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A collection of friends, more like family, holding deep and meaningful conversations about our passion for the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, and deep heart felt conversations where we put the people around us in the story, while painting a perfect picture for those listening as to what we are, and where we are headed. We strive to not only bring the single story to life, but also develop a deeper understanding of where it all began, and why the passion in anything exists. Sure there will be stories that stick out. But our hope and prayer is the greatest of blessings are told, and why they mean so much., outdoors, fishing, turkey, camoflauge, camping, deer, tactics, southeast, campfire, bowhunting,

Hobbies Leisure hunting outdoors bow hunting deer whitetails turkey hunting coyote hunting predator hunting.
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EP: 119 When a new door opens -

June 20, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 52.5 MB

The Wilson Studio, better known as Nicholas’s basement area we have spent the last 18 months in, is getting a fine bid farewell from the whole team in this weeks episode. Another fine grind your gears moment when Alex complains about his bow and answers with a diatribe answer. It’s jabs and laughs all around in this one! Check it out 

EP: 118 Ever seen a fish riding a turkey?

June 16, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 46.1 MB

In this fun filled episode, the whole gang circles up and chats about things to come, plus where we been the last while! Its a BS session full of jabs and laughs. Check it out! Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewing pleasure over on YouTube at Find us on the socials!!! Check out our partn...

EP: 117 - Convictions of a Turkey Hunter - Donald Devereaux Jarrett

June 13, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 61.4 MB

Readers of GON Magazine may recognize the name, but I venture to say few have ever really got to know the man known to most as DJ, the way we were blessed to in this one! DJ is a published author, magazine writer, and one of the humblest men we have been blessed to speak with. His stories have captivated readers for years, and his turkey hunting knowledge extends well beyond the stories he lets us enjoy. Check it out! Find us on the...

EP: 116 Watty Heads West - Utah Turkeys with Shad Brunson

June 10, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 63.1 MB

Would you look at that!? Watson heads to Utah to join our great friend Shad Brunson to chase turkeys in a whole new place! His adventure was a fun filled, new journey we are so thankful he got to take. From sand storms and mountain lions to Cactus and desert, Utah proved tough at best, but another memory made for our fine friend! Check it out!!!

Ep: 115 Foot on Da Head

June 07, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 52.6 MB

Joining  Nicholas and Alex this week are the guys from Foot on Da Head, a call and media maker from the South who bring the best of the best when it comes to knowledge and conversation. A round table on all things about the outdoors, we learn about them, their passions and desires to grow and move forward. A great one to check out!!!

Ep: 114 - Turkey Grand Slam with a Flintlock - RP Scritchfield

May 30, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 51.9 MB

RP Scritchfiled has become one of our favorites to have on, and he is an ever better friend. Earlier on we had a discussion with him around knives, but it has soon grown into a deeper and fonder friendship. This Turkey season, he set out to do what few before him have - A single season Grand Slam of Turkeys, but even more of a challenge, with a flintlock. RP simple doesn't settle for easy, nor does he want anything given to him. This season, he took it all, and ran with it as fast as he coul...

EP: 113 - Look well to the Woods - Compass South

May 26, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 59.4 MB

With the growth and development of what's hammering the woods in todays world, it was much a special sit down with the guys over at Compass South, a land and timber consultation company that is making the outdoors a real special place to be with guys like these. If you've ever wondered what the future holds for the woods, these guys have got a good grasp, and we sure enjoyed the conversation. Check it out! Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewin...

Ep: 112 - TFT with the Legend, Ron Jolly

May 23, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 53.6 MB

Ron Jolly may very well be one of our most versed and knowledgeable guests we’ve had on one topic in particular- bringing the fire! Ron is an accomplished writer, having published works in book and magazine form. His dynamic resolve and charismatic nature shine through in his well spoken delivery. His philosophy on turkeys, especially where we are headed with the population and what is causing some changes, is aligned with beliefs we agree on totally.  You best get a note pad ready. Mr Jolly...

