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The Magic of Mushrooms from Physical to Mental Healing with expert Willie Crosby

August 03, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.5 MB

Willie Crosby has been exploring the fungal kingdom for the last decade. He started Fungi Ally, a mushroom cultivation and education business back in 2012. From 2012-2018 Willie grew up to 500 pounds of gourmet mushrooms per week, gaining extensive knowledge in the field of commercial mushroom production. Willie has completed 12 different research and education grants associated with mushrooms. He currently focuses on teaching people how to ally with this amazing kingdom. Through Fungi Ally W...

President Reagan's Briefing on Hostile ETs & MORE with William Stickevers

July 27, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.3 MB

Tune in to hear Astrologer and Trends Analyst William Stickevers share his intel on President Reagan's briefing regarding a hostile alien race.  Is there really an ET race that is dangerous to humans?  Do they want to enslave us or annihilate us?  Apparently Reagan was given the information and William Stickevers will break it all down tonight! With a broad scope of political, economic, psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical knowledge, masterful William Stickevers systematically explores...

Occult Magic & Personal Stories with Lon Milo DuQuette

July 20, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.3 MB

Lon Milo DuQuette is a legend in the world of magic in the occult.  Tonight he shares his personal stories that teach, enlighten and make us laugh out loud!  Tune in to hear this expert and author of over 19 books share the deeper mysteries amd meanings of symbols, rituals and life.

Cord Magic - an Ancient Magical Power with Expert/Author Brandy Williams

July 13, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41 MB

Can you turn your life around with Cord Magic? Influence events and manifest easily? Tune in to hear expert Brandy Williams sharema the old and new ways of using cord magic for positive results. Brandy Willliams is a wiccan high priestess, a Pagan Magician and a Tantric Yogini. Her magical motto is "Insight Through Love." Brandy is the author of the new book Cord Magic, Tapping into the Power of String, Yarn, Twists & Knots.

Aliens Among Us with internationally Renowned Healer Jerry Wills

July 06, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.4 MB

We have heard this before - the aliens are here - living among us, however, very few can share a personal experience of friendship. Internationally renowned healer, Jerry Wills shares the details of his encounter and subsequent riendship with an extraterrestrial.  Why are they here? Tune in to find out and hear this amazing story.

Astrologer Jeff Harman Looks Into Our Future~How will we survive?

June 29, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.2 MB

JEFF HARMAN is a second-generation, world-renowned Master Astrologer and Spiritual Advisor with 47 years of experience.  Jeff uses ancient techniques including Classical, Vedic, Kabbalistic, Naadi & Astro-Location Astrology, combined with 35 years of Vedic Planetary Gem  prescription to assist his clients.  Jeff also draws from many other traditions of spiritual knowledge for clearing people and property of unwanted energies, and he is a consultant for paranormal investigations.  Jeff's spec...

Rommie Buhler, Animal Communicator Talks with Your Pets!

June 22, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 44.4 MB

Call in for your FREE reading during the LIVE show!  563-999-3539 Rommie Buhler is a world renowned Animal Communnicator & Holistic Animal Health Coach and is here tonight to help you with your animal families. If your animal has a problem, Rommie finds out why and then finds a great solution. Rommie addresses health issues, emotional problems and is also excellent at finding missing pets and people. Rommie lives in Australia.

Origins of the Gods, Shamans & Transdimensional Intelligence with Gregory Little

June 15, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.3 MB

What is humanity's place in the Universe?  It's not what you've been told. Tune in to hear Gregory L. Little share stories of our true past, our true origin. Greory L Little, Ed.D is the author of more than 30 books, including Denisovan Origins co-authored with Andrew Collins.  Gregory's research has been featured on the National Geographic Channel, MSNBC, DISCOVERY and the HISTORY Channel.  He lives in Memphis, TN

Outlaws and Secret Societies of the Wild West with Expert/author Daniel J. Duke

June 08, 2022 23:30 - 43 minutes - 19.7 MB

Famous Outlaws of the Wild West had a tremendous influence on American history from the small, rural streets to the  highest level of our nation's government.  Tune in to hear all about our hidden history. Daniel Duke is the great great grandson of Jesse James and grew up surrounded by stories of outlaw treasures.  For more than two decades he has researched the mysteries involving his family.  Daniel is the author of Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure and co-author of The Mysterious ...

