Jennifer Loper is the President of C3, a family and children brand marketing and design agency. As a marketing and communications leader, she has over 30 years of experience working with corporate brands in the restaurant, hospitality, and retail industries. Jennifer is also a board member of the Unleashed Brands Foundation, a charitable organization supporting at-risk youth in communities. 

In this episode…

Traditional work structures have evolved significantly over the past 30 years. What once required a rigid 9-5 structure has now morphed into a more fluid and personalized way of achieving professional success. How can organizations adapt to this new dynamic, and what does it mean for the future of work?

As a leader in workplace flexibility and employee personalization, Jennifer Loper advocates for alternative work structures that promote personal and professional fulfillment. For instance, fostering transparent conversations about employee needs and work preferences boosts performance and allows them to thrive. Additionally, maintain flexibility in your hiring structures, recognizing that people aren’t defined by their education and skills but rather by their core values and work ethic. Evolutionary workplaces and compassionate leadership cultivate innovation and allow your organization to adapt and scale.

Tune in to the latest episode of The People Strategy Podcast as Traci Austin welcomes Jennifer Loper, the President of C3, to talk about shaping people strategies with flexibility and workplace evolution. Jennifer shares how workplace flexibility benefits multiple industries, how compassionate leadership promotes evolutionary practices, and key insights from the Restaurant Leadership Conference.