EP: 111 - Greg Mchale's Wild Yukon

May 19, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 44 MB

Adventure racer and die hard all around badass Greg Mchale joins Nick and Alex for a talk that gave us out of breath just thinking about! Greg hosts the Tv Series Wild Yukon, airing on the Sportsmans Channel. From trips around the Yukon chasing mountain goats to accidentally sneaking up on sleeping bears, you'll wanna tune in on this one. Its an adventure filled show! Also want to win an amazing moose hunt??? Check out the link below! Thanks for listening and con...

Ep: 110 - Doubles down, tags filled and Turkey Talk all Around

May 17, 2022 04:00 - 37 minutes - 25.8 MB

Seasons at an end and the TAI boys punched more tags than a carnival ticket checker on a July Day! Its a full house full of fun! Check it out!! Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewing pleasure over on YouTube at Find us on the socials!!! Check out our partners! Cruzr Saddles https://www.c...

Ep: 109 - 2022 KT Team Weekend

May 09, 2022 04:00 - 32 minutes - 22.7 MB

Little different roll on this one! Nicholas and Alex hit the road for the trip down to hunt with Jason Beard and Kerry Terrell from the KT Team. Its a recap from the road as they travel back, down and all around, giving it one more go!! Come along with us, and make sure you check out the socials for an amazing fundraiser drop we have for 2022. Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewing pleasure over on YouTube at

Ep: 108 The Idaho Takeover - Nicholas Flies West

May 05, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 55.5 MB

Nicholas Wilson, by all accounts, has never been one to get outside of his comfort zone. His life revolved around home, and being close to it, since I met him long ago. We began this Podcast together, with a host of fine friends, and the wings aint touched down much since. Nicholas, along with lifelong friend Blane Loggins, and his Father Jack, took off to Idaho to meet up with old hunting partner and great friend Rusty Lemke. From dirt bike rides in 27 degree weather and mountain lions on t...

Ep: 107 - Turkeys For Tomorrow W/ Special Guest Pinhoti Project's Dave Owens

May 02, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 41.8 MB

TFT is on and bringing the heat!! Special Guest Dave Owens is in camp With Turkeys for Tomorrow Staff Member Chase Grubbs and they go into detail about where TFT has came from and where it is headed. Full of laughs and some fun controversial topics we all know The Pinhoti Project leader loves to get on, this episode really gets into the root of why TFT is doing what they are, and why folks like Dave are joining up with them. Check it out!!! Thanks for listening and continuing to support us!...

Ep: 106 Jebs Chokes

April 29, 2022 04:00 - 59 minutes - 40.8 MB

When it comes to innovation and making the best of what you have, nothing much more compares to the mindset that Mr Bobby Sears brings to the table! For many years he and his team have been improving on designs to make the Shotgun more effective and efficient and let me tell you this- if you want the best- you better choose the best. Mr Bobby and Jebs chokes are for sure at the top of their game.

Ep:105 Nicholas Strikes on Public Land

April 25, 2022 04:00 - 55 minutes - 38 MB

Nicholas Wilson has set out and hammered on one! Turkey season is full under way and he finds success on a great public land bird with Watson running the camera. The video is coming but man we had us a time talking turkeys, the plans for the next few weeks, and some great all around conversation. Check it out! Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewing pleasure over on YouTube at Find us on...

Ep:104 Colin Perry with Major League Bowhunter

April 22, 2022 04:00 - 1 hour - 45.9 MB

A small town kid with big time dreams! Colin takes us through his exciting and dynamic story on how he became the man behind the lens with Chipper, Duff and the rest of the guys at MLB. He’s a passionate hunter, but you don’t see the level of dedication and passion in a lot of young kids today, but boy does he have it.  Check it out!!!

Ep:103 The Queen of Spring - Erica Baham

April 18, 2022 04:00 - 46 minutes - 31.9 MB

We have often heard stories where a mother decides enough is enough and makes a journey on their own, to carve a dream into reality, but very few times have they done it the way the proclaimed Queen of Spring" has done. Erica is a mother, who has started a storybook season, chasing long beards across the SouthEast. She tells us the story of where she began, where she's going, and why being a mother has helped her to have the perseverance and drive to forge ahead and do exactly what she drea...