The Alien Brain - Edd Edwards & Lihi Introp share their light photon power

June 01, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.1 MB

TWO LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS ON AIR TONIGHT!  Don't miss this one... As a young child Edd Edwards learned he could project energy is such a way that he could make people move without touching them. Edd Edwards & Lihi Introp - both talented light photon generators join us with the latest on their research and energy adventures worldwide. They will do two demonstrations for our audience.  Buckle up and get ready to feel the power of photons long distance. A gift from his grandmother, Edd develope...

The Latest Ghost Hunting Technologies & the Mysteries of Time with Aage Nost

May 25, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.1 MB

Recorders, cameras, ouija boards, ghost boxes - what is new in the world of ghost hunting technology?  Paranormal researcher, Aage Nost describes the latest tech used to hear and see the dearly departed.  Aage was born on a farm in Norway, and came to the US at the age of 25 to become a Professional Pilot. He did so and in a partnership, owned a Flight School, Air Taxi and Air Carrier. After retiring from flying he started studying the Mind.  Aage is a hypnotist, author of several books, was ...

Forecast of the Future with Renowned Astrologer William Stickevers

May 18, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.5 MB

Tune in to hear trends analyst and internationally renowned astrologer William Stickevers help us navigate these difficult times.  William will be talking about the financial market, the world economy, war between Russia & the Ukraine, food shortages and UFO disclosure.  What's coming? Join us to find out! With a broad scope of political, economic, psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical knowledge, William Stickevers systematically explores possibilities about the future and how they can ...

The Infamous Illuminati ~Truth or Fiction with Expert Jon E. Graham

May 11, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.7 MB

Expert Jon E. Graham, translator of the book, The Bavarian Illuminati, the Rise and Fall of the World's Most Secret Society, tells ALL about this small group founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt.  The term Illuminati dominates our conspiracy culture, but is it a conspiracy? What about the illuminati is real?   Charting the rise and fall of this infamous Order, this book, first published in French in 1915, explains the Bavarian Illuminati’s grades, rituals, and ceremonies as well as its fundamen...

Animal Communicator Rommie Buhler ~ how to communicate with our animals!

May 04, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.4 MB

ROMMIE BUHLER The Holistic Animal Health Coach Rommie is passionate about animal welfare and is driven to change the perceptions around how we can communicate with them so they can be more consciously looked after. Most people that have animals in their care, while very connected to them, are only seeing part of their health and wellbeing picture. Mostly through what they observe, what they think and the things they may already know, but when you communicate from a higher perspective and yo...

Plant Deva Wisdom - A New Dimension of Herbal Medicine

April 27, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.2 MB

Herbs are our allies in these difficult, ever-changing times.  Thea Summer Deer tells us how to listen and receive healing knowledge beyond the physical. Thea Summer Deer is a clinical herbalist, singer-songwriter and childbirth educator.  Raised with Seminole Indians in South Florida until the age of eight,she lives surrounded by Cherokee ancestral land in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina

Medical Intuition~ Healing body, mind & heart with Dr. Lotte

April 20, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.3 MB

Dr. Lotte Valentin, “The Intuitive Physician”, is an N.M.D., author, medical intuitive, evidential medium, ancestral healer and an international keynote speaker! She is the author of Med School after Menopause, The Journey of my Soul, an inspirational story about transformation, healing and spirituality, which won 1st place in the category of Spiritual Leadership in August 2021 from Living Now Book Awards! This award recognizes truly world-changing books that contribute to positive global cha...

Speaking w/ an Extraterrestrial~Tom Dongo divulges real, live ET communication

April 13, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 42.7 MB

Tom Dongo is a long time resident of Sedona, Arizona.  He is recognized as a world authority, and one of United States of America's leading authorities, on UFOs, paranormal occurrences and remote viewer and over the course of many years been a key lecturer at numerous U.S national, and international, conferences including the International UFO Congress. He studied at the Berkeley International Pyschic Institute in Santa Cruz, California, and has spent the last thrity (30) years in the greate...

