19

“Will a student be considered for merit scholarships if they don't submit a test score? What about requirements for honors colleges or athletics?” - 31:34

Helpful tips and follow-up from Lynn Stewart. - 34:33

Interesting story from Jon Boeckenstedt. - 35:13

Interesting tips from Jeff Gallant. - 36:30

“Is there anything else you would like to share with our listeners that hasn’t been discussed?” - 38:28

Up next on Talk College to Me. - 40:20


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