We have a special episode for you today! This week, Stronger U Founder, Mike Doehla, had the opportunity to sit down with Stronger U Coach Berit Young, RD, and her member Cammie Todd.

Cammie was a RN working in a Level 2 trauma center, trying to manage the stress and long hours. In result, Cammie gained 100 pounds and found herself reaching for comfort through fast food in high volumes at strange hours. After changing careers, she was ready to tackle her health and turned to Stronger U coach Berit Young for guidance.

Over the course of her Stronger U journey, Cammie has shed 80 pounds, completely rewired her relationship with food, and proven with the right person in her corner, she can accomplish anything.

This is a must-listen for anybody who wonders how a Stronger U coach can drastically improve their chances of succeeding with nutrition goals.

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