Pulling Back the Veil with Angel Communicator Michael André Ford

April 06, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.2 MB

Michael André Ford is internationally renowned for removing the veil that prevents you from seeing and hearing your Angels.  Tune in to hear how its done and how to feel the direct benefit of angelic communication in your life. Michael is an Angel Intuitive who helps people meet, hear & see Angels, Guides and other loving figures, including passed-over loved ones and pets. How? Michael removes the Veil so you have a direct experience. Michael currently lives in San Antonio but he's original...

Werewolves, Dogmen & Shapeshifters with author Pamela K. Kinney

March 30, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.1 MB

Author Pamela K. Kinney gave up long ago trying not to listen to the voices in her head and has written award-winning, bestselling horror, fantasy. science fiction, poetry, along with nonfiction ghost books ever since. Three of her nonfiction ghost books garnered Library of Virginia nominations. Her third ghost book, Virginia’s Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, and Other Haunted Locations, reached a second printing and is now a 2nd edition with extra new stories an...

Corey Goode - Insider Shares all on ETs, Antarctica and the Secret Space Program

March 23, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 40.6 MB

Hear all the insider stories and experiences from Corey Goode! Corey Goode, described as the “insider’s insider,” is a Secret Space Program (SSP) whistleblower and contactee, film producer and content creator based on his experience of over 20 years in Unacknowledged Special Access Programs including “Project Solar Warden,” a Navy SSP that patrols our solar system and beyond. Beginning in 2014 Corey has experienced increased physical contact with ET and inner earth civilizations that prepare...

The Healing of Souls with Jeff O'Driscoll, M.D.

March 16, 2022 23:30 - 1 hour - 40.6 MB

As an emergency physician, Jeff received messages that helped him care for patients. These messages from Spirit added an incredible dimension to his work and placed him on a path of a true healer.  Tune in to hear his life story and his remarkable experiences with healing souls. Jeff O'Driscoll, MD, practiced emergency medicine in a level-one trauma center for twenty-five years, and served as department chair for eight. He received his training at the University of Utah School of Medicine an...

Proof of Heaven! with World-Renowned Author/Expert Eben Alexander, MD

March 10, 2022 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.4 MB

Academic neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander III, whose career includes decades as a physician and associate professor at Harvard Medical School and revered teaching hospitals, was once staunchly committed to the materialist world view -- the belief that the physical world is all that exists. His scientific belief system was altered by his 2008 transcendental near-death experience (NDE), an odyssey into another realm during a week-long coma. Despite a bleak medical prognosis, Dr. Alexander awoke ...

Encounters with Spirit Animals~Expert/Author Dr. Steven Farmer

March 03, 2022 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.3 MB

Renowned “animal spirit guy” Dr. Steven Farmer explains how profound encounters with Spirit Animals affirm our intimacy with the animal world and the realm of Spirit. His wisdom will heighten your understanding of spirit animal symbolism, the five major ways that spirit animals can speak to you, and how to discern their messages for you. Dr. Steven Farmer is a licensed psychotherapist, soul healer, and author of several best-selling books and oracle cards, including Animal Spirit Guides, Ear...

Chintamani ~the Wish Fulfilling Crystal~ w/experts Hapi Hara & Johndennis Govert

February 24, 2022 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.2 MB

Space, time, intention, matter, and consciousness all entangle in crystals. Nowhere is this more evident than in the ancient gem archetype of the chintamani, the wish-fulfilling jewel known in legends around the world as the stone that grants your heart’s desires. As authors/experts Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara reveal, the chintamani’s “tachyolithic” technology of wish-granting and spiritual enlightenment creates a vehicle for positive transformation. They tell us how the chintamani energy...

Bring in the Money & Love with NLP expert Michelle Masters

February 17, 2022 00:30 - 1 hour - 40.9 MB

Unlike a smartphone, your brain is not designed to update itself. Most of us are running incredibly old operating systems in our thoughts and hearts and feelings. This is what Michelle's NLP work does. It re-writes patterning. It changes the neurological associations that determine experience. It gives you choice and control over what you experience. There is so much this work can do that the list of what this can’t change would probably be shorter. This work can change beliefs and limitat...