EP:102 2022 Turkey Season Opener

April 14, 2022 07:00 - 32 minutes - 22.7 MB

Well look at that!!! 2022 turkey season in Georgia is officially underway! The good ole boys at TAI get out and get after em! Even drug ole Mr 130 himself out for a swing ( and a close but no cigar) at em! It’s turkeys, tactics and plans, on the Exciting Episode! Check it out!

Ep:101-Chewin The Fat with a Full House

April 11, 2022 04:00 - 47 minutes - 32.7 MB

The next phase of TAI is here! The new team members are in studio talking with Nicholas and Alex and boy we had a time with this one. Not much more to say than pull up a chair and set a while! Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewing pleasure over on YouTube at Find us on the socials!!! Check...

EP: 100 Chipper Jones

April 04, 2022 08:00 - 1 hour - 71.3 MB

Atlanta Braves Hall of Famer and The big buck hammer himself, Chipper Jones of Major League Bowhunter and legendary Atlanta sports face joins us LIVE in The Wilson Studio! 100 episodes couldn't have been capped off any better than with a man we all looked up to as kids. We learned a lot about the old days, heard stories of baseball and Bobby Cox, Deer hunts with Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Jordan, and even Dale Earnhardt comes into discussion. Humbled by the opportunity and soon realizing Chippe...

Mark Prudhomme - Call Em and They Will Come

April 01, 2022 09:00 - 55 minutes - 38.3 MB

When it comes to decorated World Campion Turkey Callers, not many names are as near the top of the mountain as Mark Prudhomme. A 17 Time Grand National Champion, to include 12 time turkey, 5 time owl, and 6 time team Champion with our wonderful friend Kerry Terrel, Mark won the Tom Turpin Award in 2021 with his legendary Trumpet Call. He may now find himself on the other side of calling, being a judge and teacher of the craft, but there's one thing about it- He still loves to chase those bir...

The New Kid In Town - Colten Wilber with The Full Draw Assassins

March 30, 2022 08:00 - 52 minutes - 35.9 MB

When Derek and Kyle first told us about the new guys they were riding with, we got real excited seeing the passion Colten and Tyler were bringing to the table. The passion and enthusiasm matched what the FDA boys already were, and we only knew it was a matter of time before we had to get them on. Colten got the bid first, and he brought the heat! Check this one out! You'll sure enjoy it.  Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewing pleasure over on Y...

Nina Rogers - Nina Outdoors

March 28, 2022 08:00 - 48 minutes - 33.5 MB

A New Jersey born girl, who landed in the heart of Dixie, Nina is hammer when it comes to the outdoors. Her passion and desire to chase anything that flies, walks or swims stems from her closeness she has with her Father, who instilled in her a passion that burns brighter each day. From chewing on deer hearts from her first majestic buck, to giving turkeys all they want when it comes to natural calling abilities, she continues to show the world just who she is with a no quit, never say I can...

Episode 96-Makin Em Gobble- Matt "The IceMan" VanCise

March 21, 2022 08:00 - 49 minutes - 34 MB

From Warren County, PA, hearing school mates play calls to becoming 7 time NWTF National Champion, Matt joins us for a look at where he started and where he is headed next. The passion this man brings to turkey calling is unlike any we have spoken with, and the he gives us insight into what it takes to make it in this competitive sport. Even Alex couldn't turn away from Matt as he poured his passion out for us to hear. This might be the word Mr 130 needed to finally cross into chasing a bir...

Episode 95 Turkey Prep and Coyote Hunt

March 16, 2022 10:00 - 1 hour - 44.5 MB

Nicks Favorite time is almost here!!! We take a deep dive into turkey hunting season prep, as well as talk on a recent trip Alex and Mayo made up to Illinois for some shed and coyote hunting, as well as what they learned. Doesn't seem like much, but it sure meant the world to meet new friends, extend flourishing relationships, and ultimately learn just what it means to seek something. Check it out. We are sure you'll enjoy it. Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Availa...

