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Driving Innovation in the Latest Pet-Tech Start-Up | Founder @ Tuggs | Harry Bremner

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English - February 06, 2024 00:00 - 23 minutes - 16.4 MB
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For the dog lovers, this one's for you. This man has found a way to *potentially* expand your dogs life by 32 months with his innovative product, Tuggs.

In today’s episode we have Harry Bremner, Founder of Tuggs. Tuggs is an award-winning pet wellness startup creating freshly-prepared dog food in a sustainable way.  But there’s a twist - their secret super power is insects, providing a sustainable edge to their product whilst not compromising on protein or minerals.

In this episode, Harry talks about his entrepreneurial journey of founding multiple business, including a student storage service, an events company, and a digital marketing agency, before creating Tuggs. We dive into his interest for sustainable food sources and his research into entomophagy (insects as a food source), after learning about the EU regulations allowing insects to be used in aqua feed in 2017 – demonstrating how understanding changing regulatory landscapes can spark innovation. 

The environmental impacts from the pet food industry is astounding and Harry’s episode makes for a really interesting listen; He elaborates as to why insects as a protein source are sustainable, requiring significantly less land, water and emit few carbon emissions compared to the meat used from traditional livestock and the process of making kibble. 

Tuggs have proved that personalisation and attention to sustainability can be significant differentiators in a crowded market, offering a unique selling proposition.

Harry shares insights on fundraising and the importance of warm introductions in the venture capital world, which Chris McGowan at Burns Sheehan has actively contributed to. He also discusses the challenges of finding a manufacturing partner and advises on being conservative with launch timelines.

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