Miracles Are Real~ with Author & Angel expert Corin Grillo

February 10, 2022 00:30 - 1 hour - 40.7 MB

If you wnt miracles and angelic presence in your life, you've come to right show! Corin Grillo, international #1 best selling author of the book “The Angel Experiment”,  is a licensed psychotherapist, speaker, transformational leader, and a trained psychedelic therapist.  As a successful, mission-based leader and inspirational speaker, Corin has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world discover their own hidden gifts and soul medicine through transpersonal work, ritual, mystici...

Aliens & Presidents with expert/author Paul Blake Smith

February 03, 2022 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.1 MB

Paul Blake Smith is the author of numerous books on UFOs and subsequent cover-ups.  He has painstakingly researched all the pieces to the puzzle involveing President Eisenhower and his treaty with aliens.  His book, President Eisenhower's Close Encounters is a best-seller and is now available as an audiobook.  Paul's latest book, The Nixon-Gleason Alien Encounter was just accepted for publication by Foundations Book Publishing.

Elements of a Haunting with A&E Ghosthunters Brandon Alvis & Mustafa Gatollari

January 27, 2022 02:30 - 59 minutes - 26.8 MB

Tune in to hear the real stories behind the ghosthunting events of A & E's ghosthunters Brandon Alvis & Mustafa Gatollari. What is the history behind the 6 most terrifying hauntings?  Is there new tech that helps ghosts be heard and seen?  Hear about the first ever classification system for ghosts and hauntings designed to transform the field of paranormal study into a true scientific discipline.  

Derrel Sims, Alien Hunter~ Abductions & the Alien Agenda

January 20, 2022 00:30 - 1 hour - 40.8 MB

Have you had alien contact?  Missing time?  Strange, unexplained marks on your body?  Derrel Sims is the man to meet.  Derrel has personal and professional experience with the alien abduction phenomena.  Tune in to hear the latest abduction stories and what may be the real alien agenda. The world’s leading expert on alien abductions. Derrel Sims has 38+ years of field research has focused on physical evidence, and led to his groundbreaking discoveries of alien implants and alien fluorescence...

Aliens & Ghosts Found in Light with scientist William Lawrence

January 13, 2022 00:30 - 1 hour - 40.9 MB

William Lawrence is a scientist investigating new methods of communication with the Supernatural.  Developing a new device to demodulate the electromagnetic spectrum of Sunlight William discovered Ghosts were able to show themselves in the light. Later he went on to discover that it wasn't just spirits appearing but what appears to be Extraterrestrial Life. Experimenting with this device for 7 years he has collected overwhelming evidence of unexplained anomalies with photographic evidence of ...

Angels In Waiting~ Contact Your Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides w/ Robbie Holz

January 06, 2022 00:30 - 1 hour - 41 MB

Do you want the help of your guardian angels and spirit guides?  Do you want to be able to "turn up the volume" and hear what they have to tell you?  Expert/author Robbie Holz has the answers you need! Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer and speaker. She has also worked widely as a medium, helping countless people connect to “the other side.” Robbie is co-author of the award-winning books Secrets of Aboriginal Healing and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening, both read in 43+ count...

Start the New Year By Finding Your Twin Flame with Expert/Author Leslie Sampson

December 30, 2021 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.1 MB

Why is a Twin Flame so important?  According to Psychic Medium and author Leslie Sampson, there may be many soulmates but only one Twin Flame. Tune in to find out how to find your Twin Flame and create a deeply nurturing partnership.  Once you find each other you can evolve to a higher level of consciousness and divine understanding. Leslie is a certified psychic medium, a certified apiritual coach, animal communicator and angel communnicator.  Leslie is also a Reiki Master practitioner, hea...

Kundalini Energy~ Activate now! with expert/author Shannon Yrizarry

December 23, 2021 00:30 - 1 hour - 41 MB

Kundalini - the mystical energy that is said to rise up the spine and empower our entire being!  How do you activate this powerful force? And is it for everyone?  Tune in to hear author/expert Shannon Yrizarry provide all the info on the power of Kundalini and how to make it flow. Shannon Yrizarry is a certified yoga teacher and professional clairvoyant who has written extensively in the wellness field. She teaches meditation and leads workshops on transforming the physical and emotional sel...