Episode 94- Saddling up with Tethrd

March 11, 2022 10:00 - 57 minutes - 39.7 MB

Tethrd saddle company has been an staple name for a while now in the saddle game, and Mr Adrian Wilson, long time saddle hunter and Tethrd Team member comes on to tell us all about why he believes saddle hunting is the best of best when it comes to being mobile in the whitetail woods. We ping him with some sought after questions, and it was a great conversation. The outline of the whole scope of why he chooses to do what he does comes full circle, and we can't thank him enough for the time s...

Episode 93-Living The Wild Life- WildLife Outdoors

March 07, 2022 10:00 - 1 hour - 48.5 MB

Wheels up and jets engaged! WE travel way out west for a chat with The Wild Life Team and the story behind them! We learn how giant mule deer, epic elk hunts and how hunting literally brought one of their team members into the light from a dark situation. These guys are going to do some amazing things and we are blessed we got to chat with them. Pull up a chair and sit a while!

Episode 92- Forty Six 10 - Jay Maxwell

March 03, 2022 10:00 - 54 minutes - 37.7 MB

Jay Maxwell is no stranger to killing giant deer, and for sure makes the most of his time in the outdoors. His storied career helping to build the Empire of The Seek One Brand, coupled with the countless bucks he has hammered in Georgia, only gave way to what he is now building. 46:10, "Be still, and know that I am God". Forty Six Ten, the brand. They coincide in a way outdoorsman can relate to, and through faith it helps us to grow, and get closer to God. Jay brings the fire on this one, an...

Episode 91- The 2022 NWTF Show in Nashville Tennesee

February 28, 2022 09:00 - 1 hour - 80.7 MB

What does it say for a group of new comers to walk in, and immediately kick the door slap off the hinges? Means the TAI Crew showed up and showed out! Nick and Cody ran the thing like they didn't even need Alex and got him wondering if he even has a job anymore. Cuz Strickland, Sean Lundy, The Hunt Club boys and even the Midwest Whitetail team came on to join them and Talk About It! It goes without saying how proud we are to have been able to meet the folks we did and have, and this show spe...

Episode 90- NWTF Recap

February 25, 2022 10:00 - 50 minutes - 34.7 MB

Nick and Cody went North and represented well! The NWTF is without a doubt one of the biggest shows in the Country, and the fact the TAI boys were so well represented and recognized speaks for itself. From past guests, to new friends, this was a recap to open up the show itself, and it was a fun one. Y'all pull up a chair and set a while!!!

Episode 89 - CatMan

February 14, 2022 09:00 - 1 hour - 44.2 MB

In this episode the boys sit down for a chat with famed Youtuber and videographer CatMan, From CatMan Outdoors. Just as the videos he puts out display, he's as humble speaking and calm demeanor as they come, and he brings us some very interesting topics to the table. Give it a listen if you will, and come back when you can. Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewing pleasure over on YouTube at

Episode 88- Nicholas Takes Over

February 07, 2022 09:00 - 55 minutes - 38.2 MB

Nicholas with the Mic Takeover!!! Alex is out of town running and gunning so Nick and Cody jump in and give him a call to talk over what’s been happening, from coyotes to Turkey prep to all things in between! It’s a fun filled night! Check it out!

Episode 87 - The Full Draw Assassins and The Recap of ATA

January 31, 2022 09:00 - 1 hour - 52.1 MB

The Boys are back in town!!! Derek AKA Diesel and Kyle AKA Lil Lewis from the Full Draw Assassins join us again for a talk on season, where they are headed next, and a Recap of the ATA. The bicycle bandits ride in high and go out even higher as we talk a stroll over the upcoming and the past. Our favorite duo and we can't wait to see whats coming next!!! Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewing pleasure over on YouTube at

Episode 86-Build a Rolodex-Clint Campbell w/ Truth From The Stand

January 24, 2022 05:00 - 1 hour - 69 MB

In this weeks episode, Truth From The Stands host and all around Big Game Hammer Clint Campbell take us on a journey that put into perspective why his mindset is as fluid and well versed as it is. Clint has spent his life building up to what he has become, or rather what he dreamed he would become. From the hard hunting state of PA, Clint understands the battles we face here in Georgia as it pertains to our whitetail hunting, and the strategies he has implemented in the mid west have without...

