Sam sits down with Zack Shapiro, Managing Partner of the law firm Rains LLP and Legal Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute to discuss all of the regulatory developments occurring in the broader cryptocurrency space including the recent enforcement actions against Tornado Cash and Samourai Wallet and what they could mean for the Bitcoin ecosystem moving forward.

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00:00:00 - Pacific Bitcoin Festival
00:00:41 - Swan $10k No Fees
00:01:08 - Intro to Zach Shapiro
00:01:51 - FinCen Proposal & Mixers vs CoinJoin
00:10:02 - DOJ Enforcement & What Constitutes a Money Transmitter
00:17:46 - Attack on Bitcoin/Crypto & Self Custody?
00:23:34 - Tornado Cash Ruling & Code as Free Speech
00:29:21 - Question of Decentralization
00:43:48 - Samourai Wallet Money Laundering Charges
00:45:45 - Incentivizing Development of Open Source Freedom Tech
00:58:42 - Consensus Lawsuit & Ethereum as a Security
01:16:09 - Zach Outro & Final Words
01:18:19 - Outro

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