Carl Higdon Alien Abduction: An Irrefutable Alien Encounter in Wyoming, 1974

December 16, 2021 00:30 - 1 hour - 43.5 MB

Carl Higdon went Elk hunting in October of 1974.  He spotted a herd of Elk and lined up his rifle to take a shot when high strangeness intervened and Carl found himself face to face with an Alien life form. The Extraterrestrial, who called himself Auzzo One, claimed he was from a planet that was 163,000 light years from Earth.  He told Carl that he was also a hunter, and was interested in Carl's ‘primitive weapon’, but couldn’t keep it. What was Auzzo One really hunting?  Elk? Humans? or both...

Revelations From the Source with Expert/Author Barbara Hand Clow

December 09, 2021 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.3 MB

We are in difficult times of major transition. Tune in to hear how to let go of fear-basd consciousness and embrace the higher diemnsions of peaace and gratitude with expert/author Barbara Hand Clow. Barbara Hand Clow is an internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher, author, and Mayan Calendar researcher. Her numerous books include The Pleiadian Agenda, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Awakening the Planetary Mind, Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini, and The Mayan Code. She has taught at sac...

FREE Readings with Psychic Medium Michelle Clare

December 02, 2021 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.3 MB

Call in to receive your FREE reading with Michelle!  563-999-3539 Michelle is a Certified Medium, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Coach, Energy Healer and 3 time Near Death Experience (NDE) survivor. She receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as well as Angels and Life Guides.  Michelle lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, 3 teenagers, and several dogs. She connected with one of her angels during her first Near Death Experience (NDE). She met her three life guides durin...

Antarctica Exposed from Nazis to Aliens with Expert/Author Brad Olsen

November 25, 2021 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.1 MB

All the latest on the mysterious frozen landscape of Antarctica.  Tales of aliens, spacecraft and a civilization of giants abound.  Tune in to heaer expert/author Brad Olsen tell us all the latest news. Brad Olsen is author of ten books, including three in his Esoteric Series: "Modern Esoteric"  "Future Esoteric." and the newly-released “Beyond Esoteric.” An award-winning author, book publisher and event producer, his keynote presentations and interviews have enlightened audiences at Contact...

FREE Readings with Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium William Stillman

November 18, 2021 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.2 MB

A gift to our listeners!  Internationally renowned psychic medium William Stillman is offering free readings tonight during our LIVE show. William was on our show several weeks ago and the audience wanted readings so William agenerously greed to come back and read for people who call in.  Call in number is 563-999-3539 Since 2004, Bill has worked professionally as a psychic and spiritual counselor. His accuracy in discerning the truth and making predictions that come to fruition has been a...

Autobiography of an Extraterrestrial with author Craig Campobasso

November 11, 2021 00:30 - 1 hour - 41.3 MB

Seekers of war or peace? Who are the ETs that Craig Campobasso has come to know and understand? Tonight he will be talking about his latest 4 book series.  "The Autobiography of an Extraterrestrial Saga" LINK TO BUY PERSONALIZED & AUTOGRAPHED COPIES OF BOOK:  ET Species Almanac - The Documentary GoFundMe Campaign Link: Multiple award-winning filmmaker and Emmy-nominated casting director Craig Campobasso was fifteen when he...

How to Navigate Skeptics, and Honor Your Gift w/ Psychic Medium William Stillman

November 03, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 41 MB

Are you a Psychic and/or Medium?  Tune in to hear Psychic Visionary Bill Stillman share how to stay grounded, navigate skeptics and honor your gift. Psychic William Stillman is the internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy that explores aspects of spiritual giftedness in many people with autism. These books encompass Autism and the God Connection, The Soul of Autism (translated in three languages to date), and The Autism Prophecies. His oth...

Paranormal Places in America with Author/Investigator Rich Newman

October 27, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 40.9 MB

It's Spooky October and we have the best spooky adventure stories and places to share with our guest Rich Newman. Paranormal Investigator Rich Newman is the author of seven books, incuding The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide & his latest - Passport to the Paranormal.  Rich fills us in on the latest state by state list of 200 places in the U.S. that you may - or may not want to see.  