Theres never enough Time - A tribute to Jericho

January 22, 2022 01:00 - 4 minutes - 3.27 MB

A short special episode, in memorial to a dog that meant more than anyone could imagine. Alex pays tribute to his special companion Jericho. Give it a listen. 

Episode 85 - Iowa Public Land Dream Buck - Andrew Cheslock

January 18, 2022 05:00 - 1 hour - 65.3 MB

What happens when a plan, a dream, and a well executed goal changes course at the moment of truth? For Andrew Cheslock, it was an opportunity to change the course of action and get to work.  For 5 years he waited on the coveted opportunity to draw his Iowa archery tag, and had a plan in place when he did. Things changed, and he found himself searching for a new destination, and such was born the story he shared on his Deer Society Episode Titled, Iowa Public Land Dream Buck. Go over and wat...

Episode 84 - Wrap the Season and Welcome the New Year

January 13, 2022 05:00 - 1 hour - 43 MB

2022 has arrived and brings a bang with it! For the first time ever, Nick and Cody head off up to Illinois for some extreme late season hunting and while the success can surely be measured this time in opportunity alone, it came with a better understanding of why Big Mike being late can change all the trip! We dive into some pretty special conversation of what is coming this year and where we are headed. Pull up a chair and set a while, this is a good one!

Episode 83- Jason Beard and his Biggest Buck Ever

January 05, 2022 05:00 - 57 minutes - 39.8 MB

Once again we are blessed to be joined by our friend Jason Beard, Co Founder of the KT Team we are partnered with. Jason is an inspiration and a blessing to speak with. His vigor and vibrance for life goes well nigh above anyone we've ever met, and his constant desire to always help others shows through. In his return to the show, he gives us insight into where the future of the KT Team is headed, and shares some great conversation around where we have been. Pull up a chair and sit a while, ...

Episode 82 - 200 Inch Bucks, Boomer, and the Climb-Kasey J Morgan Drury Outdoors

December 27, 2021 05:00 - 1 hour - 49.3 MB

In todays world we live in, few and farther between does it come that a man could be able to capture a 200 inch whitetail on film, let alone 3, and one close the mark. From humble beginnings in a small town in Wisconsin, to tracking game with a dog named Boomer, it was that drive and passion that ultimately led Kasey to meeting Greg Glesinger, and the rest is history. Most may see Kasey as another cameraman, but he is so much more. The knowledge he shares wows us, and inspires us. A man on a...

Episode 81 - Old ways in a new World- RP Scritchfield

December 20, 2021 05:00 - 1 hour - 44.3 MB

RP Scritchfield may very well be carving his name in the outdoor industry forever right before our eyes. Humbly being able to bring the old ways of the world to life with his customary flintlock hunting, hand forging amazing knifes, and being an all around steward, RP gives us just a taste of the amazing life he is leading.  Most may recognize him from Scritchfield Knives, were he created a one of a kind masterpiece in his spur handled, turkey feather inspired blades. But what most may not s...

Episode 80 - Changing The Perception - Suburban Whitetails

December 13, 2021 12:00 - 1 hour - 51.6 MB

Episode 79- Get on Track - Jacy Elliott

December 06, 2021 05:00 - 59 minutes - 40.7 MB

This weeks episode is one we all fear we never have to live out, but are so thankful folks like this exist. Jacy Elliott has a passion far beyond hunting- She's working with arguable one of the best game trackers in the Midwest in Lance Brantley over at On Track. Jacy's lineage for pursuing deer goes way back in the years, and it taught her about being an outdoorsman first, and now helps her passion for recovering game even more of a talent. She goes in depth into tracking specifics, along w...