Adventures in Time Travel with Author Nick Redfern

October 20, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.4 MB

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity postulates, and scientists have proven, that the faster you travel, the slower time moves. Clocks on airplanes, satellites and rockets are slower than clocks on Earth, and time travel is indeed real. Can time machines, time-tunnel wormholes or tales of fictional time-traveling heroes be so far-fetched? Tune in to hear author Nick Redfern cover the entire gamut of time travel in both reality and fiction.  Nick Redfern is a full-time author and journalist...

The Spookiest of Stories with Healer Jerry Wills

October 13, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.5 MB

Jerry Wills is an extraordinary healer who has encountered unusual phenomena and beings from other dimensions and other worlds. "God Lives Here…  Whatever God might be, I know God is always present in love. As I give my love and attention, I feel God move powerfully through me. My hands become burning hot (often quite obvious to whomever I happen to touch). As I breathe, a rush of light and energy flow through me. I feel the effects from the illness of the person I’m connected to. During th...

Transformative Magic with expert/author Vincent Higginbotham

October 06, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 40.8 MB

We have all suffered trauma in our lives.  How do we get past it to create a better reality?  Tune in to hear author/expert Vincent Higginbotham share his journey from illness, abuse and homelessness to success and graduating with a degree in industrial design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia! Vincent is the author of How Witchcraft Saved My Life, a guidebook that will empower you and take you from darkness to light.

The Aferlife Frequency with the Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony, JD

September 29, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.5 MB

Tune in to hear the scientific proof of Spiritual Contact and how that awareness will change your life with Psychic Mark Anthony. Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer (the Psychic Lawyer®) is a fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is an Oxford educated attorney who has tried over 100 jury trials and is licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. Mark Anthony is known as “The Psychic Explorer” due to his extensi...

Scleroderma Miracle with Jane Grecsek

September 22, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.5 MB

Scleroderma is a potentially deadly disease with very few effective traditional treatments and no cure. The diagnosis is usually a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of patients.  Jane developed Scleroderma after a very traumatic car accident.  Her symptoms progressed until fibrosis had paralyzed her intestines and esophagus.  There were only two choices left - let the doctors remove her intestines or take a medication from Italy - off label - that might help.  Hear her choice and her i...

Nikolai Tesla & More~Inventors of free energy with Expert/ Inventor Tom Paladino

September 15, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.6 MB

Our world would have taken a different direction had Tesla's inventions been allowed to be understood and established .  What was really possible with Tesla's innovations? And who else discovered scalar capablities only to be thrown into obscurity while we became slaves to corporations owning energy? Expert/ inventor Tom Paladino shares all.

Uncrossing! Rid yourself of hexes & curses with Expert/Author Katrina Rasbold

September 08, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.5 MB

Katrina is a practicing bruja, rootworker, Tarotologist, teacher and author of over thirty published book.  She has been active in the magical arts since 1982. in 1997 she and her husband Eric founded the CUSP spiritual path now practiced worldwide.  Eric and Katrina own Crossroads Metaphysical Store in Shingle Springs, California, where they offer their handmade magical products and services such as spellcasting, healing, and cleansing. You can contact Katrina via ...

Spontaneous Past Life Healing with expert/author Dr. Shelley Kaehr

September 01, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.2 MB

Does your past life trauma color your world today?  According to Dr. Kaehr it often does, however, there is a way to heal that and set yourself free! For two decades, Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD (Dallas, TX) has worked with thousands of people around the world helping them achieve greater peace and happiness in their lives. A world-renowned past-life regressionist, Dr. Shelley’s method of combining energy work with hypnosis has been endorsed by numerous leaders in the field of consciousness, inclu...

Astrologer Jeff Harman Tell Us What Is Coming Next~ Buckle Up

August 25, 2021 23:30 - 1 hour - 41.6 MB

In a tumultuus world this is a "need to know" time.  Too may high level secrets have left us out in the cold.  What can we expect and what should we do? Jeff Harman, is a second-generation astrologer. With 45 years of experience, Jeff is a master of Classical, Vedic, and Kabbalistic Astrology. He also draws from many other traditions of spiritual knowledge for clearing people and property of unwanted energies, and he is a consultant for paranormal investigations. Jeff specializes in Electio...


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