Episode 78-Tails Up, Nose Down- Jason with NoseDown Scents

November 29, 2021 05:00 - 1 hour - 42.5 MB

Fresh off our trip to Illinois, we jump on with our great friend Mr Jason Caldwell, the owner and developer of NoseDown Scents. Jason walks us through the history of his company, and educates us on things we had no idea on, as well as lets us in on some industry and trade secrets. Jason sure brings a great atmosphere to the room, and are glad he stopped by. So pull up a chair and set a while, this is a fine one. Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your vi...

Episode 77 - Return to the Promised Land - Illinois 2021

November 22, 2021 10:00 - 1 hour - 77 MB

The TAI crew went in with a bang in Illinois this year, and with much anticipation and excitement. Cody, Nick and Alex, along with young Kaiden all descended into the Midwest pinnacle and with ambition and fortitude they searched for what brought them there. Although it was filled with heartfelt moments on losses, one thing always shines through- You can't beat a Midwest Sunrise and the kiss of that air on your cheek. This was a fun one. Videos dropping now of the stories you hear in this e...

Camp Fire Series - Bryce Waters

November 11, 2021 05:00 - 31 minutes - 21.7 MB

Local young archery enthusiast Bryce Waters joins Nick and Alex to tell all about the future he is hoping to build as an archery tech, and what drives his passion. This is a short series we are putting together for you to enjoy. Pull up a chair and sit a while. Thanks for listening and continuing to support us! Videos Available for your viewing pleasure over on YouTube at Find us on the socials!!!

Episode 76-Brandon Danker Major League Bowhunter

November 08, 2021 05:00 - 1 hour - 44.2 MB

The Cowboy rides in! This weeks amazing episode hits with a whole different box of feels. From the early days of chasing game all across the great state of Oklahoma, to where he is today, Brandon brings the fire we needed to hear, in a whole new way. Early on his adventures with his brother Jeff on Buckventures, to now being a major role player with Major League Bowhunter as the producer, Brandon just has a positive influence in all he does and his delivery is spot on. The fun in it all, end...

Episode 75 - "Im a professional, Y'all Boys Let It Rock" - Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland

November 01, 2021 04:00 - 1 hour - 49.9 MB

When Ronnie Strickland speaks, folks tend to listen. Cuz has been around the game of hunting since before even our daddies were born, and his knowledge of talking turkeys is unsurpassed. From the early days of Mossy Oak, to know, he takes us on a journey around the world and even kicks it up with a little hip hop ballad!  Check this one out for sure. You’ll love it!

Episode 74-Down to LA - Between The Tines Podcast

October 25, 2021 04:00 - 1 hour - 62.9 MB

When you are walking across a show in Alabama and a fellow yells out "Hey, Mr 130!!!" you know it's bound to be a good conversation. Dustin and Ricky instantly became friends with Nick and Alex, and over the last few months it's grown into a wonderful friendship and we are so looking forward to the future. Ricky is an amazing taxidermist and brings the turkey talk to the table while me and Dustin chew on the good times to come. Alongside them their great friend JC joins us and we have a time...

Episode 73 - Find the Why - Wade Bormann Gator Outdoors

October 18, 2021 04:00 - 1 hour - 44.5 MB

Some might question what a Gator is doing in the middle of the midwest- Well its simple... Hes chasing his dreams and building a legacy for himself, one brick at a time! Wade is an Iowa native, who has been a flat hammer on big bucks for a while, but even more surprising is how his true passion is running dogs and laying the wood to those coons! Wade is a successful entrepreneur and Bussiness adventurist and Owner of the Lifestyle brand Gator Outdoors. His statement is really just what we l...

Episode 72- Wanna Be Hunting- Amos Medford

October 15, 2021 11:00 - 37 minutes - 25.8 MB

Joining us this week is Wanna Be Hunting Podcast host Amos Medford! Amos is a man of faith, and belief that his journey into the outdoors is a destiny, not a chance. He started hunting much later than most, but has grasped it with full force and his passion runs deep. Thankful for his story, and him taking the time to join us! Check it Out